Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Black Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (K3034-4)

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5-13 shade control.
Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Black Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (K3034-4)
Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Black Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (K3034-4) Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Black Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (K3034-4) Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Black Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (K3034-4) Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Black Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (K3034-4) Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Black Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (K3034-4) Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Black Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (K3034-4) Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Black Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (K3034-4) Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Black Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (K3034-4) Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Black Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (K3034-4)
The Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Black Auto Darkening Welding Helmet now includes redesigned headgear, an external grind button, and matte black shell. This light weight (20 oz.) hood has grind mode, shade 5-13 continuously variable control, internal sensitivity and delay controls. These helmets are Magnifying "cheater" lens capable and hard hat adapter capable.

Better Clarity, Real Color View
• Now you can make a good view even better. Upgrading with 4C technology preserves the existing 1-1-1-1 optical clarity rating, but improves visibility by reducing the lime green tint.
Easy On The Eyes
• Improved visibility and less eye strain means greater comfort for the welder. This combined with an improved view of the weld puddle adds up to better welds.
Wide-Screen View
• 4C technology enables you to not only see better, but also see more. The large viewing area gives you a full range of vision in relation to the welding area, which enhances operator control.
Increased Battery Life
The longer you can see clearly, the more you can weld. And more welds mean higher productivity. Improvements to the ADF’s circuitry enables more performance from the battery. Now you can keep welding, increase your productivity and get more from your helmet lens.

X6 Headgear Features
• 6 Contact Points
• Adjustable Resting Position
• Forward and Backward Adjustments
• Unique Flexible Cushioned Neckpad
• Innovative Form Fit

• 4C Lens Technology improves visibility and reduces eye strain
• 1/1/1/1 Improved Optical Clarity & Enhanced Color Recognition
• 3 Year Warranty
• X6 Headgear
• Large U.S. 5.25" X 4.5" Cartridge Size
• Continuously Variable 5-13 Shade with Internal Control
• Continuously Variable Sensitivity & Delay
• External Grind Mode Button
• Magnifying Cheater Lens Capable
• 4 Arc Sensors
• Solar Cells with a replaceable Lithium Battery
• 3.74" X 3.34" (12.50 sq inches) View Size
• Hard Hat Adapter Capable

• Extra Cover Lenses Enclosed - (2) inside and (5) outside.
• Sport-Pak helmet bag includes Foose bandana
More Information
Brand Lincoln
SKU ILIN00000096
MPN LINK3034-4
Mfgs MPN K3034-4
Manufacturer's Warranty Yes
Size One Size
Skill Level Weekend Warrior, Career Welder
Recommended Process Cutting/Grinding, MIG, Stick, TIG
Coverage Head

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Great optics, head gear is junk and uncomfortable. Helmet small - not enough spark protection. 3 Always been loyal to Lincoln products. Had a Lincoln Vista helmet great helmet battery's died ordered new Viking helmet great optics headgear is junk and uncomfortable helmet is flimsy and small not enough spark protection very dissatisfied
Great helmet 5 I purchased this helmet for my son who attends welding school. I have also used the helmet and really like it. It's light, well built and very reasonably priced. Four sensors to keep from getting flashed while welding around obstacles, easy to use controls and a large viewing area. I'm thinking about buying another one for myself now.
Awsome welding shield 5 Like the difference looks like between LED and reg.light.
Lincoln Viking 3350 Auto Darkening Helmet 5 The Lincoln 3350 helmet has easy to adjust settings and the visual clarity is excellent. I appreciated the same day shipping with email confirmation.
Other shields off 3350 on 5 Great piece of equipment I could not do without!
Lincoln Viking 3350 welding helmet 5 The clarity and the field of vision on the Viking 3350 is awesome. Had a difficult time adjusting the head gear to fit me, but once adjusted properly it is very comfortable. Used this helmet with Mig, Tig and stick welding,got flashed once with low amperage Tig but adjusted the sensitivity and it was fine. My one complaint was it wouldn't fit a 2.50 cheater lens I had to shave it down a bit to fit.Maybe I didn't have the proper lens. This helmet has features that helmets costing 75 to 100 dollars more. I would recommend this helmet.
Welding Helmet 5 This is the best helmet on the market. Wide viewing area and quality construction.
Good deals 5 Fast shipping
GJones 5 I have not had a chance to use my helmet yet, my first welding classes start in two days. But I am very happy with the service that Welding Supply provided.
Very nice equipment 5 Very nice equipment
Lincoln Viking 3350 5 Excellent. Great visibility, love the lens, head bands are the best I have seen. Worth the money
Lincoln Viking e350 Very good purchase 5 I do mostly hobby welding on cars with a Mig setup. Works very well for my purposes. Nice big and clear viewing area during welding. Comfortable fit bet seems a little close to your face if wearing glasses or goggles. Haven't played wit it enough to see it can be adjusted any better to remedy that. Otherwise I like the light weight and more compact design than my old helmet
3350 Lincoln Viking helmet - K3034-3 5 Super helmet - the best thing for stick, mig, and other. You get a really clear view as you weld!!!!!
Great product but... 5 …thanks for selling my email address. Soon after I placed my order, I get more spam email than ever.
poor finish choice 3 The helmet performs excellent, but the black glossy finish scratches by just wiping it with a soft rag!
Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Welding Helmet 5 Very nice helmet, easy to use adjustments allow me to fine tune for each application. I would buy it again.
Lincoln Viking 3350 welding helmet 5 I like the helmet better than any I have ever used so far. That is after near 40 years of welding and using several helmets. Delivery was unbelievably fast for my order.
Viking 3350 5 A great helmet, with superb clarity.
Outer lens too small 3 The height of the lens needs to be 1/4 inch taller so the darkening unit can push the top and bottom of the lens out flush to the helmet. As it is, the bottom can be flush or the top but not both. The width of the lens could be another 1/4 inch wider. Inner lens is perfect. Outer lens needs better quality control.
Good helmet 5 The lens is very clear. Can actually see the puddle. Amazing step up from an old cheap helmet. The headgear is OK. Miller has better headgear.
Viking 3350 5 Best hood ever!
Lincoln Viking 3350 Helmet 5 This helmet is the best and most comfortable helmet I have ever used. The headgear is fabulous. They should show it in the product photos as a premium feature. I wear Tri-Focal prescription glasses and have always struggled with the ability to use my lower focal point, but not with this helmet! The larger lens is large enough that I can use all three focal points as the situation warrants. I cannot say enough good things about this helmet. No matter what helmet you have now, set it aside and get one of these, you will not regret it.
Awesome service even better helmet! 5 Awesome service even better helmet! Thanks!
Lincoln Viking 3350 Welding Helmet 5 While I haven't used "every welding helmet" the Lincoln Viking 3350 is hands down the best I've ever used! It's comfortable and light weight and the HUGE viewing area is AWESOME. I never knew how confining and claustrophobic my old helmets were until I used the Viking, once you use it you'll never go back to "standard" viewing size helmet again. The view before you strike an arc is is lightly shaded but crystal clear, same goes once you start your weld. Between the viewing size and the clarity I found myself leaving the helmet down and not having to lift it to see better before I start a bead. For the money you can not any better! Just like the Vikings of old the Lincoln Viking 3350 is BADASS!!!
So far one of the best I have ever used! 5 I will start by saying, I am not a professional welder, I am merely a hobbyist. That being said, my weld quality has increased significantly. The clarity of the weld puddle is unbelievably clear and when not welding I do not find myself lifting my hood to check my work. The hood is also very comfortable although I'm never wearing it for more than 30 min or an hour at a time. All in all, It's the best I have ever owned and would definitely recommend this to anyone.
Great Helmet 5 Very pleased with this helmet. Extremely comfortable, light, and you can't beat the price for what you're getting. I've worn it for full 10 hour days and haven't had any neck pain. The larger viewing lense is a plus And it comes with spare lenses. Do yourself a favor and buy this helmet!
Great Helmet 5 This is the best helmet I have ever used. Very clear, easy to see the weld puddle and comfortable to wear.
Almost perfect! 4 Excellent visibility during welding process and really easy on the eyes. I like the shade control knob at the outside of the helmet which this helmet does not have so you have to take the helmet and gloves off to adjust the settings inside the helmet.
Excellent helmet so far. 5 I bought this to replace a PowerWeld helmet that failed after a few years of use. I've only used it for a week and so far it outstrips the old one in all ways - it should at around $200 versus the old one at around $100. Very comfortable, big view, lots of adjustments, nice and clear. Hopefully longevity will be better.
Great 5 Great
Satisfied 5 Works as it should
Great helmet 5 Was going to buy a more expensive helmet but the decided to but this one on some recommendations by friends.
Excellent 5 Really like it, but 1st day, got side of helmet to close to grinder & melted hole in the side of it. Disappointed.
i hope it will be 5 i hope it will be the best helmet ever i have but i didnt have it yet because of the hurricane maria...hope receive it in next days
Great helmet 5 Easy to operate/maintain. Ready right out of box. Nice bag, too. Zippered pocket Ciuld be better placed on inside side of helmet to accommodate spare glass, batteries, etc if traveling. Otherwise a superior product all around. Auto dark works way better and quicker than last few helmets I’ve owned and it’s lightweight. Thanks.
Viken 3350 5 The helmet is great. The head gear is hard to get to fit my head.
Nice helmet 5 Nice helmet
Lincoln viking 3350 5 best welding helmet i have ever owned I have been welding for 30 years and this has to be the clearest and biggest lens to see through. iwill never buy another miller welding helmet I paid $320 for the digital elite and the it was always freezing up, meaning it wouldn't shut down or be able to change shades without pulling the batteries first then it crapped out all together after the 3rd year. the head gear is garbage, the hood is constantly coming down. I repeat do not buy a Miller!! Lincoln is by far the best!!!!
young welder 5 It is great!!!
LINCOLN VIKING 3350 SERIES 5 Works great, lightweight, comfortable fit on the head and I really like this helmet.
3350 5 Better view than a Miller. Everyone that has tried it liked the 3350.
I can see!!! 5 Beginner welder. Started with a cheap HF helmet and wondered why my welds sucked and could not see the puddle. Added lights and all sorts of stuff. I figured I needed a new helmet. Had some PP money and decided on the Viking. I can see!!!! What a difference. The cheap helmet is a disservice if you really want to make nice welds. It did the job for the few years using it. My welds have improved but still need some practice. Love this helmet
Viking Helmet 5 The best helmet I ever owned !
Viking 3350 5 this is my first auto darkening helmet and I truly love it.It took me a little bit to get used to it but am learning.
Great welding helmet and supplier 5 I bought this Viking 3350 and it arrived on time and in great shape. I even did an "unboxing" youtube video of me opening the box up. It was a great price from Welding Supplies from IOC and I will do business with them again in the future. Thank you.
Great helmet 5 I've only had a couple other cheap ones but this is great.
Lincoln welding helmet 5 This is the best helmet that I have used to date
Lincoln welding helmet 5 Took advise from Welding Supplies staff and bought this helmet.. Great product.. large, clear picture.. and fits well..
A+ 5 Best helmet I have ever used. Friends and co-workers very impressed with the comfort and features. You should be getting more business!
LINCOLN VIKING 3350 5 Met all my expectations! I can clearly see what I am welding much better than before.
Great Field of Vision 5 I thought that maybe I had forgotten how to weld but, I just wasn't able to see using my bifocal glasses through the standard size lens ( I've become an old Greybeard). Love the full size, auto darkening adjustable shade lens, especially for MIG and fine TIG work.
Great hood 5 I was having trouble seeing clearly with my older hood. I have always preferred Lincoln products anyway so I bought the 4C 3350. My welds improved, comfort level improved, confidence improved. I look forward to my next chance to use it.
Good product happy with sale 5 Good product happy with sale And price
A+ 5 A+
Best welding helmet ever used 5 This has the biggest and best view of any welding helmet I have ever used. The headband also fits well and is very adjustable. Shipping was insanely fast and product arrived in great shape.
Second one 5 I purchased this helmet for work a year ago, love it so much I just bought one for at home. Don't put it off, never seen an item like this go up in price like these helmets. But their worth ot
Lincoln 250gxt 5 Got the welder quickly and was in good order.
Lincoln Viking 3350 Welding Helmet 5 So far I love it. Very easy to see the weld puddle now....especially for old eyes!!
Outstanding product 5 My son previously bought a “cheaper” helmet. He was having problems with being able to see his arch. Bought him this helmet & he is able to see for all types of welding. Very happy with this purchase.
Easy and well worth it 5 Received fast and accurate items.
Great Helmet! 5 Being an older person, 71 and just getting into TIG welding as a hobby, I needed a good helmet that I could see thru. Been using an older Jackson with NexGen electronics & a 2X cheater lens, I wear bifocals and was having trouble seeing the weld but after switching to this new Lincoln Viking 3350 with 4C electronics and no cheater lens, I'm can see what I'm welding!!! I highly recommend this Lincoln Viking helmet 3350 with 4C technology to anyone needing a great helmet.
Great product 5 Have not bought a new welders hat in years. This is great. Lightweight, fits great. Will recommend to everyone.
bought for son 5 he loves the vision that he gets.
Awesome helmet. 5 Awesome helmet.
Lincoln Viking 3350 Helmet 5 Works great as advertised. Clearest one I have ever used.
First IOC Purchase 5 Bought a Lincoln helmet from IOC, best price I could find anywhere. Very fast response from IOC, good communication regarding my order, and fast shipping too. Excellent company to deal with.
Lincoln 3350 4c 5 Completely changed my welding game. Went from a 100$ econo hood to this and the difference is incredible. Clarity is awesome.
Retired 5 Best helmet I have ever had, just put it on and weld. I had been going thru flash burns for years because the older helmet I had worked with some times and sometime it didn’t. Also IOC was great kept me updated on order and was great to deal with.Helmet fits great, I just can’t say enough good things about the helmet and the people I purchased it from. A++++++
lincoln viking 3350 5 best welding helmet i have ever owned
Love this Hood! 4c tech 5 Love this Hood! 4c tech by Lincoln is amazing!
Great helmet 5 Great helmet
viking 3350 series 5 this is the perfect welding helmet you can see what your welding and grinding mode works great
LIncoln Viking 3350 5 Nice Helmet, head gear is very comfortable. Viewing area large and crystal clear.
Weekend Warrior 5 So I’m not a professional but I’m fabricating and welding every chance I get. After using a cheap hood I bought a Lincoln solar from Home Depot for 125.00. It worked well but I felt as though I couldn’t see the weld puddle as I should. It lasted 5 years and I made the choice to go with the Viking 3350 with 4c technology. Couldn’t be happier! Can see the weld puddle clearly and it really shows in my work. Btw, I rarely write a review so I hope this helps someone make up there mind.
Lincoln Viking 3350 5 Not a professional welder by any means but have been doing some TIG welding & it’s been working great. Darkens quickly & is easy to see, the helmet is comfortable but has fogged a little bit but I am welding in a cold damp shop.
works great 5 I'm not disappointed at all. best helmet I every had.
The helmet shell is pretty 4 The helmet shell is pretty standard material. Not flimsy but not rigid. The head band is good and fairly comfortable as far as welding helmets go. Where it really shines is the lense. Clarity is very good and the color is pleasing. I am not a big fan of China made products and I'm a little disappointed that Lincoln has moved their manufacturing to China. One might think because they save money in China they would drop the price of the helmet. Fat chance.
Like Night & Day 5 I'm just a novice at welding. After so many years of using cheap helmets I decided to spend the money for a quality one. This is the best money I've spent. This is like night and day compared to the cheap ones. I can see my puddle so much better. My problem before was I couldn't see the joint I was welding and veered off track. I can see everything now. I like having the grind setting on the inside. I've seen other helmets with the grind button on the outside. I would be worried that I would accidentally bump this while welding. That was a deal breaker for me. I can see where the weight could be an issue if you were welding all day. I don't so that wasn't an issue for me. This helmet is comfortable. It has many adjustments to fit you. Even one to position it away from your face for glasses. I definitely would recommend buying this helmet.
Top hood 5 The view with this hood with 4c tech compared to others is great. I got the larger window.
Excellent 5 I purchased these welding helmets for my students and they really like the clarity of the lens.
Great functionality. Just wish it 4 Great functionality. Just wish it was lighter
Lincoln Viking 3350 4C Lens 5 Amazing hood, Im happy I chose this hood over other similar level welding hoods. Amazing lens with a clear Blue tint! Being able to see my hand position and weld area helps out overall which I recently learned as soon as I viewed thru the large lens. Comfortable head gear and isn't heavy at all. Amazing with all weld processes. A great addition is a BSX FR bib that clips around hood which is great for Dual Shield 4G positions.
Lincoln Viking 3350 4 Pros -lightweight -great optica -good quality Cons -occasional flash -sides are shallow and allow in too much light
Great hood 4 Very clear and lightweight! Best hood on the market for the price
Awsome Hood 5 This hood has very accurate adjustment. My cheap hood would drift in darkness. The Viking is dead on every time.
Satisfied 5 Satisfied
It's my first auto tint 5 It's my first auto tint and I like it alot better especially with the wide screen it helps with visibility during the weld
Nice hood 4 Nice hood but a little on the heavy side. My miller digital elite is lighter and in the lite stage clearer but the Viking doesn’t flash me like the miller does on occasion.
Happy Customer 5 Awesome helmet I would purchase it again.
Great welding helmet! Glad I bought here! 5 I'm very satisfied with the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350! I haven't used the grinding mode, yet. Not sure I will. It's easy enough to swing the hood up to grind and back down to burn... I had a little difficulty trying to sign up for the $50 rebate. The rebate website wouldn't recognize the serial number. I emailed Lincoln and Welding Supplies from IOC. Within hours, I got a message from Lincoln that the number had been added to the program and would work on the rebate website. It did. No sooner had I heard from Lincoln, IOC called to help me. I told them I'd spoken to Lincoln and the issue was handled. I also told both representatives how pleased I was with their follow through and how happy I was with doing business with their respective companies. I've done business with Lincoln since the mid-1970s. I've only been shopping at IOC for a few years. But, I'll be back soon. I'm shopping for a new TIG welder. It'll be a Lincoln, and I'll be getting it from IOC! Thanks again for the great products and fabulous customer service! Oh, I didn't mention, my helmet arrived within two days, with free shipping. Wow! Nice!
Great helmet, however collecting the 5 Great helmet, however collecting the rebate is a pain!
Best helmet on the market. 5 Best helmet on the market.
???? 5 This helmet is the best I've ever used or purchased. It's super clear, full auto, and cheater capable. Worth every penny.
Super mask 5 Very comfortable.
Very nice 5 I upgraded to this from an older non 3M non adjustable speed glass. Huge improvement
Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Black Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (K3034-4) 5 star rating 5 Pretty amazed at the clarity of this helmet when welding
Viking 3350 5 The head gear is excellent and you don't feel like the welding helmet wants to fall off you head while you are welding. The C4 lens is like you put on a pair of glasses and can see clearly.
Good 5 Badass
Great price and great delivery 5 Great price and great delivery time
Excellent Welding Helmet 5 The latest model Lincoln Viking 3350, model K3034-4, added to the best auto darkening lens a very useful external grind button and an outstanding head gear. Welding got a magnitude more efficient with this helmet.
Awesome Hood 5 Very happy with this hood so far, puts all other hoods I've used to shame. The clarity is unreal and the hood itself is very comfortable. I have not even begun to try out all the settings and features yet but out of the box it worked great.
Best view ever 5 Clearest lense I've ever used! Like watching HD TV!
Great helmet. 5 Ordered new Lincoln helmet from IOC, offered the best price, order arrived and I put it on. What a difference in clarity while welding, and improving productivity. I would definitely recommend it.
works great 5 works great
Lincoln Viking 3350 5 Great Helmet
Fast delivery 5 Fast delivery
Best welding helmet I have 5 Best welding helmet I have ever used
Great value 5 They had the best price and shipping was quick and free you can't beat that !!!!!
Viking hurt 3350 4 Did like the product glass filter not wild about the headband Headband was comfortable but slides off your head quite a bit . Furthermore the hood to be heavy especially if you’re leaning on your side and you have to support your head. Once again the optics are great real easy to see works good around other welding flash. The grinder function button on the outside of the hood is handy will have to see if inadvertently gets turned on during movement in tight spaces. All in all worth the money with a few small corks to work with. All interactions with IOC no complaints and would buy from them again in the future .
Best Helmet I Have Ever Used 5 I started welding using a "pipeliner" helmet over 40 years ago. This is, by far, the clearest, most comfortable helmet I have ever used. I'm not sure about the longevity and ruggedness of the headgear as it feels a little flimsy but the 3 year warranty should remedy any problems with that. Buy once, cry once and you won't regret it.
All I can say is WOW!!!!! 5 If your like me, and been under a rock for 5 years, and not tried one of these "4C" lens, you are truly missing out. It's amazing, the horrid green is gone, you can see everything crystal clear. Very lightweight and flexible hood with great head gear.
Buy it 5 I didn't use auto darkening for years because the only benefits were not having to nod my head and being able to change shades with the turn of a button. I used a swiss optrel crystal 2.0 and was blown away by the appearance of the arc and how much more could be seen without letting in more light. However, the $429 price tag was not worth it to me. Then I got the opportunity to use the new Lincoln Viking 3350 with the 4c lens technology and was blown away. The clarity is amazing, you will not be disappointed. Weldindsuppliesfromioc is as cheap as you're going to find it. I ordered on a Friday and got it Monday.
Outstanding! 5 Works as described. Outstanding visibilty and comfort. Does not seem heavy but I don't wear it all day. Initially had trouble with rebate but that was on my end. Problem resolved. Can't go wrong with this lid. Now if it were only less expensive...
Well made helmet, very clear. 5 Well made helmet, very clear.
Great helmet! 5 A huge upgrade from my previous Harbor Freight unit. Worth the money.
Light weight welding hood 5 I like the clarity and light weight of this hood , i would recommend buying it
Great helmet 5 Great helmet and good value.
Hair puller 3 I have other helmets that I use and none of them pull your hair like this one I am nearly bald and it still manages to pull my hair such a shame for a decent helmet at this price
Viking 3350 5 What an amazing helmet, the field of view is Awesome The Clarity is incredible! It's very comfortable and it doesn't droop down when you tilt it up and nobody likes a droopy helmet! Definitely a case of you get what you pay for it's a little more than the budget helmets but worth every penny
Great helmet 5 Very comfortable and a good size viewing window. No complaints here
Lincoln 3350 Helmet 5 Excellent Helmet. The instant grinding button saves tons of time. Excellent shipping from Welding Supplies.
Best helmet I've ever used 5 Best helmet I've ever used
Awesome 5 Really great helmet
nice 5 nice
Best welding hood I’ve ever 5 Best welding hood I’ve ever used !!!
Very clear and versatile. 5 Very clear and versatile.
the Lincoln 3350 welding helmet 5 the Lincoln 3350 welding helmet is absolutely fantastic
Nice 5 Great helmet.
Great hood Great price 5 Fast shipping. Rebate was quick and painless
Nice price and quality 5 It just can see.
Lincoln Viking 3350 5 This is my second Lincoln Viking 3350. Nothing wrong with the first one. In fact, I like it so much that I bought this one as a spare. Welding Supplies from IOC is the best place that I have found for all of my welding supplies and equipment.
Hobbyist welder loves this helmet 5 I love this helmet, I can actually see where I’m welding. With My other helmet I could hardly see where I was welding. I have a lot better view and is very clear.
Viking 3350 5 Used other helmets in the past but this one has clarity beyond my expectations.
Head band 4 Band doesn’t hold very well
not the best from lincoln 3 headgear is torture ,never wore a more uncomfortable helmet,bought it for aluminium mig just could not get it dialed in.will use as back up but old model 3350 i my go to even with broken head strap,would return if i could
Lincoln Viking 3350 Series Black Auto 5 It's a great helmet. Can't believe how well I can see the arc.
Great hood. If you have 5 Great hood. If you have trouble seeing the your welding get this shield. 5 stars for sure
Top shelf helmet 5 Top shelf helmet
Love the full view 5 Love the full view
Welding helmet 5 Welding helmet
Larger view 5 Real nice hood,however costly, has alot of adjustment, but best part the larger view
Great Helmets 5 Love these helmets would recommend to anyone.
Great hood 5 Great hood
Lincoln 3350 5 I’m a older part-time, amateur welder using a combo welder to repair things around the farm. The plain black 3350 is awesome. The head harness offers many adjustments. The large viewable window is great. The replaceable battery is awesome. I had a cheaper helmet before and the solar battery stopped working as it sat in the shelf. That helmet was used about 2 times when I tossed it in the trash when failing to replace its battery. With this awesome 3350, I can replace the battery and have confidence it will work after sitting on the shelf for a month. Thanks Lincoln.
As advertised and better 5 As advertised and better
Very Nice Welding Helment! 5 This helmet is exactly the solution I was looking for. I am a hobby/home improvement metal fabricator utilizing a MIG welder and plasma cutter. The large viewing lens combined with the adjustable shading and grinding mode has greatly improved my ability to perform metal work. The helmet is also comfortable to wear, though I have only used it for short periods of time.
I really happy with the 5 I really happy with the 3350. The button on the side for grinding is nice and easy. I've only used it for a week but it was worth the money!!!
Very nice helmet. Very user 5 Very nice helmet. Very user friendly.
Great helmet 5 Great helmet
Viking 3350 5 Great visibility with this helmet.
Great product 5 Very comfortable headgear and big viewing area. Would highly recommend.

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