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Welding Supplies from IOC is home to the top brand name distributors of MIG guns. Miller, Lincoln, Thermal Arc and Tweco all bring top-notch, high-quality MIG welders for your welding applications. All are worthy picks when it comes to choosing a MIG gun brand. MIG Guns at Welding Supplies from IOC are suitable for welders at any level of skill. Whether you are a beginner, weekend warrior or career welder, you can count on finding quality, easy-to-use MIG Guns with Welding Supplies from IOC.

One of Welding Supplies from IOC’s best-selling MIG Guns is the Lincoln Magnum 100L Mig Welding Gun. It has a 10 ft. cable and a .025 - .045 wire diameter range. This Mig Gun is capable of .045 wire, but the liner would need to be changed (liner is .025 - .035). It includes an attachable gun connector. The Lincoln Magnum 100L features a lightweight body that is great for most small projects for home, farm, shop, and light auto body work. It includes a one-piece design that is especially resistant to high heat and spatter, which will lead to a long life. Finally, its lightweight and balanced curved handle provides a comfortable grip and reduces fatigue.

Another Welding Supplies from IOC MIG-gun-special is the Miller M25. When it comes to MIG Guns, the Miller M25 is superior to other brands. It is suitable for light to heavy industrial applications. The Miller M25 is easy-to-use and is great for all welding skill levels. This MIG Gun is 12 ft. and is .30-.35 wire capable.

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