Top 5 Welding Diy Projects

As summer’s coming to a close, the cold weather makes for a good excuse to retreat back into your workshop (assuming you ever left). Now all you need is inspiration, a muse to fuel the madness. To help get those idea wheels turning, here’s a list of our favorite DIY welding projects.

1. Workshop Equipment – This idea is generally the most beginner-friendly. After all, how many of us spend hours lavishly decorating our workshops? Don’t raise your hand if you do. If you’re new to welding and worried about not having the best-looking welds, never fear. A few spatter marks and misguided beads will appear right at home in a workshop. Here’s a couple of ideas for different equipment you can build yourself:

  • Tool Racks are simple and easy, yet oh so useful. Plus, by building your own, you can personalize it to your own organization preferences.
  • Worktables can cost a pretty penny for something that’s built to look ugly and take a beating. Why not build one yourself instead?
  • Gas Cylinders can be a serious hazard if there just lying around your workshop. If you’re not willing to spend money on a manufactured cylinder rack, it’s more than a good idea to build your own. Just make sure it’s plenty sturdy and holds cylinders in the correct way.
  • 2. Key Rack – If you’re like 98% of the population, you’ve lost your keys more than a few times. A key rack goes next to your garage door as an easy way to store your keys. As far as projects go, they can be as complicated or simple as you’d like. Don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch. After all, anyone can buy a generic key rack, but few individuals have the skill to build their own.

    3. Picture Frames – Often frames say more about you than the pictures do. What better way to display something truly unique about yourself than your own, personalized frame. It doesn’t have to be 4 metal strips welded together either. Why not use 4 old wrenches instead or leftover motorcycle parts?

    4. Horseshoe or Bike Chain Decorations – Both horseshoes and bike chains make great looking decorations without taking the skill of a master welder (or the equipment). Because of their bendability, bike chains can be twisted into complex shapes then welded into place.

    Here’s a couple of our favorite examples:

    5. Lights – Lights? Dang it man, you’re a welder, not an electrician. True, but some of the coolest DIY welding projects turn out to be lights. They look sweet and are generally quite easy to build. Plus it turns any abstract piece into a functional decoration. 20 years ago you might have needed some wiring knowledge to rig up a lighting system. However, today there’s a plethora of websites selling lap kits online with everything you’ll need.

    The above ideas should be a good spark plug to help get your welding engine started. If you’re looking for more information on taking hobby welding to the next level, check out either of these posts below:

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