Crown Alloy .035 x 2# ROYAL 44-30 Nickel-Iron-Manganese (ER NiFeMn-CI) MIG 2 lb SPOOL (RS44/1F)

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.035 x 2# ROYAL 44-30
Royal 44-30 is excellent for making repairs on all ductile and malleable irons. Royal 44-30 is also useful for the welding of other high-strength nodular and gray cast irons where maximum strength and ductility are required. The addition of manganese provides superior wetting and crack- resistant weldability on even the most difficult cast iron applications. The Royal 44-30 is also used for surfacing to improve wear resistance or for buildup. Also best for welding steel or stainless steel to cast iron.

Please Note: Welding fumes and gases can be hazardous to your health. Click here for the manufacturers MSDS information. Both the manufacturer and Welding Supplies from IOC recommends that you read and understand the Material Safety Data Sheets and product warning statements prior to using this product.
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Brand Crown Alloy
SKU ICRO20130341
Mfgs MPN RS44/1F
UPC 412300130712
Process MIG
Manufacturer's Warranty Yes

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Good experience 5 Good experience
welds Cast Iron 5 I used this wire to weld a broken cast iron tool rest. No preheating needed, and no cracking, . Worked great.
Outstanding 5 I repaired the only remaining 426 hemi block from the 1964 Daytona 500. Came out great.
Holding up on the headers 4 I bought this to repair cracked cast iron headers on a Isuzu NPR-HD. One header cracked into two pieces on the head. I welded the header while on the vehicle, I had to remove the starter to get to the back side of the header. Ran the vehicle to get it up to operating temp, ran it after the welding as well with NO cracking. I didn't even bother making a V or J channel when I welded it due to the 3/16" gap between the pieces. I looked at this as a shot in the dark or a band aid fix as best. It's been holding up for a week now and has not opened back up. Drove the vehicle fully loaded on a 500 mile trip towing a trailer. Drove the vehicle down gravel bumpy roads, still no cracking. I would recommend this product if you want to fix old headers.
cant complain. 4 I use this for welding on old cast iron one of the best products I have used so far. Thanks
Fast shipping and accurate! 5 Ran out of an odd wire for a job. IOC shipped it out immediately!
Castiron wire 5 Havent tried it yet, order and shippping were great

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