The Most Popular Helmets (and Colors) In Welding

The Most Popular Helmets (and Colors) In Welding

We’re not going to fluff this up with phrases like “your helmet is an extension of your personality, nay your soul.” Because ultimately, your helmet has one job: keeping your peepers from getting burned outta your skull. But let’s face the facts, you’re usually wearing your helmet for several hours at a time. That means it’s gotta be comfortable and it sure helps if it looks cool enough to be something you’re proud to wear.

So which helmets make the top of the charts for most welders? Here’s a list of some of the most popular welding helmets and colors:

Miller Digital Elite and Digital Infinity Helmets

Both the Digital Elite and Digital Infinity helmets are a popular choice. Frankly, they’re reliable. And if you’re on a project with 4 hours of work left and you’ve got a cheap auto-darkening helmet that craps out, you’re going to understand why reliability is so important. Welders trust Miller’s helmets to get the job done.

A few years ago, Miller readjusted their headgear, making their helmets much better at staying on your noggin. That fixed pretty much the only complaint anyone ever had. Recently they introduced their ClearLight Lens technology, which takes away a lot of that greenish hue that many of helmets add to your vision. With some helmets, it feels like you’re welding with night vision goggles, making your eyes have to strain to comprehend what you’re looking at. Most major brands now have their own version of technology that tries to make colors look more natural, but Miller was one of the first and is still one of the best to do it.

While the Digital Elite and Digital Infinity definitely have their differences, the biggest variation between the two is the viewing area. The Digital Elite has a viewing area of 9.22 sq in while the infinity is 13.4 sq in. That’s almost a 50% increase in visibility. For that much of an increase in viewing area, it’s surprising the infinity doesn’t cost much more than the Digital Elite helmets. If you can, it’s worth it to go for the larger viewing area.

What colors are most popular for Digital Elite and Infinity Helmets?

Unsurprisingly the favorite color for the Digital Elite is black. For the Infinity helmets, the Relic version is actually one of the most popular, followed closely by the all-black version. The Infinity’s Black Ops variation is also a favorite.


Lincoln Viking 3350 Series

Lincoln’s pride and joy is one of the most trusted series of helmets in the industry. They’re the perfect combination of tried-and-tested design while still including some pretty awesome bells and whistles. For instance, the 3350 comes with advanced visibility and a larger viewing area than a lot of other helmets. It’s a great quality-of-life improvement that causes less strain on your eyes. There are also a lot of practical features that aren’t so flashy, but make a huge difference. For example, the 3350 series has batteries that last quite a long time. If you’ve ever run out of power with an auto-darkening helmet with no way to recharge, you know exactly how much that can suck.

The 3350 series has 4 arc sensors which can make a big difference. Often welders with 2 sensors will accidentally cover them when welding in tighter spots. Because the sensors are covered, they don’t detect changes in the light and you get flashed. 4 sensors virtually eliminates this problem.

What colors are most popular for the Viking 3350?

The most popular color for the 3350 is a simple (yet stylish) solid black. However, there’s plenty of welders out there brave enough for helmets with a little more unique look. The Steampunk, Twisted Metal and Mojo designs are also favorites. Really though, the Viking 3350 series has some of the most iconic looks, and you really can’t go wrong whatever you pick.

For a limited time, you can get a $50 rebate on the Lincoln Viking 3350 series. It’d be smart to take a look at the 3350 now if you’re interested, this offer ends June 14th, 2019.


ESAB Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet

Rumored to be inspired by the video game Halo, the Sentinel is definitely one of the sweetest-looking helmets in welding history. The flat, bulky, traditional hood is completely gone. If you noticed, our heads aren’t shaped like lopsided rectangles, they’re round. The Sentinel follows the shape of your head with a more curved design than traditional helmets, allowing for a nice, comfortable fit. The visibility is also a big selling point. If you’re used to traditional auto-darkening helmets or passive helmets, the difference is incredibly noticeable.

While other helmets feature a grind mode, which allows you to easily switch between grinding and welding without taking your helmet off, the sentinel positions the “grind mode” button in an easy-to-reach spot above the lens on the outside of the mask. That means no fumbling around near your chin or behind your ear for some difficult-to-find button.

Like the other helmets on this list, the Sentinel also has the ability to adjust color, providing a more natural look that reduces eye fatigue. It also includes 4 arc sensors to insure accidental flashing isn’t an issue.

What colors are most popular for the ESAB Sentinel A50?

By far, the most popular color is the bright lime green with the sticker of a mongoose wearing a Dolly Parton wig. Ha, did we get you? Actually, the Sentinel follows Henry Ford’s old moto: You can get it in any color, as long as it’s black. Luckily, the black hood with the amber lens is so iconic, you really don’t need another option.


Optrel Crystal 2.0

While the Crystal 2.0 only recently came out, it’s quickly becoming a community favorite. Everyone knows Optrel is a company dedicated to producing the world’s best welding helmet. And that ambition definitely shows with the Crystal 2.0.

This helmet possibly has the best visibility in the industry. When you put the Crystal 2.0 on, it’s almost exactly like you’re looking through a glass window. The color spectrum and brightness level literally set a new world record for any welding helmet ever. Like the Sentinel, the helmet’s design mimics the shape of a human head allowing for an incredibly comfortable fit.

While the Crystal 2.0 is a little more expensive than other popular choices, it’s a helmet that’ll last you a long time without becoming outdated.

What colors are most popular for the Optrel Crystal 2.0?

The Crystal 2.0 only comes in one color: a sleek sliver.

Whether it’s time to upgrade from your old helmet or you just want to know your options when the time comes, click the button below to check out our most popular helmets from brands you trust.