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2021 Ultimate Equipment Guide

2021 Ultimate Equipment Guide

With almost 200 articles, our blog is one of the most comprehensive welding resources on the internet. In this guide, we’ve put together a list of recent articles categorized by welding machines, cutting equipment, helmets, clothing and more.


Which Helmets are best for TIG vs. MIG

Many welders don’t realize that most helmets are designed to work better for either TIG or MIG, depending on their TIG amperage range and shade ranges. This post is an eye-opener you’ll want to make sure you’ve read before looking at a new helmet.

Most-Reviewed Welding Helmets

This article goes through the most-reviewed helmets, uncovering what welders like you are saying about their favorite gear. It’s about as honest of a look as you’ll get, the perfect resource when thinking about buying a new helmet.

Why does Everything Look Green Under a Helmet?

This post looks at the science behind why most welding helmets give your view a green tint. It also explores new technology, such as Miller’s ClearLight or Lincoln’s 4C, that are able to get rid of that awful green tint for a much clearer view.

Most Popular Helmet Skins and Colors

When deciding which helmet should be your next, style and color definitely play a role. Not every brand offers multiple styles, but brands like Lincoln and Miller’s helmets can range from steampunk to hot rods. It’s a fun way to show off your own personality and make your helmet your own. In this post, We look at the most popular helmet designs.

Welding Machines

Best Welding Machines for Under $1000

Cheap welding machines suck. They’re never reliable, don’t display the right amount of amps, and often don’t last very long. That being said, there are some top-quality welding machines for under $1000, especially when it comes to stick/TIG. Check out our complete list here.

Miniarc Rogue: The Little Machine that Could

The recently released Miniarc Rogue from ESAB is shaping up to be one of the best welding machines under $800. It’s an incredibly portable stick/TIG welding machine, definitely worth checking out.

How and Why to Use a Spool Gun

Being able to weld aluminum is incredibly useful. But so many welders don’t even know where to start, especially with MIG. The first thing you’ll need to understand is what extra equipment you’ll use, the spool gun being a big one. Check out why you’d need a spool gun and how to use one in this article.

Most-Reviewed Welding Machines

There are decisions you don’t need a second opinion on, such as choosing a brand of cereal or getting a face tattoo. Then there’s those big decisions where getting someone else's perspective can really make a difference. In this article, we look at what your everyday welders are saying about the most popular machines.

Cutting Equipment

Listing Plasma Cutters by How Deep They Cut

When it comes to cutting equipment, the ultimate deciding factor should be how deep you need to cut. This helpful guide ranks all the most popular cutting machines by how much material they can handle, while still making a clean cut.

The Bizarre History of Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting has traveled an unusual road, from the space program to portable units that everyone can use. Check out the bizarre history of plasma cutting in this entertaining article.

Gloves, Jackets and Welding Clothing

Most-Reviewed Welding Clothing

Product reviews are a huge help when deciding which welding equipment is right for you. Often, you’ll see key details that aren’t always obvious in the product descriptions. Check out some of the most-reviewed welding gear in this in-depth article.

Do You Need Flame-Resistant Clothing?

Do you know the difference between flame-resistant and fire-retardant clothing? It’s one of those small, important details that most welders don’t really know, but can make a difference in which type of clothing you decide to buy. Find out for yourself here.


Should You Buy a Trailblazer?

When it comes to welder/generators, the trailblazer is considered one of the top tier options. But do you need all that power, and is it the right choice for you? In this article, we go through the Trailblazer’s specs and explain how they relate to your everyday situation.

What has Changed with the Bobcat Series?

Miller’s Bobcat welder/generators are some of the most popular machines available, for pros and hobbyists alike. But over the years, the Bobcats have undergone some subtle and not-so-subtle changes. Check out how the Bobcat series has recently evolved in this in-depth article.

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