The New Miller Infinity Helmets Are Finally Here

The New Miller Infinity Helmets Are Finally Here

What if there was a welding helmet that hardly felt like it was there at all. “BS” you say? The new Miller Infinity Series Helmets are pretty darn close. Seems like a lot of welding helmets were built for people with one squinty eye in the middle of their head. Not anymore. These new Miller helmets have the largest viewing area in the industry. The general first impression is, “until this point, I’ve been a mole spending my whole life living in a tunnel.” Ironically, one of the Infinity Series’ big points is that it does, in fact, eliminate tunnel vision.


Besides massively expanding the viewing area, the new infinity series helmets also feature redesigned headgear with oversized comfort cushions. This provides extensive adjustability, setting and enhanced support. In other words, even Barry Bonds could make this helmet fit perfectly.

If the Infinity Series didn’t have you at “enlarged viewing area,” it also features new info track lens technology. The helmet’s display tracks arc time. It also includes time and timer functions. Basically, you’ll never need to take your welding helmet off again.

Clearly, we’re pretty excited about Miller’s new helmets, and for good reason. Check out the details for yourself here and you’ll see where we’re coming from.

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