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How Does The Millermatic 211 Hold Up In 2019?

How Does The Millermatic 211 Hold Up In 2019?

If welding machines were edible, the Millermatic 211 would be a staple diet. Not only is it a highly-sought-after machine, its pricing makes it easily obtainable. With its affordable pricing, high quality and long list of features, the Millermatic 211 is often regarded as the best-selling MIG machine of all time.

But the Millermatic 211 is no spring chicken. Its original design came out many years ago when an easy-to-use welder was a revolutionary idea. So how does the Millermatic 211 hold up in 2019?

One of the most important points to remember is that welding companies update their machines without updating their names. This means the original Millermatic 211 is significantly different than the machines Miller is selling today. The original 211 was a transformer-based machine. This meant it was larger than what you’d see today. But at the time, inverter-based machines were still new and unproven.

Once inverter technology had reached a reliable level, Miller released a new version of the Millermatic 211. While it shared the same name as its transformer-based predecessor, quite a bit had changed. While the Millermatic 211 had always boasted being small, it was now something you could actually carry around without a cart. The Millermatic 211 had previously featured an “auto-set” functionality that allowed welders to by-pass one of the most problem-producing aspects of the process (choosing the right settings). However, the new inverters drastically improved the machines ability to quickly correct variations in arc length and travel speed. This made it incredibly forgiving, allowing welders to produce higher quality welds than other machines (especially for beginner and intermediate welders).

But, the Millermatic 211 is no longer alone. Over the last decade, the demand for user-friendly machines has grown. The amount of time and energy a machine like the Millermatic 211 can save while producing high quality welds is a benefit that can’t be ignored. Because of this, most major brands today have released their own machines to compete with the Millermatic 211’s user-friendliness.

For instance, if you love the idea of the Millermatic 211 but prefer ESAB, their new Rebel EM 215ic MIG machine boasts many similar features. On Lincoln’s end, they’ve drastically improved their user-friendly functionality in machines like the Power MIG 210 MP. Each of these machines has their own pros and cons and often depends on which brand you prefer most. But the truth is that the Millermatic 211 is still one of the best MIG machines available in 2019.

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