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Victor Technologies has been a leading seller of gas and welding equipment since their formation back in 1913. Victor’s founder, L.W. Stettner, started the company with a sharp, creative mind to create new, innovative gas and welding products. Soon after the birth of Victor Technologies, Stettner suffered a welding accident and lost his left eye. This inspired him to use his sense of creativity to come up with new models and designs for Victor’s welding products that would ensure customer safety and satisfaction. Ever since, Victor Technologies has taken pride in producing safe, innovative products that their customers can depend on to get the job done right.

Today, Victor has grown into a large, conglomerate that produces high-quality gas and safety regulator products. Welding Supplies from IOC offers the best selection of Victor Technology’s popular gas control and welding equipment at the best prices online.

Check out Welding Supplies from IOC’s wide selection of the very best Victor Technology products that will meet all your needs from light to heavy industrial applications. If you are looking for a user friendly, durable gas regulator with outstanding performance, get your hands on the Victor High Capacity Edge Series ESS4 Acetylene Regulator (0781-5133). With the Victor Professional EDGE Series Regulators, Victor continues to offer the safest, most reliable and highest quality gas control technology, giving you more value for your purchase. In addition, standardized designs and components throughout the EDGE family greatly simplify regulator service and repair. Welding Supplies from IOC also has Oxygen and Inert Gas Regulators in the Edge Series to suit your other gas control needs.

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