Our Favorite Off-road Modifications

Our Favorite Off-road Modifications

There’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors without having to hike 20 miles in the blazing sun. That’s why man was graced with the off-road vehicle, the perfect solution to all your nature cravings. Of course, perfection could always use a little improvement. That’s why we asked you to send us your best welding projects. Here are a few of our favorite off-roading modifications.

Super Samurai

The Suzuki Samurai was introduced in America in 1985 and quickly became one of the most coveted off-road vehicles, even today. Its lightweight build keeps it from being buried in the mud and its simple, straightforward design makes it easy to modify.

We Don’t Need Roads Where We’re Going

The nice thing about roll cages and bumpers is that they’re extremely customizable to your skill set. Don’t know how to TIG weld? That might be an issue with some automobile projects, but not here. You only prefer to use mild steel? As long as a roll cage can do its job, you can use any material you’ve got.

As an extra level of style and protection, the Yamaha featured above also had its roll cage powder coated. Powder coating can be nasty if you lack the necessary equipment, but it’s great for protecting your welds from the elements.

Can Never Go Too Big

Sure, it’s not exactly street legal, but with tires like that, who needs streets at all? This swamp buggy was fabricated completely from scratch. It’s got 50” tires and 2 transmissions. You’ll stay nice and dry, as long as it doesn’t rain…

Winch Mania

If you’ve ever been diggin’ with someone who’s eyes are bigger than their wheels, getting stuck can be a common occurrence. Having a custom mount for your winch can turn a frustrating moment into a simple fix. If anything, you’ll be everyone’s hero when you pull their jeep out of 4 feet of mud (not that we’ve experienced that… Cory…).

No matter where you like to take your off-road vehicles, problems arise. That’s part of the reason why multi-process machines have gained so much popularity in the last 5 years within the off-roading community. In the garage, you’ve got a quality MIG and TIG machine to make your ideas into a reality. And when you hit the road, bring your machine with you. The Stick welding functionality means you don’t need any bulky protective gas cylinders to fix those “problems” that happen while you’re out truck’n around. Check out a few of our favorite multi-process machines with the recommended products below.