Miller ArcReach 16 Portable Feeder w/Shop Cart (301664)
Miller ArcReach 16 Portable Feeder w/Shop Cart (301664)
Miller ArcReach 16 Portable Feeder w/Shop Cart (301664)
Miller ArcReach 16 Portable Feeder w/Shop Cart (301664)
Miller ArcReach 16 Portable Feeder w/Shop Cart (301664)

Miller ArcReach 16 Portable Feeder w/Shop Cart (301664)

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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
The ArcReach 16 portable feeder is designed to accompany Miller's industrial XMT 650 ArcReach power sources. When these two items are paired together, you can change output voltage at the feeder, saving a trip back to the power supply. No extra control cords are required, saving money and time. These feeders are compatible with standard power sources and engine-driven welders, but function as standard equipment without remote control capabilities.

Easy Process Changeover
Simply connect the ArcReach 16 wire feeder to your weld lead and you are ready to go. Switch between welding and gouging with a push of a button with no need to swap leads or disconnect the wire feeder with isolated outputs.

Integrated Gouging Stud
The isolated gouging stud allows easy connection for gouging at the point of use, eliminating the need to disconnect the wire feeder and to swap leads.

Voltage Sensing Feeder
The ArcReach 16 operates on the arc voltage of almost any power source, but is best paired with an XMT 650.

Large Spool Capability
The ArcReach 16 will accommodate larger 60-pound spools and 3/32" wire to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Miller offers different, preassembled ArcReach 16 packages to include a shop cart (301664) or field roller (301663). The shop cart provides easy shop mobility with low clearance, and the handle doubles as a cable holder. The field roller provides easy field mobility over pan decking and other surfaces. This particular package is designed for the environment with a spool cover and IP23 rating, and includes a hanging bail and cable holder.

• ArcReach 16 Feeder (No MIG Gun Included)
• Shop Cart

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