Top 5 Diy Halloween Projects

Top 5 Diy Halloween Projects

Halloween is the perfect holiday to get those creative juices flowing. It’s the only socially-acceptable time to turn your home or apartment into a house of horrors. Sometimes coming up with project ideas can be the hardest part. To help you get your haunt on, here’s 5 of our favorite Halloween welding projects:

Creepy, Crawling Spiders

Did you know over 30% of the population has a serious fear of spiders. With a few tubes and some black paint, you can weld up some arachnophobia of your own.

Pumpkin Head

By the time Halloween rolls around, half the carved pumpkins are already collapse and covered in mold. But a pumpkin made from an old propane tank… That’ll look spooky all month long. Now we’re not saying you couldn’t do a precision cutting job like this with an oxy-acetylene torch, but it’s sure a heck of a lot easier with a plasma machine. If you’re still not sold on plasma machines, you might want to see how much they’ve improved in the last 5 years with our post here.


Human anatomy is terrifying. Um, let’s rephrase that: human skulls are terrifying. They’re also one of the easiest, most haunting shapes you can use for creating Halloween décor. With thinner material, you’ll be able to pull off something like the project above with a grinder. For thicker metals, you’ll need to look into plasma cutting or other methods.

Spider Webs

Human beings are naturally intrigued and horrified by the soothing/terrifying patterns found within spider webs. One idea if you’ve got no way of rolling metal into curved shapes, you can always cut them out on sheet metal.


Horseshoes are great for welding projects. It makes us wonder if somewhere out there, a group of stallions are welding a bunch of human shoes together.

Hopefully these 5 favorites have got you hyped for Halloween. Check out more of our favorite DIY projects by clicking the articles below.