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  1. How the Cutmaster 60i Stacks Up

    How the Cutmaster 60i Stacks Up
    The plasma cutting world is not an easy market to compete in. Within the last decade, we’ve seen incredible innovations from brands like Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics, Lincoln, Miller and more. The caliber of plasma machines seem to double in quality every year. Now Thermal Dynamics have released a plasma cutter they’ve nicknamed “The beast.” But is this monster just another...
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  2. What to Know About Plasma Gouging

    What to Know About Plasma Gouging
    Plasma gouging is by far one of the most overlooked processes in welding. Even welders with plasma cutting units often don’t know what plasma gouging is or how to do it. It’s like having a pocket knife but only using its bottle opener. There’s so much more your plasma cutter has to offer than just cutting. Gouging can be an...
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  3. What Caused the Cast-Iron Collapse?

    What Caused the Cast-Iron Collapse?
    We’re in the middle of the cast-iron renaissance. Seriously, this material was actually named as one of 2016’s “hot” items. A new wave of younger Americans are rediscovering the cast-iron ways, especially when it comes to cookware. Cast-iron items don’t require chemicals (such as used in Teflon) to create a non-stick surface. Many mass-produced aluminum products have become so cheaply-made...
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  4. IOC and the Indy 500

    IOC and the Indy 500
    We were there, in the beginning. The automobile was first coming into public view, blanketed by a shroud of excitement and mystery. These metal marvels allowed us to exceed speeds we’d been limited to for thousands of years. Everyone was fascinated. We were fascinated. “We” meaning two brothers. John and Walter Brant, born and raised in Indiana. At the time...
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  5. What in the World Did We Do Before Welding?

    What in the World Did We Do Before Welding?
    Think about how often people take welding for granted. You and I see precision beads done by a highly skilled worker. They see a fence with some decorative bits. The cars we drive, the buildings we work in everyday, they’re all held together by some type of welding. It makes you wonder, how did the world survive before welding? ...
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  6. Pro Tips for Prepping

    Pro Tips for Prepping
    Keeping it clean, it’s difficult. And that’s not even counting our language. But if we had a list of public welding enemies, dirt would be right at the top next to welding naked (sounds fun, it’s not). Nothing ruins what would otherwise be a perfect weld faster than dirt on your workpiece. There’s very few, if any tips, tricks or...
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  7. Welding at the Indy 500

    Welding at the Indy 500
    The stress should be enough to give a silverback gorilla an aneurysm. You’ve got a $3,000,000 precision machine at the mercy of your torch. Every bead counts, every arc needs to be perfect. Engines roar in the distance as cars take their practice laps to the tune of 700 horsepower. But you don’t even hear the noise, because all your...
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  8. 2 Common Chrome-Moly Myths

    2 Common Chrome-Moly Myths
    For hundreds of years we’ve been working with the same materials: Copper, bronze, iron. For the most part, we’ve got these metals figured out. Then suddenly some scientists come along and zap up some new hybrid material no one has ever seen before. No wonder there’s so much misinformation out there about chrome-moly. But just like the existence of...
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  9. Winnie the Welder: Female Welders of WWII

    Winnie the Welder: Female Welders of WWII
    We’ve all heard of Rosie the Riveter, but what about Winnie the Welder? In the 1940s, when the U.S. became involved in WWII after Pearl Harbor, thousands of able-bodied men left their welding jobs to head across the sea. But ships, vehicles and other factory items still needed to be built, now more than ever. With so many jobs open...
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  10. The MythBuster’s Favorite Welding Machines

    The MythBuster’s Favorite Welding Machines
    After busting a few welding myths of our own, we’ve decided to look into 2 of the world’s most famous Myth Busters from the hit TV show MythBusters. Few fans of the show realize that both Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman not only welded during the series, but also are quite competent in the skill. Their workpieces include everything from...
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