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  1. Welders’ Picks: Most Reviewed Machines

    Buying welding machines can sometimes feel like walking through a minefield. You hope your purchase won’t blow up in your face, but how do you know without trying? It’d be a whole lot easier if you could see where other people had stepped, learned from their mistakes and successes. That’s exactly why reviews are so helpful. To help you decide...
  2. How and Why Do the Amish Weld?

    For the amish community, the main idea is simplicity: removing distractions and focusing on the parts of life that the modern world tends to forget. That means cars, televisions, radios and the internet (for the most part). Even clothing buttons are viewed as an unnecessary distraction. Welding, on the other hand, can be highly complex. Non-electric forms of welding often...
  3. Avoiding the Summer Slowdown

    Old man winter might make welding difficult, but summer has its own challenges. While the warm weather melts away the snow and makes it easier to weld in open spaces, the heat can be miserable. In fact, it’s scientifically proven that heat causes your body to slow down. It’s a survival instinct to regulate your internal temperature, making for some...
  4. Step-Back Welding Art

    Face blindness. Believe it or not, you can actually become “blind” to faces. Essentially your brain stops being able to recognize and distinguish the various features that make up your mug. Being diagnosed with face blindness, you’d think that Chuck Close would have no business being a portrait artist. How can you paint faces when you can’t even see them...
  5. Rebate Deals Are Ending, What’s Next?

    March might have marked the end of Build with Blue, but there are still plenty of savings to be had. To be very clear, most major welding manufacturers are not, at the moment, planning on renewing their rebate programs (besides the new Earn and Burn spring promo). However, IOC is committed to helping you get the very best price possible...
  6. Welding Has Always Been Essential: Apollo Rockets

    Human flesh and an inferno of over 5000 degrees, separated only by a few inches. For a thousand seconds, the Apollo astronauts would wait with bated breath as their ship re-entered back into the atmosphere. Because of the immense speeds of the rocket, even friction caused by air molecules would be enough to melt unprotected skin in an instant. This...
  7. Welding an Apocalypse Bunker

    Every time mankind is thrown a curveball, our reaction is to go underground. From tornados to nuclear bombs, shelters have been a key survival tactic. But even more interesting is how much of a prominent role welding plays in the creation of today’s bunkers. In the early and mid 1900s, shelters tended to be made of concrete. Without our modern...
  8. Buying Bible: March 2020

    Let’s lay it out, plain and simple. Things are a little up in the air right now as far as world events are concerned. What you need is a solid source of buying advice from a company that knows the industry. We’ve put together this guide to help you make the smartest decisions of where and when to buy during...
  9. The Fires Of Love

    Ah, February, the one time of year a chunky? naked baby is legally allowed to launch heart-shaped projectiles at people in the name of love. All this steamy romance starts to warm things up. Those fires of love would make the perfect BBQ, wouldn’t they? Or how about a good ol’ fire pit? Fire pits and BBQs are one of...
  10. Bad Habits That You Don’t Know You Have

    Welding is a science, there’s no doubt about it. But in reality, it often comes down to experience: the “feel” of the weld pool, how the arc sounds. Welders learn by doing over and over, creating habits. In most cases, this is a good thing. Welders don’t generally repeat the same activity if it produces negative results. But that’s not...

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