Portable Power: Discover the Bobcat 230

Portable Power: Discover the Bobcat 230

All dressed up with nowhere to go. That’s a phrase you usually don’t hear in the welding world, despite how often it applies. You see, you might be decked out in top-of-the-line gear, with the skills and equipment to lay some serious beads. But without a power source, you’re better off banging rocks together.

Engine-driven welders are a staple in the welding community for this very reason. With the ability to provide your own portable power source and welder, you can weld virtually anywhere. And you never have to worry about causing power spikes for everyone else!

However, engine-driven welders aren’t perfect. They can be extremely heavy, hard to transport and difficult to use… but not the new Bobcat 230!

The Bobcat 230.

Designed to solve every problem—from a lack of a power source to difficulty moving a heavy engine-driven welder—the Bobcat 230 is the latest and greatest engine-driven welder on the market. Get legendary performance alongside a whole host of new features that make the Bobcat 230 the top of the game.

Better Arcs

The Bobcat 230 produces an incredibly smooth arc. Arcs start easily and create less spatter, which helps make you more productive on the job. Plus, the Bobcat 230 lets you get full auxiliary power without any arc interference meaning apprentice Bobby can go full hog with his grinder and it won’t affect your welds one bit.

Easier to Use

The Bobcat 230 is the easiest engine-driven welder to move and transport: it’s 100 pounds lighter and 13% smaller than previous models! That’s a huge difference for most of us—unless Superman is secretly a welder! 100 pounds is the difference between being able to wheel your generator around on a cart and having to permanently bolt it to a work truck.

The Bobcat 230 at work.

Besides being easier to move around, the Bobcat 230 also has a brand-new, single-knob design that lets you set amperage and voltage exactly how you want it. That lets you adjust super accurately for the type of materials you’re working with. Plus, the new digital fuel gauge makes it easier than ever to make sure you’ve got enough gas in the engine.

There’s a reason the Bobcat 230 is the new Holy Grail among engine-driven welders. It’s more portable, easier to use and gives you the best welding performance possible. Want to amp up your own welding skills? Check out the new Bobcat 230 at the most trusted welding site on the web. Welding Supplies from IOC has the best prices and customer service in the industry. Don’t forget to join our loyalty program for free rewards and more.