Welders’ Picks: Most Reviewed Helmets

Welders’ Picks: Most Reviewed Helmets

Protection is something you don’t want to mess around with. The “safety squints” or a low quality helmet are not worth the risk. What you need is gear that you can trust to get the job done, and who better to ask than your fellow welders. Following last month’s post on the most reviewed welding machines, let's check out the community’s most reviewed welding helmets.

Miller Digital Elite and Digital Infinity HelmetsMiller Millermatic 211

“My last Miller Elite lasted 12 years before an unfortunate meeting with gravity and a pointed object. I'd say the newer version is better, more clarity through the lens and the fitment on my head is more comfortable. Hopefully this one lasts just as long.”

- Matt

Miller’s Digital helmets are some of the best of the best. 4 sensors and an impressive battery life means you’ll never have to worry about getting flashed. But the perks go way beyond that. Miller’s ClearLight technology greatly improves the color range you’ll see, a huge breath of fresh air from the green haze of traditional helmets. This also helps with eye fatigue, allowing you to focus harder for longer without wearing out your peepers.

Between the Digital Elite and Digital Infinity, one of the biggest differences is the viewing area. The Infinity offers a 45% increase to the already impressive viewing area of the Elite. Considering the cost between the two helmets is less than $40, it only makes sense to go with the Infinity if you can (These prices are only possible if you shop at Welding Supplies from IOC).

I’m under a hood about 8 hours a day, welding at work and decided to upgrade to the Digital Infinity. It was like going from analog tv to HD. The huge display screen is nice too. I can really see the arc way better. Grind mode and X-mode are awesome too. I never have to take the helmet off. I can cut, grind and weld just by adjusting the darkness with the helmet. Very happy with the helmet and IOC. It was at my door in 3 days. Super fast shipping.

- Gregory B.


Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Auto Darkening Helmet

“I spent more on this helmet than previous purchases and I would say it was well worth it. Love it for the large screen size and clarity. Having the grind button Is also a bonus. Great value for the money. I recommended it and my mate also bought one.”

- Martin D.

The Viking series helmets are some of the most iconic in the industry. Highly recognized and prized among all types of welders, they’re the obvious choice for any Lincoln fan. Similar to Miller’s ClearLight Technology, the Viking 3350 features 4C screens that greatly improve your clarity and color range compared to traditional helmets.

This helmet is exactly the solution I was looking for. I am a hobby/home improvement metal fabricator utilizing a MIG welder and plasma cutter. The large viewing lens combined with the adjustable shading and grinding mode has greatly improved my ability to perform metal work. The helmet is also comfortable to wear.


ESAB Sentinel A50

“It fits amazingly. I bought this because I had heard it was very comfortable, and it lives up to its reputation. It sticks out a little in front of my face, but I can wear it for hours with no head or neck pain. Also, it has really good visibility and clarity and all of the different settings are pretty cool.”

- Elliot H.

The A50’s amber lens and sleek design make it feel like a totally new take on welding helmets. Despite that, you’ll get the same level of quality and reliability that you would from any top-of-the-line helmet. Make sure you check out the brand new “United We Weld” variation of the A50.

The way this helmet fits is much better than any others I’ve ever used. The lens is crystal clear and the auto-darkening is super responsive


Optrel Crystal 2.0

This is an amazing hood. The lens is unbelievable and I can actually see where I am going with the weld. Not a single regret with this purchase. The hood doesn’t make you a better welder, it simply lets you weld at your full potential. There isn’t another hood that matches the clarity and weightless feeling this hood provides.

- Barry C.


Although introduced much more recently than most helmets on this list, the Crystal 2.0 has already become a highly reviewed product. It boasts a crystal clear viewing area with an almost perfect color spectrum.


Optrel VegaView 2.5

“Honestly I expected this hood to be a little heavier than my Lincoln hood. As it turns out, it’s absolutely the lightest hood I’ve ever held, barely any fatigue at the end of the day compared to most hoods. I’m fascinated just looking through the lens to see my welds in true blue colors. Highly recommended hood.”

- Aaron M.


The VegaView is a perfect alternative if the Crystal 2.0 is outside of your price range. It has one of the best color spectrums around, and a lens that’s 4 times brighter in light state than a traditional auto-darkening lens. No more fumbling around, especially in dark working areas.


If you’re in the market for a new helmet, you won’t find better deals and faster shipping than Welding Supplies from IOC. Check out our full selection here.