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  1. Welding at the Indy 500

    Welding at the Indy 500
    The stress should be enough to give a silverback gorilla an aneurysm. You’ve got a $3,000,000 precision machine at the mercy of your torch. Every bead counts, every arc needs to be perfect. Engines roar in the distance as cars take their practice laps to the tune of 700 horsepower. But you don’t even hear the noise, because all your...
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  2. 2 Common Chrome-Moly Myths

    2 Common Chrome-Moly Myths
    For hundreds of years we’ve been working with the same materials: Copper, bronze, iron. For the most part, we’ve got these metals figured out. Then suddenly some scientists come along and zap up some new hybrid material no one has ever seen before. No wonder there’s so much misinformation out there about chrome-moly. But just like the existence of...
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  3. Winnie the Welder: Female Welders of WWII

    Winnie the Welder: Female Welders of WWII
    We’ve all heard of Rosie the Riveter, but what about Winnie the Welder? In the 1940s, when the U.S. became involved in WWII after Pearl Harbor, thousands of able-bodied men left their welding jobs to head across the sea. But ships, vehicles and other factory items still needed to be built, now more than ever. With so many jobs open...
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  4. The MythBuster’s Favorite Welding Machines

    The MythBuster’s Favorite Welding Machines
    After busting a few welding myths of our own, we’ve decided to look into 2 of the world’s most famous Myth Busters from the hit TV show MythBusters. Few fans of the show realize that both Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman not only welded during the series, but also are quite competent in the skill. Their workpieces include everything from...
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  5. Testing 3 of the Top Welding Myths

    Testing 3 of the Top Welding Myths
    Throughout the years, we’ve heard a lot of questionable statements about welding. Some of these have been created by Hollywood’s depiction of welding, while others have been spread through the community by us welders. Today we’re going to be looking at 3 of these potential myths and putting them to the test to see if they really hold up to...
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  6. Knowing How To Farm Weld

    Knowing How To Farm Weld
    “Life on the farm”. For some people, the phrase conjures up images of straw-hatted hillbillies pulling potatoes out of the ground with their bare hands. In reality, modern farms in the US are actually some of the most technologically advanced places on the planet. Few farms rely on human laborers anymore. Instead, a huge host of machines form the backbone...
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  7. The World’s Best Welding Video Tutorials

    The World’s Best Welding Video Tutorials
    Visual learning is the best. You can see exactly what you need and how you need to use it. No guess work here. Frankly, we love welding videos. At least, we love the idea of welding videos. Here’s what happens when you’re looking for a good welding tutorial video. You search “How to MIG weld aluminum” on YouTube. 90% of...
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  8. Romantic Welding Projects

    Romantic Welding Projects
    How’d your Valentine’s gift go over? Wait, you thought your sweetheart was serious when they said they wanted a low-key evening? Well, there’s still time to redeem yourself if your V-Day turned out more like D-Day. Here’s some perfect second-try gift ideas that you’ll actually enjoy making. Time to reach deep down and find your flair for the romantic...
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  9. Is sMIG the New Way to Do MIG?

    Is sMIG the New Way to Do MIG?
    Machine assistance: It’s a trend that’s been happening all around us for decades, and yet we hardly notice it. For instance, you hop into your car and turn the wheel. That’s a machine making your drive smoother with power steering. You go to the supermarket. The checker doesn’t have to memorize all the products and their prices because they have...
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  10. How Did Oxy Acetylene Happen?

    How Did Oxy Acetylene Happen?
    Oxy acetylene welding (also called oxyacetylene or oxygen-acetylene) has provided the basis for how we view modern welding. Besides forge welding, it’s one of the first and oldest welding processes ever to be used. While oxy acetylene welding is more or less obsolete today, there was a time when it was the most common process utilized throughout the world. Yet...
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