Top Welding Career Paths

Over the years, we’ve featured a smorgasbord of different career paths a welder might choose. Some of these have been fairly normal, while others have been dangerous, surprising and down-right weird. Whether you’re an experienced welder or just beginning, it’s always fun to see the roads you might have taken or will take with your skills. Here’s a few of our favorites we’ve covered over the years.

Welding In the Military

It took us by surprise how many of you either followed this career route or are interested in becoming a welder working for the military. While it’s not for everyone, there are quite a few benefits depending on which branch you join. For one thing, getting all your training on Uncle Sam’s dime is never a bad thing. If you’re interested in learning more about welding in the military, click here to read our in-depth post.

Underwater Welding

There’s no denying it, being an underwater welder sure does sound impressive. It’s as if you’re the special forces of welding, going places where man was never meant to go. It’s a career path that’s equal parts dangerous, exciting, enjoyable and stressful. But be warned, it’s a lot more than just throwing on a snorkel, pulling your machine up to the dock and starting to weld. Find out how it’s really done with our full article on underwater welding here.

Welding Artists

What makes a welder into an artist is the type of controversial subject we like to avoid. But no matter how you’d define this career path, there seems to be some key steps most welding artists take. Find out for yourself what they are by clicking here to read our full article on welding in the art world.

Welding in the Food Industry

It might not sound as exciting as underwater welding, but it’s arguably much more deadly. Not for you, but the millions of people that buy products from the food industry every day. Food grade welding requires high-precision procedures so that harmful bacteria can’t build up in food equipment. Learn more about how your lack of diarrhea is all thanks to a welder with our in-depth article here.

Welding In the Entertainment Business

If you’ve ever been watching a film and thought, “I wonder how they built that,” this career path might be for you. As a backlash to the overuse of CGI in films, more and more importance is being placed on practical effects and real set design. The day in the life of a welder in the entertainment business is never the same thing twice, with everything from prop creation to plasma cutting the tops off cars. Check out our full post on welding in the entertainment business by clicking here.

Farm Welding

In many ways, a farm is the ideal welding situation. Here you have a lot of metal equipment, tons of ventilation, and a variety of task for any skill level. But this welding dream world can become a nightmare quite quickly if you’re not asking the right questions before you go to work. Find out exactly what those questions are in our article on farm welding.