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The Fires Of Love

The Fires Of Love

Ah, February, the one time of year a chunky? naked baby is legally allowed to launch heart-shaped projectiles at people in the name of love. All this steamy romance starts to warm things up. Those fires of love would make the perfect BBQ, wouldn’t they? Or how about a good ol’ fire pit?

Fire pits and BBQs are one of the best ways to really show off your skills and create something unique. Designs can range from simple to complex depending on your skill and creativity. The minimum level of experience required to fabricate a fine-looking fire pit is quite low, making it a good option for anyone.

Here’s part 1 featuring a few of our favorite fire pits, BBQs, grills, smokers and more sent in by welders like you.

Functionally, fire pits are an easy task. All they really have to do is keep burning coals from spilling out. That doesn’t mean there’s no wrong answer though. Bad measurements or unplanned warpage can make your fire pit unstable. A strong wind during your relaxing marshmallow roast and suddenly no one’s happy. Having a low center of gravity or a fully-encased fire pit is a smart design decision. To prevent warpage, use plenty of clamps and check out these pro-tips.

If you’re comfortable taking things up a notch, your design for a fire pit is only restricted by your imagination. Not to mention, it’s a great way to show off your skills. Imagine being the only house on the planet with a Tie Fire-ter pit.

BBQs, smokers and other meat machines are a little more difficult. Depending on your choice of fuel, you’ll need to make sure the flames have the right amount of oxygen and a way to expel smoke (if necessary). Being able to measure temperature while the lid is down can be an often overlooked feature that’ll make your life so much easier.

Whether it’s a fire pit, a wooden heater, or a grill seemingly made from an old beer keg, February’s a good time to start planning your spring break party project. And with the warm weather right around the corner, we’ve got new deals on all your favorite brands. Check out our latest promotions here.

Also, if you didn’t see your fire-related project, stay tuned. We’ve got plenty more showcases ahead featuring pieces sent in by the community.