Mig Monkeys, Welding Robots And More

Mig Monkeys, Welding Robots And More

Sight. It’s an important part of welding. It’s so important, we’ve gone to great lengths to protect our eyes. Because sight helps us understand what we’re doing. It helps us comprehend our surroundings. Naturally, as welders, we often like to visualize. That’s tricky on a blog where words are your most accessible tool. To help bring our posts to life, we’ve had to “photoshop” a few images in the most hilarious ways over the last couple years. Here’s a few of our favorites:

MIG Monkeys 500

MIG Monkeys Photo

MYTH: MIG welding is easy. Of course there might be some situations where MIG welding could be considered easier than TIG or Stick, but blanket statements about MIG can be far from accurate.
In this post, we look at some of the more unusual or prominent myths that haunt the welding community. Check out the entire thing for yourself here!

Robot Welders 500

“I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Welder” Photo

How soon until the terminator shows up at your job site? More and more conversations are discussing the idea of robots taking our jobs. It’s an interesting idea that requires an interesting photo to get the point across.
Fortunately, the answer might not be as gloom-and-doom as you’d think. Check out the entire post on welding robot here.

Money As Hobby Welder 500

Raining Money Photo

Wouldn’t you love making money as a hobby welder? But where do you even start? Where are the major pitfalls? Without knowing what you’re doing, earning yourself a little extra chunk of change can be harder than you might imagine.

And while this image is photoshopped, the idea behind it is no lie. Many hobby welders have been able to earn plenty of extra cash doing projects outside their regular jobs. This posts lists the 5 beginning steps you can take towards making money as a hobby welder. Check out the complete article here.

Welding Fail 500

Cardboard Helmet Photo

If you’re wondering why we photoshopped this image rather than using a real piece of cardboard as a welding helmet, then this post is for you!

In this article, we look at what was the most common-occurring injury in welding and what you can do to avoid it. If you’re interested to know what’s the biggest safety threat you face as a welder, check out the complete post here.

If you’re a visual learner who loves looking at images, check out our post featuring a visual timeline of the history of welding by clicking the button below.