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ESAB Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet (0700000800)

4.87 / 5 stars with 67 reviews
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$449.00 $299.00
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Like the game Halo? You'll love this helmet!
warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

This helmet is no longer available. The suggested replacement is the Sentinel A60 (0700600860).

The ESAB Sentinel A50 welding helmet features an amber color reflective cover lens and a revolutionary shell design resembling the helmets in the video game Halo. The ADF ranges from shade 5-13 and has a TIG amperage rating of less than 2 amps. The Sentinel also features an external grind mode button for ease of switching from weld to grind mode. An added benefit to the Sentinel helmet is that the front cover lens is replaceable within 10 seconds without removing helmet.

• Halo Headgear - 5 point headgear
• 9.28 Square inch viewing area
• 1/1/1/2 Optical class rating
• External grind button - shade 4 grind mode
• Color touch screen panel with 8 memory settings
• Solar cell and 2 CR2450 lithium batteries
• Weight - 1.4lbs (22.4 oz)
• 4 Arc sensors
• 2 Year warranty

• Sentinel Helmet
• Helmet Bag
• Esab doo rag
• 3 Clear Outside cover lens'
• User Manual

More Information
Brand ESAB
SKU IESB20170004
MPN ESB0700000800
Mfgs MPN ESB-070000800
UPC 7330725051739
Prop65 Yes
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 Years
Skill Level Beginner, Weekend Warrior, Career Welder
Recommended Process Cutting/Grinding, MIG, Stick, TIG
Coverage Head
Discontinued Product No
Sentinel Helmet 5 I just received this last night. Super cool. I haven't used it yet but I'm looking forward to it.
Love it 5 I have the Miller Infinity and it's great but I wanted to try this Esab Sentinel A50 just from the hype I've heard about it. I'm a pipe and structural welder and this hood is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. It has the clearest view I've ever seen, the fit is fantastic, it's light weight and it just looks bad ass. I recommend it for anyone who welds for a living. I put my Digital Infinity up and only use the Esab now. I guarantee you won't regret buying it.
Welding helmet a50 5 Great performance like this A50esab
I Really Like This Helmet 5 The ESAB A50 is a great helmet. Very comfortable wir=th lots of adjustment. I could not be happier with it.
Just Buy it! 5 Hands down best welding hood I've bought , worth the investment and I love the all digital touch screen and Grind button on the hood.
ESAB SENTINEL A50 WELDING HELMET 5 Unbelievably comfortable, light and absolutely clear. So glade I bought this helmet.
ESAB SENTINEL A50 WELDING HELMET 5 was not sure about the investment, but then again what are your eyes and face worth? local company brought me one to work as a demo for a few min. Purchased it today with no hesitation. Above and beyond any helmet I have tried..... VERY happy with all the features and the comfort. had it on for about 5 hours today and almost wore it to the truck.... forgot I had it on. Very pleased.
Welding helmet 5 Been involved in the gas pipeline business for 19 yrs and a maint. manager for 16 yrs. Best helmet I have ever used.
sentinel a50 5 awesome hood not heavy great view love it . well spent money
Thanks for the reviews 5 All I have to say is ESAB knows what welding is. Fantastic job with this helmet, the ideas and the effort they put in this helmet. I bought it today and hoping to review​ it on YouTube. I was between the t94 with the side windows and the A50. I'm sure I will be pleased with my purchase. Thanks weldingsupplies
Best hood I've ever used! 5 I have 4 welding hoods (including miller) and they all flash me on low amperage tig. I bought this hood and it never flashed at all. Looks cool too! Great buy!
Love it 5 Love this helmet best investment ever
First welding hood, new welder, unboxing impressions 3 Expectations were high when I ordered this now that it's unboxed I am wondering if I wasted my money. Good: Viewable space is OK, not great. The head gear is comfortable, It is light weight, head band does allow adjustment to head size and distance to the screen. Bad: Material of the hood and head band is a little flimsy and it doesn't hold the cover in any position except flopping down by force of gravity - If you flip it up, it doesn't stay up. Tension adjustments on the headband do not affect it's ability to stay in one position but the head size adjustment seems to work ok. The sort of rubbery consistency of the hood and the head gear allows too much flex, this causes the hood to droop down a little bit too far - the top of the screen is now a bit lower than upper limits of my line of sight. Curious thing, W-IOC didn't insure for the full amount of the package when they shipped so if the package disappears, a 300+ dollar item only has
great helmet 4 great fitting helmet but its a little flimsy
A50 3 I gave this helmet 3 stars since it does not fit well for me with a compact respirator. The display is very clear and crisp. Having the grind button is very helpful and there are many adjustments to be made to fit your head. This is a great helmet but it was difficult wearing it in my experience having a larger, longer head.
Esab sentinal 5 Phenomenal. Makes my miller titanium feel like a dinosaur. Head gear is the best I've ever had. The touch screen controls are neat but I can't wait to see what some hot slag does to it.
20+ yrs colorblind welder 5 As my eyes got worse I was forced to lighten the shade to see clearly. My eyes never we're sensitive anyway so shade got dangerously light with my Speed glass. Bought Optrel e864 and was pleased with color filter but hood was stolen. Decided to try esab sentinel and was pleased with the decision. Hood was cheaper and much much clearer. Wish I had used a better hood earlier in my career so that my eyes would be better now. If you weld for a living buy all the hood you can afford. My personal opinion anyway?
First impressions . 5 I only wrote this dam thing because the guy gave it 2 or 3 stars for reasons that are just not true, first off the tension does adjust u just have to use ur strong hand child . Secondly there are adjustments for line of sight. If it's adjusted right it has multiple "light" ratchet position and one "hard" position at full up. It stays fine . It's not a hood that is intended to be dropped all day. lol it's an auto tint . Nuff said. Moving on , the viewing angle is as good as any auto tint I've tried in ten yrs . So this isn't a good hood for an iron worker . It's a good mig or tig welder hood. If I'm walking iron I'm wearing a flip down Jackson. The hoods sweet . He complained it was "flimsy" first off if u get a solid poly carbonate hood it will weigh ten lbs and between that and the plate in ur head ur neck don't stand a chance . The hoods legit . If u have the loot . Buy it . Then compare it to any other hood
maintenance supervisor 4 Lite waigh easy on the back muscles
Helmet 5 Awesome
I like this helmet very 5 I like this helmet very much !!!
Great helmet 5 Fitment is excellent, crisp and clear view through the glass makes welding much easier. The fact they provide extra face shields and a Parts list is excellent. I spend 20-30 hours a week tig welding and this helmet has not made me regret owning it once. I don’t see why those who gave negative reviews bought such an advanced helmet if they have no clue how to use it.
Badass 5 One of the best helmets I’ve ever had,couldn’t be more happy
It's the best auto darkening 5 It's the best auto darkening helmet I've ever had. In the lighter shades you can still see true color.
The " DOCTOR" BETTER KNOWN AS THE "ACE" 5 Great welding helmet, light weight, and the view is so much better.... "Great welding hood". (PERIOD).... Second to none. The "ACE" The "Doctor"
A plus 5 A plus
Awosomeness 5 Awosomeness
best if ever had 5 the way this helmet fits is way better then any if used. the lens are crystal clear and the auto darkening is super responsive
Hobbyist 5 10 times better than my Hobart auto darkening that i was using. My tig welds have improved because of the clarity of the puddle.
Bought for my son and 5 Bought for my son and he loves it !!
Super comfortable and good visibility 5 Once I adjusted what head gear properly it fits amazing. I bought this because I had heard it was very comfortable and it lives up to its reputation. The electronics in the lens make it a bit heavy stuck out a little in front of my face but now that I got it fitting right I can wear it for hours with no head or neck pain. Also it has really good visibility and clarity and all of the different settings are prettt cool.
Works like a charm! 5 So far this helmet has nothing but amazing and it super super clear it’s really empressive it sure amazed me I love it!!
Incredible Helmet! 5 I got this as a Christmas gift for my nephew, who is in welding school. I asked a buddy who is welder, which is the best. He uses this and told me about it. It's awesome and my nephew loves it!!
helmet is a birthday gift 5 He saw a picture of the helmet and likes it, so I got it for him . B day is in july.
Monster mask 5 It is a good buy! Excelent but the best is the shiping I’m very happy
The Best welding Helmet 5 The Best welding Helmet
The helmet is awesome 5 The helmet is awesome
F. P. 5 Very good!!! Love it!
Great helmet 5 Great helmet
ESAB A50 5 Best helment i have ever had.works great,clear as day when welding. Wont buy anything els
Love it 5 Love it
Great helmit 5 I have been looking at several helmets for a year and decided on the ESAB based on reviews and large viewing area. Very happy with this choice. Also, like my other purchases from this web site, very fast shipping.
Excellent product!! 5 Excellent product!!
N/A 5 N/A
Love the hood game changer 5 Love the hood game changer now that I can see well again. Clarity is phenomenal
Think all hoods do the 5 Think all hoods do the same job? Think again. Using this ESAB hood is like the difference between driving a model A, and a new Lexus. I had NO idea a hood could stand alone like this when all it does is provide shade. Far and away better than all 8 hoods I've owned in the past. If you think it costs too much, like I did.....see above.
Great hood, misleading pereferal vision 4 Head gear is extremely comfortably for me. There is room inside the hood for a LPR-100 respirator. Very clear to see through with a large screen. Only complaint is the screen looks like it would be larger with the size of the lenses. I thought I would have more pereferal vision through it.
boyfriend loves it! 5 boyfriend loves it!
Awesome helmet. Definite game changer 5 Awesome helmet. Definite game changer
. 5 .
Very nice helmet 5 I've been doing this for 50+ years now, and have always thought helmets were over priced. I'm also the guy who's always telling you "good tools are worth their weight in gold". I'm sure there are other great helmets out there and I have a couple, but I bought one of these to TIG weld based on the reviews. I'm buying another one to use out in the field and in the shop for everything else as well. It's that good.
Great buy 5 Awesome better than I though it would be. Clean lite weight. Large lens for a great view on what you’re welding. But sometimes I do forget to hit the grind button to get it back to weld mode and blind my self on accident. But all and all perfect hood.
Clearest mask ever 5 It’s freekin amazing
Works great 5 Works great
Haven't gotten to use it 5 Haven't gotten to use it yet but looks like a well made helmet, light weight, looks good, can't weight to use it
This is definitely one of 5 This is definitely one of the best welding helmets I’ve used I’ve been doing this for almost 15 years now and I’d definitely recommend this welding helmet to anyone the clarity of the display and the comfort of the 5 point headgear make it worth the money ????
So far so Good!!! 5 So far so Good!!!
I was using a $200 5 I was using a $200 helmet that quit working and a friend handed me this helmet to use so I could finish the job I was working on. The difference in the view and visibility was like night and day. The true color view is really good on the eyes. I ordered this helmet that evening and was good spending the extra money because it is well worth the money.
Decent hood but I don't like the head gear 3 The hood works well overall. Good field of vision and arc visibility however it does still flash you from time to time if something is in front of the sensor. The headgear only has one clip that adjusts the hoods tilt so the other side just slips. Plus that one clip broke off trying to adjust the tilt.
Ultra comfortable 5 Ultra comfortable
Amazing 5 Amazing
Space age design 5 Clear view, able to add diopter lens, and when done welding I can go to Mars or fight in Halo as master chief.
Best helmet ever 5 Best helmet and shade I have ever worn! The led display and memory settings makes the correct shading easy. Very comfortable and a great view.
This is the Christmas gift 5 This is the Christmas gift
Lighter than my last helmet. 5 Lighter than my last helmet. Very good , clear vision.

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