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  1. Is There Really a Welding “Skills Gap”?

    Is There Really a Welding “Skills Gap”?
    Look us in the eyes and give us your honest opinion: Do you think welding is a dying career? What’s weird is that no matter what you say, you’d be right (at least, in part). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, welding jobs are actually predicted to increase within the next 10 years. Despite this, it’s an undeniable fact...
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  2. Top Welding Career Paths

    Top Welding Career Paths
    Over the years, we’ve featured a smorgasbord of different career paths a welder might choose. Some of these have been fairly normal, while others have been dangerous, surprising and down-right weird. Whether you’re an experienced welder or just beginning, it’s always fun to see the roads you might have taken or will take with your skills. Here’s a few of...
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  3. Is It Illegal To Arc Weld In The Rain?

    Is It Illegal To Arc Weld In The Rain?
    At first you think, “It’s gotta be illegal. Electricity and water just don’t mix.” But then you think of all the stories you’ve heard from other welders, how they were stuck welding in ditches with mud and rain up to their torsos and lighting flashing all around. And you wonder, “Maybe it’s not.” Well if you’re not sure on the...
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  4. What Most People Don’t Get About Eye Protection

    What Most People Don’t Get About Eye Protection
    We get it. Bright lights and sparks aren’t great for our eyes. In fact, 99% of welders in the US aren’t doing stupid things like welding with their eyes closed or using $5 shades they bought from the gas station. We get that we need eye protection, it’s understanding the different types that makes it hard. What Does “Lens...
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  5. A Welder’s Biggest Fears

    A Welder’s Biggest Fears
    As Halloween nears, ghouls and ghost slink out of their graves and clowns with bright red hair haunt our sewers. Our imaginations become a weird wonderland of terror. But the most real fears aren’t just in our minds. Here’s the top real world fears welders deal with every day and how to keep yourself safe from them. Losing an...
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  6. Top 5 DIY Halloween Projects

    Top 5 DIY Halloween Projects
    Halloween is the perfect holiday to get those creative juices flowing. It’s the only socially-acceptable time to turn your home or apartment into a house of horrors. Sometimes coming up with project ideas can be the hardest part. To help you get your haunt on, here’s 5 of our favorite Halloween welding projects: Creepy, Crawling Spiders Did you...
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  7. Keeping Your Welder/Generator Alive

    Keeping Your Welder/Generator Alive
    Purchasing a welder generator is a big decision. You want to know you’re getting the best setup for the best deal. When you do decide to seal the deal, you want to make sure your welder/generator is going to last you a very long time. As in, your still-working welder/generator should be at your funeral. Sadly, so many welder/generator owners...
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  8. How to Prevent Spattering

    How to Prevent Spattering
    Wouldn’t it be great if your workpiece wasn’t covered in metallic baby vomit after you finished welding? Completely preventing spatter has been the Holy Grail of welders and welding equipment companies alike. And it’s impossible. At least at this current moment. Spatter is just part of the MIG process. BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid most spattering and the...
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  9. Becoming a Welding Artist

    Becoming a Welding Artist
    It’s a big fat can of worms stuffed inside a truck packed to the brim with cans of worms. We’re opening the Pandora’s Box of controversial welding subjects. You’re thinking, “What in the world are they talking about? Welding artists aren’t controversial.” And you’re right, but what makes a “welder” into an “artist” is controversial. So before the comments...
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  10. Can You Walk The Cup?

    Can You Walk The Cup?
      What’s the point? It’s a serious question. Is walking the cup like a suit tie, a fancy-looking piece of fabric that serves no function other than to embarrassingly attract stains? Is it all just for show, or is there a real purpose? You’ll find welders from experts to enthusiasts arguing both sides of the spectrum when it comes...
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