New Clearlight Lenses

New Clearlight Lenses

Welding with tired eyes sucks. After several hours of staring at your arc, your peepers can feel like they’ve gone through hell and back. Eye fatigue is one of the most uncomfortable and irritating problems for welders. Why does it happen and how do we make it stop?!

Our eyes weren’t meant to see in the dark. For the last 200,000 years, humans have been doing most of their work with the bright, clear sun light to illuminate their surroundings. And then we throw a welding helmet on and everything’s different. It’s darker. Colors are off. There’s less contrast. In order to make sense of it all, our eyes have to try a lot harder. This causes them to strain. The more they strain, the quicker they tire. And in no time, you’ve got serious eye-fatigue problems.

Eye fatigue should be a thing of the past. That’s exactly what Miller aims to do with their new lenses using ClearLight technology. They are awesome. Think more clarity and natural light. That means more colors and better contrast so your eyes don’t have to strain to know what they’re looking at. See for yourself how much of an improvement it makes in the tests below:


The new ClearLight lenses are designed to block as little light as possible. They’re the first lenses where you can comfortably keep your helmet down while not welding or doing non-welding tasks. Let’s face it, you bought an auto-darkening helmet so you wouldn’t have to keep lifting it up. These lenses finally make that possible.

These are the lenses we’ve always wanted. Less or no eye-fatigue, better productivity and so much more comfort during and after welding. They’re now available for any Miller Digital helmet, just click the button below. Right now, if you use the code: CLEARLIGHT, we’ll even throw in a free pair of Miller gloves.