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Top 4 Welding Resolutions

Top 4 Welding Resolutions


The way we see it, there’s two types of resolutions you could make. The first type is something you’ll hate doing: losing 15 pounds, winning over your mother-in-law, learning to waltz. Then there’s the second type, resolutions you actually want to do: Going on a vacation, surviving a deep fried Twinkie and most importantly, becoming a better welder.

Here’s our top 4 ideas for welding resolutions:

  1. Master Finding the Proper Settings

It’d blow your mind how many welding problems and shoddy workmanship all boil down to a couple of nobs on your machine. Often welders pick parameters using a combination of guesswork and eyeballing. After all, somehow finding the proper parameters seems like a monster hassle. Fortunately it’s not, thanks to Mr. Jobs and Mr. Gates. With several different smartphone apps available to anyone for free, you can look up the right parameters in seconds. Here’s an easy to use guide to tell you more.

  1. Keep It Clean

We like to weld. The flash of the sparks. The feeling of miraculously turning two pieces of metal into one. Generally, we don’t like cleaning. And yet, it’s crazy how many nasty things can get into your weld pool. Rust, grease and various other materials are just little sleeper agents waiting to compromise your welds the second you let them in. A good cleaning on your workpieces beforehand is critical for pulling off a quality welding pool. Here’s a list of our favorite cleaning supplies below that’ll make your life easier:

  1. Don’t Die or Be Horribly Mangled

By comparison, welding is more dangerous than swimming in shark infested waters. Naked. From toxic fumes in the air to fires, eye burns or runaway molten slag, make sure you’re protected this year. Here’s a list of our favorite protective equipment to keep you safe:


  1. Learn a New Welding Process

So, maybe you’re an experienced MIG welder. Then suddenly someone starts talking about stick electrodes and it’s like they’re speaking Swahili. This could be the year to branch out, to try a new process. If you’re interested but not sure which one to start with, this guide will help you out. Of course, you’re thinking, “Ahh, then I’d have 2 welders, one for each process. And somewhere to store 2 welders. And a way to explain to my wife why one welder wasn’t enough.” Why not try a multi-process welder? Here’s a couple of our favorites for you to check out.