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Welding Supplies from IOC offers a strong selection of the latest, technology advanced Spool Guns available today. With choices from Miller, Lincoln, Thermal Arc and Tweco, you can’t go wrong with purchasing one of our Spool Guns to enhance your welding process. Spool Guns are effective because they refine the “feedability” of the wire; making your welding projects efficient, easy and enjoyable.

One of Welding Supplies top-selling Spool Guns is the Miller Spoolmatic Pro-30A MIG Spool Gun (301148). The spoolmatic pro spool gun is the most reliable, easy-to-use spool gun in the industry for the professional welder. It features 4000 or 5000 specific tension settings to ensure the very best wire feeding performance & consistency. With its easy-to-rotate, self-seating head tube allows for better access into tight spots, preventing leaks & providing excellent current transfer. Its head tubes are FasTip and Bernard Centerfire compatible. The head tubes come standard with FasTip consumables. This Spool Gun is great because of its quick change, single-turn contact tip that provides excellent performance and ease of replacement.

Another premium Spool Gun is the Hobart DP-3035 Direct Plug-in Spool Gun with 10 ft Cable (300199). The Hobart DP-3035 Direct Plug-in Spool Gun with 10 ft Cable (300199) is easy to install on the Handler 210 and can handle wire from 16 gauge (1.6mm) up to 1/4 inch (6.3mm) aluminum wire with the Handler 210. It features easily accessible drive rolls, screw-style drive roll tension adjustment, and spring-loaded tension-release arm for easy wire loading.

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