The Esab Rebel 205ic In 2021

The Esab Rebel 205ic In 2021

A few years ago, ESAB introduced a huge breakthrough for their multiprocess machines. For the first time ever, a multiprocess machine could TIG weld aluminum. As with any new tech, some welders couldn’t wait to get their hands on the 205ic. Others of us wanted to wait and see how it would hold up after a few years. Investing in a new machine is a serious commitment. For some of us, it’s our livelihood. Now that it has been a little bit of time, we’re taking another look at the ESAB Rebel 205ic to see if it’s worth your hard-earned cash in 2021.

The Biggest Concern

The 205ic comes with a lot of new features. As a community, we can sometimes be skeptical of new tech. But the new LCD display screen honestly seemed to be the biggest worry for many welders. We’re all just so used to our physical buttons and turn knobs.

Here’s the thing though: Companies like ESAB knew welders would be skeptical of the LCD screens. They knew they had something to prove, and they made sure these new displays were even more reliable and useful than the old analogue controls.

The 205ic is by no means the first machine to use an LCD screen. But it sure makes the most of it. Taking advantage of the digital display, they’ve created one of the most user-friendly machines ever made. Here’s an example: Most welders tend to lose their machine’s user manual within the first year. The time comes when they’re trying a new type of material and have no idea how to adjust their settings (normally you’d reference the needed settings in your user manual). With the 205ic, the user manual is digitally stored on the machine and easily viewed from the LCD screen at any time.

The LCD screen also displays incredibly helpful information when trying to set up your machine or troubleshoot problems. No more cryptic error message codes. Instead of simply replacing a control panel of knobs and switches with an LCD, the 205ic really takes full advantage of what a screen can do.

Some Pro-Tips To Remember

There are a few key tips that’ll really add to your experience with the Rebel 205ic. The first one might seem simple, but it’s probably the biggest question we receive about the 205ic. If you’re MIG welding and can’t get any gas to come out of your torch, there’s a 95% chance you don’t have the MIG gun inserted all the way. If this is happening to you, push your MIG gun connector all the way in until it doesn’t feel like it can move anymore, and then twist. You should feel it slide just a little bit more.

Another common problem welders tend to have with the 205ic: While jogging your MIG wire, the Rebel 205ic will shut off the gas and stop producing an arc. This is totally normal. The machine can tell when you’re jogging the wire and shuts off the gas so as not to waste it. As soon as you try to weld, the gas will flow and you’ll have an arc.

Training Your sMIG

ESAB’s newest machines feature sMIG (“Smart MIG”) technology. This constantly monitors the arc’s characteristics, adapting its output to provide a smooth, clean weld. It’ll try to compensate for inconsistencies in the material surface and even your welding movement.

For sMIG to work, you’ll need to calibrate it first. This is incredibly easy. All you need to do is start welding on a piece of scrap metal for about 4 seconds. You might notice the machine stumble just a little bit while it adjusts the arc. After a few seconds, your arc will even out. By welding on a scrap piece first, your machine will be all set to lay a nice, consistent bead once you start on your actual work piece.

Advanced Options

Most welders don’t realize how much control you have over your settings with the 205ic. It’s the same level of adjustments you generally only get with expensive, industrial welding machines. However, if you have your machine set to “basic settings,” these control options won’t appear.

ESAB did this to avoid overwhelming your average welder. However, if you want to adjust your balance control or pulse settings with the 205ic, you actually can.

First navigate with the LCD screen to the “settings” icon and push in the scroll knob to select it. Then scroll to the option that says “Basic/Advanced.” Select that and change your settings to “Advanced”. Especially when TIG welding, you’ll notice more options while adjusting your parameters.

The Rebel 205ic AC/DC Multiprocess unit is turning out to be one of the best welding machines you can own. It does things that just aren’t possible with other machines, without having to sacrifice any of the reliability you need. Right now, Welding Supplies from IOC has the 205ic in stock. You’ll get the best price on the web and customer service you can trust. Check the 205ic out for yourself here.