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  1. Best Welding Ideas for Beginners

    For beginners, welding can often seem like an overly complicated and perplexing task. There are different welding techniques, different types of welding machinery, and so many different pieces you could begin to weld. However, by starting out with a few simple projects, beginners can build up their skills and learn how welding doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s best to...
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  2. The Top Optrel Helmets

    The Top Optrel Helmets
    Right now, IOC has some great prices on Optrel’s best-selling helmets, plus our “try it, love it or return it” promo on the Optrel E684. The only real question is, which Optrel helmet is right for you? Optrel E684 (1006.500, 1006.501, 1006.502) One of Optrel’s best-selling and highest-rated helmets of all time. It’s like comfort and performance...
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  3. Best (and Worst) Places to Be a Welder

    Best (and Worst) Places to Be a Welder
    Often where you weld can be just as important as how well you weld. Your location determines how much work is available near you and how much competition there is. For instance, you’ll make a whole lot more money if you’re the only welder around with a lot of work then being in a state packed full of skilled welders...
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  4. Welding Bicycles

    Welding Bicycles
      In the immortal words of Freddie Mercury, “I want to weld my bicycle, I want to weld my bike.” No, that’s not exactly how the song goes, but now that line is now stuck in your head. Don’t fight it. Just sit back, hum the tune, and learn the secrets of welding your own bicycles. ...
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  5. Top Summer Welding Projects

    Top Summer Welding Projects
      As winter’s chilling grasp finishes melting away, it’s the perfect time to take on a few summer welding projects. Here’s some of our favorites to help get your creative juices flowing. Fire Pits A cozy fire pit is the perfect starting project for your summer. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, fire pits are as...
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  6. Is the Lincoln Ranger 250 GXT for You?

    Is the Lincoln Ranger 250 GXT for You?
    This is a serious machine. We’re talking 600 pounds of engineered power. Its Professional level equipment: That means it’ll run all day, every day, while dealing with rough environments and fluctuating temperatures. Here’s an in-depth look into the capabilities and performance of the Lincoln Ranger 250 GXT. First off, why not just get a regular generator rather...
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  7. How Not to Die while Oxyacetylene Cutting

    How Not to Die while Oxyacetylene Cutting
    Oxyacetylene cutting, when used properly, is no more dangerous than driving a car with 30 gallons of gas in the tank. But when used recklessly, it’s basically a flamethrower. So in the dear, sweet name of safety, we’re going to teach you how not to die and/or blow up while oxyacetylene cutting. So how does oxyacetylene cutting work? ...
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  8. The Powermax45 XP: Love or Hate?

    The Powermax45 XP: Love or Hate?
    Among plasma cutting fans, the Powermax45 has been a favorite. Although somewhat dated now, the original 45 built a reputation as one of the most reliable plasma cutters ever made. Recognizing this, Hypertherm has opted to improve upon the Powermax45 rather than reinvent what’s already working. The Powermax45 XP aims to update the Powermax45 while avoid “fixing what ain’t broke”...
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  9. Will Rubber Sole Boots Keep You from Being Shocked?

    Will Rubber Sole Boots Keep You from Being Shocked?
    We’ve all been told if there’s any risk of electrical shock, make sure you’ve got some solid rubber boots. But would rubber boots really keep you from being zap fried by an electrical jolt? What’s the logic behind such an idea? Join us as we discover if electrical shock can really be prevented by wearing rubber sole boots. First...
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  10. What’s Up With All This Leather?

    What’s Up With All This Leather?
    Buying welding gloves can feel like a nightmare and a petting zoo mixed together, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Do you need deerskin or goatskin? Who even knows what deer and goats’ skin feels like? Especially for beginners, knowing which type of leather you should use can be difficult if you don't understand their...
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