What You Really Should Know About Welding Warranties

What You Really Should Know About Welding Warranties

Warranties feel good. It’s like a friendly hand on your shoulder that says, “Don’t worry, I got your back.” But have you ever actually tried to use a warranty before? Depending on the company, it can be an absolute nightmare. So much so, we’ve come up with 5 things that are not as bad as having to deal with a warranty:

1) Realizing there’s no more toilet paper... anywhere in your house.IOC_NoPaper_AprilV1

2) Rear ending a police car right after getting a speeding ticket.

3) Accidentally calling your wife “Mom.”

4) Smashing your finger, right after you finished smashing your finger.

5) Learning that nude beaches only have hairy, overweight and very sweaty older men.

But warranties don’t have to be nails on a chalk board. Here’s some closely-guarded secrets that’ll turn that nightmare into an easy, 15-minute phone call.


Who Has The Best Warranties?

If you’re thinking about getting some new welding gear, here’s another reason to buy either from Miller or Lincoln. For these two companies, most problems with accessories and safety equipment can easily be handled over the phone. Generally, replacement parts are shipped out to you the next day without any hassle.

When an issue arises with welding machines, most welding companies have you drop your welder off at their local service center for a free repair. This can be a problem if you bought some cheap welder from a big box store because your nearest service center might be in the Philippines. Both Miller and Lincoln have hundreds of service locations across North America. If you buy from us, we’ll actually help you find your nearest service center if there’s ever a problem.

There’s one catch. If you don’t buy from Welding Supplies from IOC, you could still find yourself listening to 3 hours of hold music. That’s just how warranties go. When you buy from Welding Supplies from IOC, we do all the waiting for you. For instance, let’s say your welder keeps shutting off, 2 years into its warranty. You call up Welding Supplies from IOC and explain the problem in fifteen minutes. That’s it. Our experts will deal directly with the company to get you squared away.

What Do I Need For My Warranty?

My house is full of boxes. I’m too afraid to throw them away until items’ warranties end. Hallelujah that’s not the case for most welding companies. Generally, all you need is the item’s serial code. Of course it always helps if you have the item’s receipt for verification purposes.

What Happens If My Machine Is Dead On Arrival?

This almost never happens. When it does, Welding Supplies From IOC will work directly with the company to get you a new welder ASAP. However, if you bought your welder somewhere else, you might be out of luck.

Next time you’re buying some new gear, keep these tips in mind and you’ll save a headache and a half if you ever need to use their warranties. If you’ve got any tips of your own, make sure and let us know down below.