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Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 Welder (K5126-1)

4.75 / 5 stars with 102 reviews
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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
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The Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 Welder (K5126-1) is the hottest TIG welder on the market right now. Operators of all skill levels are flocking to the Square Wave TIG 200 thanks to its easy of set up, ease of use, and the ability to dial in the settings to adapt to nearly any application. No matter your skill level, you won’t be disappointed. The Square Wave TIG 200 provides smooth and stable AC TIG welding on aluminum and DC TIG welding on steel, stainless steel and chrome-moly. A user-friendly interface enables the operators to set it, forget it and weld. The square wave 200 has advanced features, yet is easy to use with its simple user interface & pulse feature. It has high frequency starting which makes it an ideal aluminum tig welder. It features built-in settings for more cleaning action & allows for wider or tighter arc configurations. Offers both tig & stick functionality. You can take this welder on the road since it only weighs 46lbs & utilizes both 120V or 230V plugs. This Square Wave 200 will TIG weld up to 3/16" Aluminum or 3/16" Steel.

• AC/DC TIG & Stick welding capabilities
• 200 amps output
• Extremely portable - Only 46 lbs

Quick Specs:
• Input Power: 120 or 230 Volt, Single Phase, 60 Hertz
• Output Range: 120V = Tig (10-125A), Stick (10-110A)
• Output Range: 230V = Tig (10-200A), Stick (10-170A)
• Rated Output: 230V = Tig (200A @ 25%), (130A @ 60%)
• AC Frequency Range: 60-150HZ
• AC Balance: 60-90 (%Electrode Negative)
• Pulse: 0.1-20 (Pulses per Second)
• Weight: 46 lbs (21kg)
• Dimensions: 14"h X 10.75"w X 19.25"d (358 X 282 X 502mm)

• Square Wave 200 Welder
• PTA-17 Series 150 Amp Air-cooled TIG torch w/ flexible head & ultra-flex cable assembly
• Foot Amptrol
• Regulator/Flowmeter with gas hose
• Stick Electrode Holder
• Ground Clamp
• 120/230V Input Cords
More Information
Brand Lincoln
SKU ILIN20150094
MPN LINK5126-1
Mfgs MPN K5126-1
UPC 015082616285
Prop65 Yes
Material Aluminum, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel
Process Stick, TIG
Max Amperage Output 200
Usage Home/Hobby, Light Industrial
Phase Single Phase
Manufacturer's Warranty 3 Years
Polarity AC/DC
Duty Cycle 40%
Duty Cycle 40% at 120V, 25% at 230V
Portability 46 lbs
Skill Level Beginner, Weekend Warrior, Career Welder
Input Voltage 120, 230
Discontinued Product No
Initial Impression 5 So far I've only used the Square Wave 200 for TIG welding. Seems to work well.
Everything as expected 5 The welder was delivered in exactly the time frame the sales rep told me. It arrived in great condition, and is awesome to use. I'm having a lot of fun with it already!
Dead on arrival 5 Can not review the tig 200, as it was broken upon arrival to my shop. Plug it in & nothing happens.
Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 Welder (K5126-1) 5 The welder was shipped very quickly from Welding Supplies from IOC, great communication as far as tracking numbers and order processing. This is my first TIG welder, and first attempt at using a TIG welder. I have only used the 120 vac input and only set the amperage to 100 amps, the welder has no trouble keeping up. I've tried both DC and AC TIG functions with no problems. I modified my MIG cart to hold two welders and used the Lincoln Square Wave 200 to weld all of the added tubing, it worked great. The tungstens that came with the unit seem to burn back and ball up, but that may be me not holding the correct distance. I ordered some Red and Blue tungstens and with some practice, they seem to hold up better for me. Great welder so far, I just need a lot of practice.
Lincoln squarewave 200 5 I haven't received it yet, so resend email sometime next week.
Logical buy. 5 All my research comparing TIG welders shows no logical reason to purchase any other machine in this category. Compared to the Diversion 180 that is $600 more: This machine has longer duty cycle, more settings, more power AND does stick welding. Thanks Lincoln for making this such an easy choice. Grant G.
Newbie to TIG and all is well 5 I have to say to is a great welder, it has to be. Why you ask? I have never so much as picked up a TIG torch before and after setting up the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 at the defaults and amperage recommended, I repaired a friends boat launch dolly. The beads weren't beautiful but they are holding up to daily use. The welder is easy to use, and I'm hooked. It took a bit to get used to using 3 of my 4 appendages but what ever I lacked the welder made up for. Great product and highly recommended.
NOT THE QUALITY I EXPECTED FROM LINCOLN 3 This unit, while priced right, did not live up to my quality expectations. The unit has metal studs on the bottom which allow it to slide on a hard work surface. Clearly designed for rubber feet as the studs have 1/4 inch holes drilled in them, but the rubber feet are are missing. Plus, the unit does not sit level. It sits on the faceplate and the back two studs. After checking with WSFIOC, the other units in stock were all built the same. Finally, the accessories (gauges, gas hose, and cords) were cheap and not of the same quality of the Miller equipment I purchased a few years back. I would expect better from a brand like Lincoln and not Chinese quality. Operation wise, the unit appears to work well and is easy to configure for AC or DC with the minimal controls. Also, WSFIOC, as usual, shipped the unit out promptly and provided quality customer service.
Tig your it. 5 Great service. Quick delivery. No Problems. I will shop there again.
Great Welder... 5 Just can't be beat for the price. I had an older Square Wave 175 and loved it, now I'm in love with the new one. Thanks!
Super fast shipping. Great product 5 I ordered the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200, and then it seems like all the sudden it was being delivered to my shop. The machine works great on either 115 or 230. easy setup and control. I needed a machine that did aluminum, and so far this machine seems to perform great on it.
Lincoln Square Wave Tig 200 Review 5 Was very pleased with this welder. Was exactly as described and the shipping was very fast. Ordered it on a Friday and got it on Monday. Will continue to order from Welding Supplies from IOC in the future for all my welding needs.
great welder 5 Everything looks and performs add it should. No issues.
Square wave tig 5 Amazing
Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 Welder (K5126-1). 5 I finally got to fire up the new machine !! It is everything I expected from the LINCOLN company ! Very well built,ease of operation,very stable and on and on and on !! I am very pleased with the new Square Wave 200. I am 66 years old now and have been a welder all of my life since I was 15 years old .And I have ALWAYS used the RED & BLACK machines ! TOO old to change now ! And the price of the new machine was just SUPER !! THANKS AGAIN TO LINCOLN ELECTRIC for putting out a fabulous machine !! Steve Lakeside,AZ.
UPS 5 welder was damaged during shipping,I will review when the replacement arrives,no issues in processing or arrival time.
New to tig. Lincoln Tig 200 5 Fast shipping from long distance. Ok price. At first machine would not power up, so i was a little upset. (Ribbon cable behind screen was just a little loose). Thanks nate for helping me with this. Welds awesome...assuming you can tig.
Excellent service 5 Very fast shipping
Haven't used it yet waiting 5 Haven't used it yet waiting on Gas cylinders
Great little machine for the price! 5 After my 30 year old Lincoln 300/300 TIG machine broke down(bad polarity switch)I needed a machine to work with while in the repair shop. The Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 was a good, inexpensive way to keep going on production. Welding mostly 11ga.,7ga,and 1/4" 304 stainless, this little powerhouse does a great job. While it falls a little short on 120volt power(125amps max)it does a great job on 230volt power. There is a slight amp fade on longer passes, but not much worse than most TIG machines I've worked with. At 40% duty cycle, paired with a good water cooled torch, you can weld all day and this machine just doesn't quit.
Very satisfied 5 I am extremely satisfied on all accounts with my purchase. Fast shipping etc. Thank you.
Machine looks great and all 3 Machine looks great and all accessories and parts are good quality. The machine however would run but the interface controls and lights would not turn on. Had to have someone fix it. Can't wait to try it once it works.
Customer Service & Product 5 outstanding service and great product.
Lincoln SquareWave TIG 200 5 I unboxed and had the machine running in just a few minutes. Very easy setup and operation. Good amperage control and plenty of power; I haven't hit the duty cycle limits yet. Great machine to get the job done. My only minor gripe is that the (very loud) fan is on all the time so it sucks dust and debris through the machine and will require more frequent cleaning than an on-demand fan.
Great welder 5 Great welder
Bought a welder 4 Great service and quick shipping Too bad the welder didn't work out of the box so had to drop it off for warranty at a local repair shop
great welder, first tig for me and its great. 5 I have welded with mig both steel and alum, for years. I have a spool gun for my mig and have done quite a bit of work with it. This was my first tig unit, and am very happy. I learned it quite fast and it dose a very big range of welding. easy to use and set up, and when you change a setting it really changes.
Love it. 5 No complaints. My first TIG. Quality of everything seems good. Works well.
Nice machine so far 5 Seems to be a good little machine so far. i have used it for steel and aluminum tig, and burned a couple of rods on stick mode just to try it out. I only wish the post flow was adjustable, 15 seconds seems a bit much for some things. Overall I like it a lot.
Great place to buy from. 5 Haven't used the welder, had to send the first one back due to damage from shipping. I contacted them and told them my problem and sent them some pictures of the damage welder and less the a hour they sent me a shipping label to send the bad one back. Just received my new one and it looks good. Great customer service will buy from them again.
An Impressive TIG Welder in a compact package. 5 A well constructed, easy to use multi function machine. Ideal for my needs which is motorcycle restoration and repair. Will weld 1/8" aluminum on a 110v outlet and 3/16" on a 220v. The digital display and push button switching is a big plus. This is my first Lincoln machine, always been a Miller fan, but this machine was hundreds less. The build quality and supplied components are top shelf. Highly recommended.
Awesome! 5 This is is a great online store and the Square Wave 200 is great! I bought a not so cheap import first and there is simply no comparison!
uh-oh 3 I have owned this machine for 2 years, now there is issues with the motherboard. apparently, this isn't an uncommon problem according to the repair shop. the motherboard costs 1200 alone, and if you are out of warranty, you are out of a welder. besides this issue, I love the machine.
TIG 200 5 So far so good. I have a couple of questions about the controls of the amp settings. It won't go to 200 amps as described.
Tig 200 5 Really fast service.. thanks
good 5 So I spend far too much time behind a TIG torch and I just bought this little guy to see what the arc is like. I have spent probably 30 hrs minimum behind everything Lincoln and Miller has to offer in the TIG department and some of Frontius. This is a great machine, the arc is very smooth and readable. I like it far far better than the precision 175, 185, and 225! Its Arc start is better than my Miller maxstar 200DX and my Miller Dynasty 280 and closely rivals my Precision 275 for arc start. AC control is good but no where close to a Miller Dynasty inverter, now your paying a good $4k for that but just for reference it isn't even close! Also the fan on this thing makes you think your ready for take off in a jumbo jet, in a small room your going to want to blast music or rock earplugs, which ever is your jam. The plugs for 110v or 220v are great. And honestly this is the best small AC/DC TIG you can buy in my honest opinion. Now you can buy better but your looking at over double to price for better, so honestly if you are looking for a killer TIG machine I would pick this over a Lincoln Precision 175, 185, or 225 everyday as I have owned them all, the ability to change the AC Frequency will make welding aluminum mind blowingly easy if you have never used a inverter with more than 60-70Hz. And again for the money this machine cannot be beat. I prefer my smaller Miller inverters for pulse control as this just has "pulse" and no ability for parameter control, but again your more than double the price to get into one of those. So in the world of TIG this is a great unit, plus it stick welds like a boss, if your an old SA-200 stick welder bud you would love this guy as well. Anywho hope this helps
Great Machine 5 The Square Wave TIG 200 is an excellent welder for the home shop. The combination of features and ease of use makes this machine the prefect choice for a first TIG for beginners and experienced welders. I would recommend The Square Wave 200 to anyone interested in expanding the welding capabilities of their shop.
lincoln tig 200 k5126-1 5 everything looks good and works well, the rest is up too me,fast shipping, staff very nice.
Great welder for price 4 Great overall machine. I have used this in an automotive performance fabrication shop and decided to get one for my house and other mobile projects where I will need to be on 110. Works great for the price but of course is a few features shy of the Dynasty which I also considered. Biggest complaints are the post flow settings, lack of background amp setting for pulse, and the fan is always running. The fan wasn't noticeable in a fab shop but at night in my little home garage it's alot louder than I expected when it's constantly on. Overall I would absolutely recommend this for any hobbyist and honestly any processional can use this to produce great results.
Good product 5 Good product
Best tig welder for the 5 Best tig welder for the price (ac) to
Amazing little machine 5 Can’t say enough about this welding machine. Does it all for the home welder and I’m sure more for the pro looking for a solid AC TIG machine on the road. I’m attempting to break in to the industry. I was willing to pay a fair price, but just couldn’t afford blue’s offering in this range. The Dynasty is a different beast and the price shows. The Diversion just isn’t as good and the Maxstar, again, priced too high. CK’s offering? Too much. Some other brands were cheaper but doesn’t seem like you can get service easily, just incase something goes wrong. Anyway, machine comes with 1/16 and 3/32 rare earth tungsten, one #6 or #7 cup. Everything you need to get rocking. I haven’t tested the stick capabilities, but I have the 210MP and I assume the stick capabilities are virtually identical. I wonder if the can ever cram AC stick ability into an inverter machine.. A lot of people will knock the post-flow setting that’s locked. I live 10 minutes from a gas place, $20 per fill for a 150 tank so I’m not super concerned. If you’re streamlining a business that much where that gas costs you time and money, then I imagine your have enough to buy a more robust machine.
Recent Lincoln purchase 5 All questions I had were answered right away and received welding machine within seven days. Thanks
Great 5 I am new to tig welding but have been mig and stick welding for years. Ive always wanted to learn to tig and this machine allows me to do that and I don't have to worry about it turning into a doorstop in 6 months like a China special. I have already used it several times and am progressing nicely tiging steel and aluminum. It seems like a nice machine for a beginner or a pro. Comes with plugs for 220 and 110 and has everything else you need to get started save the shielding gas and the filler wire.
Fast shipping, best price. 5 Fast shipping, best price.
Great Service 5 First time purchase. Sales associate was knowledgeable about product and helpful getting order processed right away. Amazingly fast shipping, ordered on Wednesday morning and had Friday afternoon. I would recommend to anyone and will shop for myself as well.
Easy, Fast, Correct! 5 The price for Lincoln products is (apparently) controlled by them since everyone had the same price listed, but weldingsuppliesfromioc.com had all the accessories I wanted at GREAT prices as well. I ordered this machine and, quite honestly, expected it to take a week or so to arrive but I had the item about 3 days later. Arrived via UPS in perfect shape and on-time. I couldn't be more happy with the purchase.
Lincoln welder 5 Lowest price online. Fast free shipping.
Things to think about ... SQUARE WAVE TIG 200 WELDER 4 First I have to say it’s good welder and in my opinion what stops it from being great is first the fan is really loud and powerful it will move air everywhere in my small shop … I had to set it up lower to the floor ...Blowing the gas around is the big deal…next is not having a hand control on the torch foot pedal only is a bigger deal than I thought …And the biggest deal is not having any control over post flow gas! That by far is the biggest drawback for me the post flow runs so long after you stop welding that it makes you think Lincoln is in business with the gas company! The controls it does have are great! I have run a few stick welds with it and seems to work great! So if you don’t care about wind …gas…and hand control then it’s a five star machine!
great machine 5 Easy to set up and very versatile. Very good price for a macine with all the features
not ready yet 4 it was a gift and the person has not started using it yet
Thanks 5 Thanks
Lincoln 200 square wave 5 After talking and chatting about all the major brands of welders and on a budget,this machine was the cost effective solution I was looking for .Thanks to the staff for suggesting this portable tig machine -Lincoln won over its Blue competition again in this situation -but “CUDOS” goes to the staff to help me with my decision!
Best first time tig 5 I've been welding for years but wanted to learn Tig welding. After my research I settled on the Lincoln Tig 200. I have to say I'm surprised at how much you get for the money. High quality and easy to get started welding. Many settings on this unit are usually found only on higher priced units. Only one small thing is no post flow settings. This would be helpful to have for the home user where it's used in smaller duty cycles. Like I said, a small issue though.
Great Tig for the money 5 Works great. Love it. Great price. Only thing it needs is a hand trigger, foot pedal is awkward to use in tight areas.
Liking the control setting and 5 Liking the control setting and voltage options!!!
Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200 Welder 5 My welder arrived with a broken gas regulater, I called your company and a ( no hassle ) new one arrived in a couple days. I hooked up the welder and it performed excellent... Thanks the the prompt service
Lincoln. Ioc 5 Perfect
Great welder and supplier. 5 Welder was easy to set up and works very well. Had a small hiccup with an accessory ordered with the weld and was amazed how quick IOC fixed and without any hassle.
Easy to operate 5 Easy to operate
AWESOME!! 5 Great unit... nice that it comes from the factory with a flex head torch
Lincoln squarewave 200 4 Only giving it 4 stars right now because I don't even have it fully unpacked yet. Looks outstanding and I expect it will turn out to be 5 stars.
Great Little Tig Welder 5 It really is an outstanding little welder. Works flawlessly and has enough power for a DIY-fer particularly to a newbie like me.
Awesome product 5 Awesome product
The best 5 The best
Great product and transaction 5 Great communication and product.
Kyle Bane 5 Kyle Bane was extremely helpful not only with the status of my order, but with a return phone call as to processing a rebate. Will be doing business with you in the future. Mike Consalvo
Lincoln square wave tig welder 3 I got my welder and unboxed it and noticed on the front right side bezel of the welder it has a piece broken off. I know this was from Lincoln the manufacturer because their was no broken piece inside the box anywhere to be found. That's just cosmetic damage, but makes me pretty upset I bought something brand new and it comes like that. On top that I went to plug the welder in and just the fan started up, no lights or anything else. So I opened the case to the welder and found the main motherboard wasnt even plugged in! To be honest it made really mad I just spent $1700.00 and this is the end product I am left to deal with. I like Lincoln, but seriously this is unacceptable. How did this get passed QC, with not being able to turn on and a broken bezel piece! To say the least I would like some kind of reimbursement.
Lincoln square wave 5 Very pleased at this point, arc started easily on DC on practice pieces. Machine was packed well, all contents arranged neetly. Equipment arrived after several days, one piece ordered did not arrive on time, lost in transient. Welding Supplies customer service was great, resolving the issue. Thanks!
Great welder 4 Great welder
Great machine , perfect for 5 Great machine , perfect for what I need
Good little machine - Beware no post-flow control settings 4 Biggest complaint is there isn't any way to control post-flow. Get ready to waste a bunch of gas if you're making short welds
Rocky start 5 I received my welder in just a couple days. The unit didn’t work properly initially, but the seller swiftly sent a return label and swapped the machine out with another unit without hesitation, rather than force me to go through a warranty process. Now I’m very happy and laying welds.
Square Wave Tig 200 5 Amazing welder, best deal I ever made. After a long research over the internet comparing other welders wit the square wave I made a right choice buying this one. It’s perfect for the kind small works that I made at home. Shipping was super fast and best customer service. I recommend it.
Expectations met! 5 Really meets my expectations. Smooth starts, good arc stability, easy to operate etc.
Great welder, Hf start works very well, easy to set up. 5 The Hf start was easy to use, and a big improvement over scratch start. No chance to try AC yet, but DC was a dream come true, best welder I've ever used.
New TIG welder 5 Purchased an new Lincoln square wave 200 TIG, seems like a good machine. Delivered quickly and completely with all the other things I also ordered. Very satisfied.
Great 5 I love this welder.
Awesome little unit! 5 Got this machine a couple weeks ago, put a few hours welding 1/8" mild steel so far so good! I bought this to learn to TIG and it was real easy to setup and get going. Ordering from Welding Supplies from IOC is easy and shipping was fast. Thanks
I still am setting up 4 I still am setting up mu Square Wave 200 so it hasn't actually been used yet. I am a hobby welder and I have a Lincoln MIG. I felt the Square Wave 200 fit my needs as I am moving into TIG. I have had my Lincoln MIG for 15+ years. However, I had a question and contacted Lincoln. They still have not responded to my question. Thus only 4 stars for now. That number could reduce if they do not give me the support I expect, no matter what the product level.
Excellent product - service is 5 star 5 Excellent prices products and amazing customer service
Square wave 5 Retired welder. 40 years welding structural and pipe on nuclear subs. Lincoln was my preferred welding machine. It always seemed to be very dependable and like using the pulse welding feature. Will be using this machine to teach my grandsons how to weld. I like the foot pedal but I wished it also came with the hand amptrol K 963-3. Easy to use and love all the features
Works great on DC or 5 Works great on DC or AC Very pleased with the unit.
Good shopping experience 5 Finding and ordering was easy. Delivery was quicker than expected. There was a rebate offer...still waiting.
Awesome machine!!!! 5 I'm an experienced pro welder and purchased this machine to do art at home. THE REGULATOR IT COMES WITH IS JUNK!! Throw it away or use it for a MIG machine. It was hard to start an arc since gas flow was an issue. Got a quality flow meter and problems solved.
My husband is very pleased 5 My husband is very pleased with his new TIG. It was a gift from me.
Tig 200 so far so good 5 Great purchase experience through welders supply. Due to operator error, I called Lincoln for some tech support. It was unbelievable! Actual people answer the phone and no long wait! John, who is one of their Techs walked me through a diagnostic process and found where I had gone wrong. I was welding in minutes. Welder worked great on DC - haven't tried AC yet.
Classic car builds 5 Great unit for multiple jobs..perfect for classic cars rebuilds..
Very fast! Had a return 4 Very fast! Had a return and was taken care of. Very happy with may new welder.
it is a pity that 5 it is a pity that there is only a foot control
Great purchase. Very easy to 5 Great purchase. Very easy to use if you are just starting out with a TIG.
Top notch like all Lincoln 5 Top notch like all Lincoln products!
Nice light duty welder that 4 Nice light duty welder that comes with most accessories needed. The regulator is very poor but I’m sure you know that.
Mr 5 Sounds great, pity I cant get my hands on one here in Éire
Nice machine 5 Nice machine
Machine works perfectly. My skills 5 Machine works perfectly. My skills however are lacking but improving daily. Sales rep was very helpful and professional!
Followed the enclosed settings, and 5 Followed the enclosed settings, and after adjusting the settings to my required specifics the unit function better than I expected. I would recommend this unit to anyone wishing to TIG weld aluminum.
Excellent 5 Great price and fast shipping

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