miller’s pipeworx 400

A Complete Review of Miller’s PipeWorx 400

Sometimes, you can just tell a product was made by someone who didn’t actually think about using the item. The infamous example is scissors that come in a package that requires scissors to open.

Miller’s PipeWorx machine is the exact opposite of that. It was made by pipe welders for pipe welders, addressing specific issues with solutions that will make a pipe welder’s life significantly better. In this article, we’ll cover exactly who the Miller PipeWorx is for and why they should care.


Is PipeWorx for You?

Miller made this machine with a very specific welder in mind. Exactly as the name implies, PipeWorx was designed for pipe welders. All its main benefits revolve around pipe welding, especially pipe fabrication shops.

The Miller PipeWorx machine has been around for quite a while, but recently it’s become significantly easier to set up and run. 10 years ago, you often had to order different parts of the machine separately and have a dedicated specialist assemble it. Now you can order PipeWorx in one complete package. It comes loaded with different MIG programs and features advanced RMD (Regulated Metal Deposition) and pulsed MIG processes for high-quality welds and enhanced productivity. It is also capable of stick and DC TIG (HF and Lift-Arc).

miller pipeworx

It’s important to know that the PipeWorx machine (both the 230/360V version and the 575V) is 3-phase only. That means your shop will require a special electrical configuration which you can read more about here.


Why PipeWorx?

“It’s really convenient for the welder because instead of having to have two machines or a dual wire feeder, you just have it all on one unit so all you have to do is have both guns next to you… Pick one up, the machine automatically selects it. As soon as you’re done putting your root in with the RMD, you pick up the other gun. As soon as you hit the trigger it automatically switches your settings for your flux core.” - Brandon Saling, Pipe Fitter/Welder

miller pipeworx 400 review

With the multiple steps that pipe welding often requires, using a single welder can be a huge pain. PipeWorx includes a dual wire bench style feeder with drive rolls and two 15-foot Bernard PipeWorx 300 MIG guns.

Besides the two guns, it’s also incredibly easy to switch settings on the machine at any time. PipeWorx can store configurations in its memory. As you’d expect, you can change to a new setting using the control panel. What you might not have expected is that you can also swap your settings using your weld gun. Miller calls this “Trigger Select” and it can be a huge time saver if you’re often swapping between parameters. See exactly how Trigger Select works in the video below.

The PipeWorx was designed specifically to make a welder's life easier and faster while also producing higher-quality welds.

“What this machine has done has allowed us to bring people up to a really good standard quicker,” said Curt Murray Jr, VP of Pride of the Hills Manufacturing. He continued by explaining that PipeWorx almost instantly turns good welders into great welders.

Welding Supplies from IOC has been working with Miller to streamline PipeWorx’s setup and training process as much as possible. Our customer service experts are — hands-down — the best you’ll find from any online retailer. Check out the Miller PipeWorx for yourself, we supply both the 230/360V and the 575V versions.

For more examples of what PipeWorx has done for welders just like you, check out Dixie Mechanical’s video below.