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  1. Top Welding Machines of 2019

    What does New Years have to do with welding machines? Everything. Because there’s this awful little nugget called inflation. To keep up with inflation, welding companies have to increase prices. Those price increases generally start to happen early in the beginning of the year. In other words, now’s the time to take advantage of the best prices before they go...
  2. Are New Year’s Resolutions Bad for Welders?

    Geez, seems like an obvious question. Goals are always a good thing, right? According to a recent study, only 8% of people accomplish their New Year’s resolution. If 92% of your welds failed, you’d be out of a job. New Year’s resolutions as we know them aren’t necessarily bad, but for most of us, they aren’t much of anything. In...
  3. How to Stop Seeing Green

    Most modern auto-darkening helmets feel as if you’re welding with night vision goggles. Like you’re James Bond on an important mission to pipe weld the world. It doesn’t make any sense. Most auto-darkening screens are purple on the front, so why does everything appear greenish yellow when you look through them? The purple coloring on the front of the lens...
  4. Holiday Welding Projects

    Staying busy during the coldest months is essential for surviving the winter. As the sun sinks away, it can often become easy to focus on the darkness. What you need is the bright glow of your arc, hard at work for the holidays. And what better way to get in the Christmas spirit then a look at some of our...
  5. Do You Need to Go to College to Weld?

    A recent study from Georgetown found that next year, almost 2/3rds of jobs will require some type of college or other formal education beyond high school. What exactly does this mean for the welding industry? Experience Matters The lapse of the recession has been good for welders. But there are still plenty of us out there that feel it’s difficult...
  6. How to use Welding for Halloween

    Some welds might be scary enough on their own. But if you’re intentionally trying to give your home a unique look on Halloween, there are some crucial tips to really create a spooky display in a safe, trick-or-treat-friendly way. Tip #1: Get Pumped Halloween is a holiday where being able to build your own decorations far outshines cheap, store-bought pieces...
  7. What about the Miller Trailblazer 325?

    Choosing a welder/generator isn’t some quick decision like which candy bar to buy or who to marry. It’s an investment that’ll make a significant improvement in your life, if you pick wisely. That is why any serious hobby or career welder should know about the Trailblazer 325. The Trailblazer is often compared to the Bobcat 250. Both Miller machines are...
  8. The Best Indoor Welding Project Ideas

    For most areas of the country, fall means rain and a rollercoaster of unpredictable weather. It can make outside projects a difficult task, ultimately forcing a lot of welders to the shelter of their garage or workshop. Because of this, fall is a great time of year for smaller projects that can be safely housed indoors. And it’s not just...
  9. Can You Really Weld In A T-Shirt?

    There are people that pay good money to tan in a booth after work. As a welder, you can tan while at work. Talk about a good deal! At least until you’ve got skin cancer or 3rd degree sunburns. Pro-tip: You can avoid those unsightly tan lines by welding naked (ouch). In reality, welding sunburns are nothing to laugh off...
  10. Essential Motorcycle Welding Tips

    While incredibly rewarding, working on motorcycles can be quite challenging. Using a jig and being very careful with your measurements is a basic first step. But there are also some key tips when it comes to the actual weld that can make a huge difference. Prepare for Pipes Most motorcycles use pipes for the majority of their frames. If you’re...

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