Welding’s Most Undervalued Accessory

Welding’s Most Undervalued Accessory

It’d blow your mind to realize the treasure trove of welding accessories out there that make life so much easier. Most of all, clamps. And not just any clamps, Strong Hand clamps. If you’ve ever told your buddy, “hold this while I weld it,” you know why clamps are important. In the words of one expert welder, “There is no welding without clamps.”

It’s not just about holding 2 pieces together to weld them. By clamping your welds, you reduce the amount of distortion that happens with the metal. Welding at higher temperatures can cause the metal you’re working on to expand. However, once the metal is brought back to room temperature, the metal shrinks causing it to become distorted. Clamps help hold the metal’s form in place, reducing the amount of distortion that can occur.


Why Strong Hand Clamps?

First of all, Strong Hand Clamps are 10X faster than a normal clamp. Normal clamps go up or down using a threaded screw. If you’ve ever had to repeatedly twist a clamp up or down for a project, you know this can take forever. Strong Hand Clamps quickly slide into position. Not only is this quicker, it’s actually more secure than a normal clamp.

Another thing we like about the Strong Arm Clamp – It’s like a Swiss Army Knife. Not that you can stab somebody with it, more like it can do everything. 1 Strong Hand Clamp can replace 4 different types of normal clamps. By adjusting different parts, it can…

1. Work as a stand sliding clamp

2. Work as a pipe clamp (by using the V-pad that generally comes with it)

3. Work as a spreader (by simply reversing the clamp arm)

4. Work as a step-over clamp

Don’t know about you, but we’re all about saving money and not having to haul around 4 times the number of clamps needed. If you’re interesting in seeing how the Strong Hand Clamps stack up, click here for all the nitty-gritty details.

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