Before Prices Go Up: Best Machines of 2023

Before Prices Go Up: Best Machines of 2023

Look, we totally agree: Price increases suck. Inflation makes costs go up, resulting in almost all welding manufacturers generally increasing prices on machines and equipment at the beginning of each year. What that means is if you’re looking to make the most of your Christmas money, now is the time to buy before 2024.

Here’s a look at our top-selling machines and equipment this year, along with some brand-new favorites to put on your radar.


Miller Multimatic 220

Manufacturers will sometimes exaggerate by saying, “This machine does what almost no other product can do.” But in the case of the Multimatic 220, that’s 100% true. It’s one of the few consumer multi-process machines that can AC and DC TIG weld.

Why does that matter? One word: aluminum. Aluminum has become one of the most commonly used metals. It’s cheap, lightweight and doesn’t rust like steel. Cars, trailers, boats and just about everything else have been replacing more and more steel with aluminum every year, and that trend is likely to continue. But aluminum is also a pain to weld—unless you have the right equipment.

While you can MIG weld aluminum, it can be tricky to get good results. The main method of welding aluminum is AC TIG welding, which wasn’t possible with a multi-process machine until the Multimatic 220. It should be noted that ESAB also has the Rebel 205ic, which is also a multi-process machine that can AC TIG weld. They’re both awesome machines so whichever you prefer is up to you. The Multimatic 220 does have a rebate of $300 if you act before December 31st, 2023.

Lincoln Power MIG 215 MPI

Lincoln’s old Power MIG 210 was a legend amongst welders. It was a multi-process machine that was perfect for MIG welding, but also capable of Stick and DC TIG. However, with technology advancements, the Power MIG 210 was in need of an upgrade. As such, Lincoln introduced the Power MIG 215 MPI this year. At this point, the 215 has completely replaced the 210.

While we loved the Power MIG 210, the Power MIG 215 MPI is an improvement in every way. It keeps everything you loved about the 210 and just adds more: More power, more reliability and more stability. It even costs the exact same amount as the old Power MIG 210, although the 215 has a $400 rebate if you act before December 31st, 2023. Check out the details for yourself here.


Millermatic 211 and Multimatic 215

Look, we’ve talked about both these machines more than Florida talks about Messi. But there’s a reason we see them at the top of the sales charts, year after year. They’re time-tested and reliable. For more about the Millermatic 211, you can check out our summary of why people love it so much here. You can also check out the complete specs for the Millermatic 211 and Multimatic 215.

Lincoln Viking 3350 Welding Helmets

The Viking is a perfect blend of form and functionality. It looks cool while making every aspect of welding more enjoyable. This explains why the 3350 series is often one of our top-selling welding helmets. That being said, Lincoln just released a new 3350 Advanced model. In our opinion, it’s definitely worth going for the upgraded model if you’re considering a Viking helmet. The advanced version has the new auto-shade technology as well as a host of other cutting-edge improvements.

It should be noted that the Optrel Helix also has auto-shade technology, as well as a cool visor-lifting mechanism not seen before. You can check the Helix out for yourself here.


Bobcat and Ranger Welder/Generators

With the supply shortages of the last few years, getting your hands on a new Welder/Generator can be a little tricky. This means it can pay to plan ahead. If you’re thinking about a Bobcat or Ranger engine-driven welder, we recommend planning a few weeks in advance (just in case).

The Miller Bobcat series has seen some strong additions this year with the new Bobcat 230 and the Bobcat 265. Both models offer a more maneuverable option without sacrificing performance. But if you’re a Lincoln fan, the Ranger series are also some of our best-selling Welder/Generators.


Lincoln Tomahawk

There are a lot of good plasma cutting machines out there. Hypertherm offers some of the best machines on earth and Thermal Dynamics also has a great option as well. But if you’re a Lincoln fan, the Tomahawk remains one of our best-selling plasma cutters.

To know which model of Tomahawk matches your cutting needs, check out our complete guide here.


ESAB Miniarc Rogue

Going for less than $1000, the Miniarc was voted our favorite TIG/Stick machine for running off a 120-volt plug. It should be noted though that Lincoln will be releasing their competitor to the Miniarc in February 2024: the Sprinter 180Si. Which machine you prefer is up to you, but you can read our full breakdown here.

That’s just scratching the surface when it comes to the best machines of 2023. Whatever you choose, now is the best time to act. Lincoln, ESAB and Miller’s rebate programs are all ending December 31st. As mentioned, price increases traditionally happen at the beginning of the year. Don’t miss out on making the most out of your holiday gift money by shopping at IOC to take advantage of the best offers and customer service.