Welding’s Most Underutilized Accessory

Welding’s Most Underutilized Accessory


Who first thought to milk a cow? We bet that blew people’s minds. All these years, they’d been surrounded by walking factories of creamy goodness and didn’t even know it. Well, You, my friend, might be one of those people. Surrounded by a tool that could make your life incredibly easy and you just don’t know it yet. If you’re a MIG welder not using nozzle dip (also known as Antisplatter Gel), you might as well be welding your hand to your face. Here’s why.

Nozzle dip is like the fountain of youth for your MIG welding consumables. It’ll greatly extend the life of your tips, nozzles, diffusers and more. Not only that, it can drastically reduce the clean-up required after a job.

Application is beyond simple. Dip your nozzle in the gel, just enough to get the end of the nozzle and the tip. Then you’re good to go.

The gel keeps the nozzle clean and prevents splatter from sticking. It’s beneficial for any MIG process, especially Flux-cored welding where splatter can get out of control based on the lack of shielding gas. If you’re a MIG welder not using nozzle dip, you’ve got too. Then send us a comment, letting us know what it sounds like when your mind is blown.

Here’s our favorite nozzle dip: