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Here at Welding Supplies from IOC, we know how important safety is when it comes to welding. With Welding Supplies from IOC, you can find a full list of protective equipment from many different brand-name manufacturers. We also know that lens replacement is a necessity and happens quite frequently. With Miller, Lincoln, Save Phace and Optrel, you can find the lens to fit your welding helmet to keep you safe during your welding projects.

All of our lenses are popular sellers throughout the line of different manufacturers. Welding Supplies from IOC does have an extensive Miller Lens selection. For your Elite welding helmets, check out the Miller Elite Helmet Clear Cover Lenses (216326) (PKG/5). This is an Outside Clear Cover/Protective Lens for the Miller Elite Helmet Line. The lenses come in a package of five.

Welding Supplies from IOC also has a variety of Lincoln lens covers specific to the different Viking Series helmets. Protect your Lincoln Viking Series Lens from spatter and scratches with Lincoln brand inside cover lenses. You're getting a pack of five replacement covers when you click add to cart.

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