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Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP Multi Process Welder (K3963-1)

4.58 / 5 stars with 59 reviews
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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
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The Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP Multi Process Welder is designed for the hobbyist and contractor alike who wants to do MIG, Stick, TIG and flux-core welding. Thanks to digital controls and a color display, setup and operation are a breeze while the all-metal wire drive and rugged construction make it rugged and ready for any project you can throw at it. Ideal for the welding novice, the 210 MP has plenty of room to grow when you're skills are ready to make the jump to more advanced projects.

210 amps of output gives you the power to take on the biggest projects; up to 3/8 in. (10 mm) material with MIG, and for even thicker materials, use 5/32 in. Stick electrodes. Dual input voltages means you can plug it in anywhere, and at 40 lbs. you can take it everywhere. The digital controls and color display screen make setup and operation intuitive and easy.

Please note: this Power MIG 210 MP does not include the TIG torch kit. This machine is TIG capable (with the purchase of the TIG kit), but since it is DC only, you cannot TIG weld aluminum.

• MIG, Stick and TIG welding capabilities
• 210 amps output
• Extremely portable - Only 40 lb.

• Dual voltage Input Cables - 110V or 230V
• Work Cable and Clamp
• Electrode Holder and Lead Assembly
• Adjustable Gas Regulator and Hose
• Gas and Gasless Nozzles
• Gun Cable Liner (pre-installed gun)
• Spindle Adapter
• Sample 2 lb Spool of SuperArc L-56 Mild Steel MIG Wire
• Sampe 1 lb Spool of Innershield NR-211-MP Flux-Cored Wire
• .025-.030 in and .035 inch Drive Rolls
• .030 - .045 Knurled Drive Rolls
• .025 - .035 and .045 inch Wire Guides
• Replacement Screen Shield

More Information
Brand Lincoln
SKU ILIN20140018
MPN LINK3963-1
Mfgs MPN K3963-1
UPC 015082572949
Prop65 Yes
Material Mild Steel, Stainless Steel
Process Flux-Cored, MIG, Stick, TIG
Max Amperage Output 210
Usage Home/Hobby, Light Industrial
Phase Single Phase
Manufacturer's Warranty 3 Years
Polarity DC
Duty Cycle 40%
Duty Cycle 40% at 120V, 25% at 230V
Portability 40
Skill Level Beginner, Weekend Warrior
Input Voltage 110, 230
Discontinued Product No

Great Machine!!!! 5 If you currently own the Power MIG 180 Dual, you will love this 210 MP rig. This thing burns really nice on the 110 volt, way better than the 180 Dual on the 110 volt setting, it is night and day. I need to get set up on a bigger circuit in my shop, it does trip the breaker when you max out the voltage. The MIG lead is much heavier duty than on the 180, the ground cable is also heavier gauge than the 180. I have not tried on the 220 volt yet, but from the way it welds on the 110 volt, I am sure I will be impressed. I also have not tried out the TIG, or stick feature yet. I am currently looking into getting the TIG torch, not included. I have a TIG wave 275 that I use for all my TIG work. I want to be able to take this rig out in the field to do small TIG jobs. I have a small fab shop specializing in custom wrought iron railings, this welder is a great fit for what I do. If you have a small fab shop, this is a must have, you won't be disappointed!!
Unicorn welder 1 If someone can capture this fabled welder then we could could get it to manufacturer who could producei it w/o delay. Come on Lincoln stop dangling the carrot and unveil the thing w/o games and hype. I bet this thing is a terd and you are afraid to be beaten once again by Miller. Yeah the Miller's is twice the price but readily availiible!
Great bang for the buck 4 Great bang for the buck. In my line of work I need portability, power and simplicity. The only complaint I have is the twist lock power connection on the back of the machine. When moving the machine around a job site it can come disconnected. The rest of the machine is great. Having arc force and inductance control is very nice. I will be buying another one for the shop.
Excellent welder 5 I'm only a hobby welder. Purchased in mid November. Previously used and loved my Lincoln 140 110v, but wanted better results for 16-20 gauge steel. 210MP does great but I've only used half of 11 pound spool of 0.025" MIG wire so far. Mostly used 230v outlet, but 110v worked just as good. Stick welding worked good, but didn't test on 110v. Had some initial alignment issues caused by me not setting up wire drive wheel cover correctly. But now all seems good. User interface is really good and default settings are usually correct for me.
Save your money and buy the Miller 2 Just a cheap knockoff of Millers multimatic machine. Less features less quality means lower price. Have used both machines in field repair work powered off a generator and hands down the Miller welds better any day of the week. Bottom line blue won in this catagory.
It's the best Welder I own 5 I'm a hobby welder. I own a Hobart thunderbolt, Millermatic 135, Lincoln 180T, and now a Lincoln 210 MP. This the best of the bunch, the smoothest, and easiest to weld with. When I upgraded from the 135 to the 180T I was very impressed with the difference, that same difference exists between the 180T and this 210. All I can say is WOW. I mainly use it on 220 and in MIG mode. Haven't had time to stick weld. I ordered Nov 25 and received it Jan 12, it takes awhile...
Big welder power in a one-hand portable package 3 Placed on-line order Dec 18, delivered to my door Feb 4. Was it worth the wait? Yes, and no. The screen-based control system works great. Every wire and material setting I've tried it on the speed and voltage presets have been right on the money. I was eager to try the variable reluctance feature. At high reluctance it lays down a relatively tall, narrow bead and at low reluctance it lays down a wider, flatter, more attractive bead. The adjustable run-in speed is nice when welding thicker material with bigger wire and higher voltage, the slower run-in makes the starting arc 'pop' less. 1 star in the 'Quality' box for arriving with the pivot arm assy. (part no. S26296) on the wire drive jammed in place. It took a careful hammer tap to free it so that it would swing up like it's supposed to. Either the slot is too narrow or the end of the pivot arm is too wide. A few strokes with a file fixed the problem, but the customer shouldn't have to work on a brand-new welder before he can even load the first wire in it. I'm lookin' at you, Lincoln Electric Quality Control. Very few consumables available. Nozzles, diffuser and contact tips for the 100L gun look like they will fit (same part number), but none of the regular Tweco stuff will because the new threads are an odd-ball acme thread. That's too bad, because one the main reasons I buy Lincoln welders has always been the interchangeability with readily available Tweco parts. Maybe that's why Lincoln changed the threads. This is the fourth Lincoln welder currently in my shop. In addition to the new PowerMIG 210MP I also own a 30-year old Idealarc 250 TIG machine, a 19-year old Weldpak 100 that I taught myself to mig-weld with and a 12-year old PowerMIG 255. Bought them all brand-new. Ed
Outstanding product 4 Outstanding product for my home workshop. Powerful enough to complete any task I have. Would definitely recommend this product.
amazing 5 So, it is not an AC and it is not a pulse machine. It is loaded with enough features though to make it worth while. One day, it will evolve to an absolutely perfect little unit with easy TIG pedal hook up and a few other quirks fixed. For now, incredible range of possibilities with a single unit at a reasonable price.
I'm in love with a little red box.... 5 I've used a 140HD from home depot for a while. Its a great little cheap machine, but for twice as much, you can get this machine. Right out of the box this thing works. Little bit of adjustment in wire speed to get my rythm perfect, but I'm freaking amazed! I am welding sheet metal like a pro, and thicker stuff looks amazing as well! I can't wait to try my hand at TIG welding now. Here is the kicker, it works better than my lincoln 140hd on 110v even. Nice smooth welds every time. Being able to configure all these new parameters is also nice. I would say for the price, I'm THRILLED with my purchase. I'm scrounging metal now so i can keep going! Initial setup was a breeze. The wire guide was new to me, but i still didn't have to rtfm. Maybe 10 min. of furling my brow at most. GREAT PRODUCT LINCOLN!
Almost made it 5 hrs 2 Nice little machine, easy to setup and use. Pretty decent welds. Used probably less than 5 hrs when I heard a big pop. When I would try to turn on again it shuts itself down. Now we get to see how good the warranty is. I expected more from Lincoln.
good 4 Versatility at your fingertips.
Great so far 5 So far I have used stick and MIG with no issues. 7018 ran really well with the suggested settings. The 7014 not so much but it was 30 year old rod that was stored in the open in a humid area so I'm not surprised. I ran some 035 wire on some 3/8 mild steel and it worked well. My only real issue is the gauge on the included pressure regulator is in liters/ minute instead of CFH. I suppose I would prefer rubber feet on the bottom but that's minor. The stinger has exposed screws that are electrically hot but since you should be wearing gloves and they are recessed this isn't an issue. The manual is good but could be better. The user interface is super easy to use. Overall it works well and is good value for the money.
light use 4 From what i have done with it, i can tell it is a nice machine. Pulled it out the box, set metal and wire settings and tried welding on there settings and it welded great. I will be buying the TIG attachment in the future when i sell my old MIG. The only thing i wish they did is put more thought in the plugs for the wall outlet on the machine side. Miller did theirs right with the screw on type but this one is a little sloppy. Other than the plug, I see it as a great machine. and I got mine at the old price so score for me but still worth every bit of 1200!
I would recommend 4 I liked this unit and I am a Miller Man! I rated a 4 for quality because I felt the gun end that goes into the unit was a little lite/could have been heavier made. Others may rate higher. Also, the 8 inch reel seems to flop around...I must re-look to verify we have it properly installed. Now, the screen is great, I am not used to Lincoln. Been watching youtube and that is helping...I have not actually welded with it yet...but as you can see, it does a great job.
Lincoln Power Mig 210 MP 5 after testing this unit on 110 and 220 v I have found that this welder is great on his class.. highly recommended.. if u think in buying this unit buy it from IOC.. this guys have an excellent customer service.
Perfect machine 5 I love this welder. It is perfect for my shop at home.
Best customer service you will find anywhere-Bar None. Buy this welder......And buy it here. 5 You won't go wrong with this rig. I Just got my Lincoln 210 MP and got to play with it a bit. I am a beginner and first bead I ran on a lap joint looked very good. Used the stick mode set up suggested by the interface and Bingo I was welding. If you need a good welding machine, for the money, you won't beat this one. As far as customer service at IOC, I had problems with another brand and the customer service I got with the return was excellent. You won't find better people to deal with.
Tommyr 5 I am a hobby welder, my experience is with a Lincoln 225 [buzz box], the 210 is so much easier to use and run clean beads. I have used stick and mig so far and am very impressed and I'm not easily impressed...........just buy this thing.........
Lincoln 210mp 5 It's time to put it to work
Awesome welder 5 Perfect for out in the garage very user friendly
Always timely and competitively priced 5 Thanks IOC
Lincoln 210 MP 4 The delivery was great. But for the welder I have got to use it much. When I have used it the thermal breaker keeps popping when I use the mig part of the welder. But that all is good
Power Mig 210 MP 5 I've had a few welders over the years. I used to teach welding at Procter & Gamble. I currently have a large Miller TIG that I love and have had for years. The Lincoln 210 is replacing a Miller 175 MIG 220 volt. I have struggled with this Miller from day one. It has the cheapest motor driven wire feed system I've ever seen. No drive power and the wire speed is all over the place. Even with tip dip the wire sticks in the copper tip constantly. I drove my Bobcat over this welder last week. Felt real good. The new Lincoln 210 is God's gift to welders! Top of the line quality everywhere. I love the wire feed and the nice rigid copper tip holder. The interactive set up screen sends you to the average amperage and wire feed settings for the material and wire size inputs. You can tweek the settings from there if you need to. It lays down a beautiful bead. Thanks a million for selling me this welder! It's fun to weld again! Dale in Cincinnati.
great welder 5 cant complain, it works as advertised.
Love it. Easy to use 4 Love it. Easy to use
Great welder, great service 5 The welder works great, just as expected. The delivery was quick and as described. Thanks!
Save your money, this is all you need. 5 If you’re in the market for a stick and mig combo save your self $2-3k and just get this machine. Bought this to practice 1 “ grove welds . 65-70%duty at 130 amps 240v I’ve been practicing 1” groove welds for hours never stopped . The time you spend cleaning and inspecting the weld is enough to let it cool off. I’ve used a few machines at school Lincoln and Miller’s. $5-7k machines and I just use the same settings and I haven’t noticed a difference. 7018 lays down flat and I’ve had no problems with sticking rods while keeping a real tight arc. Hot start and dig work and have a noticeable change throughout the range. 1,000$ it’s not going to get better then this.
Nice machine 5 Fast service, easy operation, good quality.
Lincoln Welding Machine 5 Very versatile welding machine easy to use
Overall ideal 5 Well-rounded machine that’s easy to use and lightweight. User-friendly control panel, and low noise. Very happy with purchase!
Great Buy 5 This welder is great and very easy to use! Highly recommend!
Great Service and Product! 5 Purchased welder and had within 2 days. Customer service was excellent.
lincoln mp 210 5 So far this welder is working just fine! It showed up when I was told it would. It is extremely easy to use. The touch screen guides you through the set up process step-by-step.
Very easy to handle. 5 Very easy to handle.
Very nice welding machine 5 Fast delivery and fits perfectly in my welding table
Perfect for home shop 5 I bought this after a lot of research, lived up to the hype. Excellent machine. Does everything i need it to do and way more. i am not a welder but after 30 minutes I was laying down decent beads. Total idiot proof setup. My son just got his got his welding certification through Vo-tech at high school and he loves it. Got it so he could teach me how to weld. I am a self proclaimed tool nut, subscribe to pay more and buy once, less headaches and you will have it forever. This machine fits that bill for the medium duty/advanced home shop. Super portable (40lbs), dragged it out to the back yard and plugged it into 120 volt, BAM fixing all kinds of broken stuff. Bought it from theses guys, showed up right away, got a real nice helmet @ 1/2 price and free leather welding jacket and accessories with the points. Can't beat the deal.
Have only mig welded with 4 Have only mig welded with this machine. so far so Good
Still learning the machine and 5 Still learning the machine and its capabilities. Very pleased so far.
BRM 5 The 210 is easy to set up and use. Great machine was worth the money and the rebate makes it even better.
Very Impressive Machine 5 This review is coming from someone who always bought Blue , who's been laying down beads for over 40 years .. I didn't need the spool gun or the TIG , due to I still have my Millers .. I was looking for something smaller to use due to my Arthritis issues .. I did add a longer H/duty ground cable , and a gas flowmeter .. I plan on using it only on the 240 volt mode .. I found the cart on Amazon .. And I own my own gas bottles .. I've only done a test run once on 5/16 steel , and the bead was as good as my big Miller ..
Great product and great customer service 5 Recently retired and talked with Dwight from Welding Supplies from IOC on ideas. His help was instrumental in a great purchase experience. Love my machine and look forward to many years of doing business with Welding Supplies.
Awesome welder 5 IOC shipped quick even with back order, great customer service.
Great Machine 5 Welds without a hiccup and amazing to see its performance on 110
Great for automotive sheet metal 5 Adjustments for wire run in speed, and inductance is great when stitch welding 22 gage panels. The menu is easy to navigate. The auto settings are good starting values.
Lincoln 210 5 Awesome welder even if your a bigger this welder make it easy
Love it 5 Love it
Great unit 5 Awesome unit to have around. The versatility and size make it great. And you gotta love that it comes from Lincoln.
Love it, Best welder 5 Love it, Best welder
HOME USER 4 I am overall very happy with the 210MP. I weld about 15 hours a week, sometimes more. Except the internal cooling fan blows dirty air directly onto the component side of the display PC board causing it to malfunction. I removed the display from the welder (I have electronics background) and cleaned the PC board with PC board spray cleaner, set it in a warm place to dry for a day and reinstalled it. It worked! After doing this three times over the period of about a year. I placed a clean rag in the duct from the rear of the welder to the front where the display is located and a year later it has not malfunctioned again. The display does not generate much heat and I feel it does not need any cooling air from the dirty atmosphere in which the welder operates. lincoln should address this issue as I am sure I am not the only one that has had this problem. LINCOLN, feel free to contact me.
Does everything, great price, quick 5 Does everything, great price, quick delivery`
Package showed up undamaged. I 4 Package showed up undamaged. I paid for shipping still took 2weeks. Over all good expeirience
Love the service and fast 5 Love the service and fast shipping. The machine has great features. Just getting things set up.
Small delay on stick from 4 Small delay on stick from striking to actual arc (220)
This is a great portable 3 This is a great portable welder. It is easy to set up and start welding right away. The welds look great. Unfortunately the screen failed on it after 3 days of use. I had to take it in to a Lincoln repair center. I was told it will be 3+ weeks for the repairs.
Great Customer Service 5 It is great to experience good customer service. Prompt shipping. I’m pleased with my order.
Mp210 5 Great welder i have owned since first offered. After many years and welds no problems. I can lay down some great beads with this very satisfied
Ease of use 5 Simple, ease of settings and use. Very intuitive. Probably one of the best welders for a novice like myself.
works good 5 works good

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