Top 5 Biggest Welding/cutting Fails

Everyone’s bound to screw up sooner or later while Welding. Not everyone is willing to put it online. Here’s our top 5 favorite welding fails.

I Can Weld It Myself!

True bravery comes from drag racing in a car you’ve welded yourself. And nothing makes you feel more like a real man than watching your back tires roll away in the rearview mirror.

Frankenstein’s Car

Everyone has a hard time with their first weld. Most of us have the good sense to bury the evidence somewhere very far from the internet.

The Human Catapult

At first it appears this guy just wasn’t thinking during this pipe cutting job. Viewing the video again, we believe he was attempting to build a highly-unstable human catapult. Success!


Here’s a quick video exert back when collapsing-bridge-jumping was just starting as an Olympic sport. Notice the welders impeccable positioning. 10 out of 10 in our book.