5 Welders You Need To See Before 2017

5 Welders You Need To See Before 2017

If you’re thinking about getting a new welding machine sometime within the next year, there’s a couple deals going on right now you owe it to yourself to check out. All 5 of these welders are staff favorites from some of our most trusted brands.


Miller Multimatic 215 Auto-Set Multiprocess Welder ($200 OFF Until Dec. 31st, 2016)

Multiprocess welders have made huge progress in the last several years to become the Swiss Army Knife equivalent we’ve all been dreaming about. If you’re welding more than one process (or looking to learn a new process) this is the perfect machine. Thanks to the dual solenoid, you can leave your gases for both MIG and TIG hooked up. Switching between the two processes is a breeze. If you get the Millermatic 215 before December 31st, you’ll save $200 with the rebate.

Powermig 210

Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP Multi Process Welder (10% OFF Until Jan. 6th, 2017)

If you’re a Lincoln man, the Power MIG 210 MP is the red rival to Miller’s above-mentioned machine. Boasting a sharp design and reliable parts, the MIG 210 MP gives you 210 amps of output. That’ll cover any project most of us will run up against, unless you’re welding a jet rocket to Santa’s sleigh. Of course, the main reason to buy any multiprocess unit is the ability to switch between processes. The Power MIG 210 MP handles MIG, Stick, TIG and flux-core welding beautifully.

The best part is, you can the Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP for 10% off until January 6th, 2017. Of course, that's right around the corner so if you're interested, check out more details here.


Millermatic 211 ($100 OFF Until Dec. 31st, 2016)

If your blood runs blue and you’re looking for one of the best MIG welding machines available, you owe it to yourself to check out the recently improved Millermatic 211. While this welder already had an easy yet incredibly useful auto-set feature, it’s now built on Miller’s inverter-based platform, so you get more power at about half the weight. It now features settings for five different wire/gas combinations. And if you’re none too happy about a robot helping you choose your settings, the Millermatic 211 also gives you the ability to manually set anything if you prefer.

Beyond the auto-set there’s a load of great other features including a fan that only runs when it needs to and a smooth-start device that helps you achieve a spatter-free start. If you’re still not convinced on the auto-set feature, let this lovely, narrated video ease your worries:

Lincoln Squarewave

Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 (10% OFF Until Jan. 6th, 2017)

If you’re looking for one of the best TIG machines for your money, the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 might be just the welder you need. One of the largest advantages of TIG welding in general is the near endless limits it offers. Square Wave technology only pushes those limits even farther by allowing you to easily cut through the oxide layers that form on certain metals such as aluminum.

While the Square Wave TIG 200 has a host of bells and whistles, one of its noticeable characteristics is its solid, sturdy feel. Simply put, the Square Wave TIG 200 is built to last. Its reliable parts and stable arc are what you’d expect from a professional level welding machine, and you get it all without the professional level price.

ESAB Rebel 215

ESAB Rebel EM 215ic MIG Welder ($500 OFF)

The ESAB Rebel EM 215ic is a brand-spanking-new machine that just recently became available to consumers. While it boasts an impressive array of features and a lightweight, durable frame, the thing that’s got us most excited is its ESAB exclusive sMIG technology. There’s a lot of factors that determine how well a weld is created, mainly the machine, the environment and the welder’s technique. sMIG Technology takes these complex characteristics into account and adapts them to your welding style, resulting in a much smoother, superior weld.

If you like the Rebel EM 215ic, but you’re looking to take things a little more high tech, check out the Rebel EMP 215ic. It follows the same design as the EM 215ic but replaces the nobs and buttons with a shiny new touch screen and the added ability to TIG weld.

Rebel EM 215ic

Rebel EMP 215ic