The Secrets Of Buying Your First Welder

You never forget your first, your first welding machine that is. Because your first welding machine can make or break the whole experience for you. It’s a big decision, one that can be extremely difficult if you’re still a beginner. We’re here to help with this list of the best beginner welders on the market:

The Millermatic 211

There’s a reason the Millermatic 211 is quite possibly the best selling MIG welder in the history of the world. It’s so user friendly, if dogs had thumbs, they could learn to weld with this machine. Most beginners’ initial problems have everything to do with using the wrong parameters. Problem solved with the Millermatic 211’s auto-set features. The Millermatic 211’s Smooth Start Technology gives you a smooth, splatter-free start that’ll save you tons of time during clean up.

Another thing to love about the Millermatic 211 is the multi-voltage plug (MVP). It’s a small feature, but nothing is worse than getting your welder set up, only to realize you can’t connect it to a power source.

Besides that, the Millermatic 211 has loads of features to help keep you from screwing up. The “Tip Saver” Short Circuit Protection Tech automatically shuts down output when you short your tip to your work. This will extend the life of your tips and protect any internal components from damage.

Check out more about the Millermatic 211 and read some reviews.

Lincoln Power MIG 210

Say you’ve got some projects in mind, but you’re not quite sure which welding process is right for you. Hello Mr. Lincoln Power 210. This machine does MIG, Stick, TIG and flux-core processes. Since a lot of welders get stuck in whatever process their first welder can do, this can be a huge advantage.

The fine print that comes with many multi-process welders is their increase in price. That’s not the case with the Lincoln Power 210. If you buy from us right now, the Lincoln Power MIG 210 will cost you $999 including free shipping and no sales tax.

Check out more about the Lincoln Power MIG 210 and read some reviews.

Miller Diversion 180

There’s a reason not many beginners start by learning TIG. Most experts will tell you it’s the hardest to learn and even harder to perfect. The Miller Diversion was made to help remedy some of those difficulties. Miller’s engineers designed the machine to do a lot of the hard work for you. For instance, when setting your parameters, just select your material type and thickness and the 180 does the rest of the settings for you. It also uses Inverter Tech so your arc stays extremely stable, allowing you to more easily lay down a nice bead.

Check the Miller Diversion 180 out for yourself.