The "build With Blue" Survival Guide

The "build With Blue" Survival Guide


One of our favorite seasons is swinging into full bloom starting April 4th. What, Spring? With all the pollen in the air and the blooming flowers and the animals coming out of hibernation and falling in love and… definitely not Spring. We’re talking about Build with Blue, Miller’s su-weeet promotion where money basically rains from the sky.

While Build with Blue is one of the smartest times to shop new welding supplies, it helps to fully understand the details. Here’s your Build with Blue survival guide.

First off, Build with Blue features rebates on 8 different machines. The amount of the actual rebate depends on the machine. Here’s the breakdown:


No matter what welding process you prefer, you’ll find a machine that covers your needs in that list. Most notably, one of our favorites and probably the best-selling MIG machine ever has been included again this year: the Millermatic 211.

Once you’ve decided on purchasing a machine, you can get an additional $200 rebate in accessories. Unlike the machine rebate, you don’t have to buy select merchandise. Any additional Miller/Hobart merchandise you purchase in the same order as your machine counts towards further savings.

Here’s the break down on additional rebates you can get based on the value of Miller/Hobart accessories purchased at the same time as your new machine:


That’s a killer deal on accessories, literally 40% off brand new equipment with the highest tier. Heck, you can’t even get used accessories on Craig’s list for 40% off. Not unless you want welding gloves that look like Swiss cheese and smell like Great Grandma Fern.

If you’re taking advantage of Build with Blue, here’s a couple things you’ll want to tattoo to your forehead. First off, rebates have to be submitted by January 15th, 2017. While Build with Blue goes from April 4th until the end of 2016, the more time you wait to buy, the less time you’re giving yourself to procrastinate turning in that rebate form. If you’re looking at getting a new welder during Christmas time, go on online and send the rebate in immediately when you receive it. To send in your rebate, you'll need your invoice (receipt) and the serial number on your new welding machine or plasma cutter.

Next thing to understand: Build with Blue saves you the most money when you take full advantage of its savings. If you’re planning on getting a new helmet, gloves, jacket, spool gun and machine sometime in the next year, don’t buy them in separate orders! By buying them all in one big order, you can save that 40% on accessories plus the big savings on the welding machine itself.

When you're ready to submit your rebate, here's how it goes:


Now that we’ve wet your whistle, you’re ready for Build with Blue starting April 4th right here at