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The Perfect Welder Gift Guide

The Perfect Welder Gift Guide

Gift buying with welders can get a little tricky. Your friends and family ask, “What can I get you for the Holidays?”

Of course, you want something for welding. But you can’t just say “something for welding” or your sister will end up buying some random crappy gloves or skull cap filler material you won’t ever use. And what you really want is a new machine but you come off as a real cool guy when your grandma asks and you tell her you’d like a new $2000 welder. So instead you just kinda shrug and say, “I donno, I’ll like anything you get me.” And then you’re stuck wearing those stupid preppy sweaters that your mom thought you’d look really nice in and now you don’t have the heart to tell her you look like a chump.

And that, right there, is why we created our Holiday Gift Guide. It’s the perfect source for our most popular welding gifts with prices that fit any situation. You know your Uncle Tony isn’t looking to spend more than $30. Check the gift guide and you’ll see several of our best-selling welding gloves at the perfect price. What if you’re not quite sure what you want or how much your love ones are willing to spend? Just point them towards our gift cards. They get the warm fuzzies of giving you a gift that feels more thoughtful than plain cash and you get a gift card you’ll actually use.

Here’s a few of our favorites:


Lincoln Premium Leather MIG/Stick Gloves ($24.99): It’s difficult to combine durability, flexibility and comfort together in one pair of gloves, but Lincoln somehow managed it with these puppies. Supple is a word we’d only use in a very limited amount of situations, and these gloves more than fit the bill as some of the most comfortable protection on the market.

Miller Digital Infinity Auto Darkening Helmets with Clearlight Lens ($252.99): With an increased range of vision and improved brightness sensors, the Digital Infinity series are a step up in the auto darkening helmet category. On top of that, they’ve included their new Clearlight lenses. (check out our in-depth article on Clearlight here).

ESAB REBEL EMP 215IC ($1,699.00): With ESAB’s new sMIG technology, this machine makes laying the perfect bead a challenge of the past. The only hard question: What are you going to do with all that time not grinding off your mistakes? Plus, we’ve got a special promotion going on now for a $100 rebate plus a free helmet.

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