What’s This All About?

Welders have always been a community. When someone says, “How’d you do that?” We don’t clamp our jaws shut and give ‘em the bird. We help each other out, we talk to one another. Every expert welder started with someone showing them the ropes and giving them advice. That’s exactly what you can expect here. At IOC, we’ve got decades of combined knowledge about welding from working some of the most common task to tackling the most insane problems.

We’re talking stuff you really care about. Who really has the best warranty? How can I take my welding to the next level? What mistakes am I making that I don’t even know I’m making?

No matter where you’re at with your welding, we guarantee you’ll learn something new here. Make sure you don’t miss out on staying up-to-date by signing up for our newsletter. Plus, see what we’ve got to share, check out these 2 awesome posts:

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