Welders’ Picks: Most-reviewed Welding Clothes & Gloves

Welders’ Picks: Most-reviewed Welding Clothes & Gloves

When it comes to trust, we tend to put the most stock in items that other welders recommend. Afterall, we’re a community that relies on equipment to get the job done, which means reliable equipment makes a huge difference. And that’s just as true with welding clothes and gloves. Here is our most reviewed welding gear, featuring comments directly taken from welders like you.

Miller Classic Cloth Welding Jacket

It’s hard to beat the classics, especially when it comes to the comfort and reliability of Miller’s welding gear. The first thing you’ll notice is that this jacket was made for a welder. It’s lightweight, but offers plenty of protection. This includes a barracuda-style collar that’ll keep your neck from sparks or spatter.

“I'm a home hobbyist who loves welding. I've used other weld jackets, but I love the quality, fit and weight of this jacket. Thank you for making such a fine product.” - Robert J.

“I bought this for my husband, and he was hesitant at first due to how thin and lightweight the material is. But after using it, he was very impressed. Great quality and summer-friendly. Will buy again.” - Vanessa C.

Lincoln Traditional Flame Retardant Welding Jacket

If Lincoln is your brand, then this is your jacket. Every inch of it was designed to make your day as comfortable, efficient and safe as possible. The flame retardant material is washable and lightweight, while still keeping your flesh covered up from harmful UV or stray sparks and spatter.

“I was wearing a leather apron, but was tired of it pulling at my neck. I bought this jacket and my world got a little bit brighter! Love how lightweight it is, while protecting me from flash and burn. Great price and great customer service, Thanks.” -Stephen J.

“These are absolutely great welding jackets. You can stick, MIG, etc. without problems. I even performed my overhead welding tests in one without being burnt. They are also very comfortable.” - Dan R.

Revco Black Stallion Black Full-Zip FR Hooded Sweatshirt

There’s just something special about a hoodie. They’re the perfect blend of ultimate comfort, while still looking sleek. Like a snuggie that you can wear in public. And you won’t find a more comfortable hoodie than Black Stallion’s hooded sweatshirt. Like all the items on this list, it’s decked out in all the best welding features, including a stand-up collar to keep your neck from getting fried. The hood is also detachable if you need to remove it for job safety.

“Great product, great price and very fast shipping. Thank you, I will be back.”

“Love the detachable hood. Fits as described. Feels like good quality.”

Tillman 750 Premium Elkskin Welding Gloves

A community favorite, Tillman’s Elkskin gloves offer incredible quality, comfort and protection. Their heat-resistant outer layer doesn’t sacrifice flexibility, making them the preferred choice for pipe and stick welders. However, many welders also use them for a whole host of other processes and applications.

“I have owned numerous standard welding gloves through the years, but they are stiff and bulky and hard to manipulate when I am welding, especially doing TIG. These elkskin gloves are so comfortable and pliant, they are a pleasure to work in. To put the icing on the cake, they are very reasonably priced through Welding Supplies from IOC too. I think that, from here on out, these are the only welding gloves that I am going to order and wear!” - Richard V.

Lincoln Leather TIG Welding Gloves

Every TIG welder knows that you’ve got to have the perfect balance of protection, fit and feel with your gloves. Too much padding and you lose flexibility and feeling, making it hard to use the precise movements that TIG welding requires. Lincoln has always dedicated the highest quality to TIG welders, and that’s no different with their gloves.

“Top quality with extra high cuffs for more protection at a great price.” - Ronald B.

“Nice balance between dexterity and protection. Very good value.” - Kenneth G.

Miller Heavy-Duty MIG/Stick Gloves

When it comes to MIG and Stick welding, providing a strong level of protection without making the gloves bulky is the key. And the “heavy-duty” in the title of these gloves is no lie. They’re made with premium pig grain and feature a double insulated palm and back, which helps extend the life of the gloves.

“I am a professional welder and the gloves that I used to get from the local shop didn’t last more than a week or two. I am not a Miller guy, but I do love these gloves. They fit well and I still have great movement. Will be getting more pairs for sure.”

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