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Will Smartphone Integration Drastically Affect Welding?

Will Smartphone Integration Drastically Affect Welding?

Nowadays, everything can be connected to your smartphone. It can run your Netflix, your AC, your house lights—heck, some smartphones can even talk to your mom on her birthday while you sit back and watch the Raiders! With all these new ways to use a smartphone to make your life easier, it’s no wonder there’s now a way to make your welding better with a phone, too!

But how does a smartphone actually help with welding?

Auto-Darkening Helmets

We know ‘em, we love ‘em. Auto-darkening helmets have saved welders from countless hours of flipping their helmets up and down and up again. But even so, we still spend an annoyingly long time changing the shade number every time the light changes!

That’s why auto-darkening helmets that integrate with smartphones are so useful—they let you set up different lighting settings on your phone and switch between them without having to fight with your helmet! Switching between lighting presets is now as easy as pausing your music playlist or sending a text.

Plus, these smartphone integrated auto-darkening helmets are designed to give you the best and easiest lens transition possible. Designed with 4C lens technology, smartphone integrated auto-darkening helmets let you see in a wide range of colors—even when the helmet is darkened! And with 12.5 square inches of viewing lens, it is a widescreen TV for your face. Plus—when you see better, you weld better! (Check out one of the top-line smartphone integrated helmets).

What Else Does the Smartphone Integration Do?

Sure, having smartphone integration lets you change between lighting settings with ease—but that’s far from all that it does to improve your welding! While setting up individual lighting profiles that you can save and switch between is the star player of smartphone integration, there’s a whole team of other benefits.

When you’re using an auto-darkening helmet that integrates with a smartphone, like the Lincoln Viking 3350 ADV helmet, you get free access to the GearPoint app. The app lets you save helmet settings, records the amount of time you spend on different welding projects, and will even notify you when your equipment needs repairs or upkeep! By helping you keep up with your equipment, the GearPoint app ensures that you’re working with the most reliable tools—making your welds even better.

Is It Worth It?

Having an auto-darkening helmet with smartphone integration may just be the best thing since sliced bread… but is it worth it for the price? Well, it turns out that it’s not as expensive as it sounds!

Your average auto-darkening helmet will run from about $300 to $550, depending on what features you want. But the Lincoln Viking 3550 ADV helmet is currently only $375 at Welding Supplies from IOC. The non-advanced Lincoln Viking 3350 goes for $315—which is to say, you’re only paying $60 more for the upgrade! The ability to switch between lighting presets, plus all the benefits of the GearPoint app, makes that extra $60 worth it. (Plus, the advanced helmet comes with a 5-year warranty and X6 headgear designed to be ultra comfortable—how much better can it get?!)

If you’re looking to improve your welds and get the most use out of all your welding equipment, then getting a smartphone-integrated helmet is a no-brainer. Check it out and improve your welding today!