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Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC Multiprocess Welder (907757)

4.73 / 5 stars with 33 reviews
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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
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The Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC Multiprocess Welder (907757) is set to disrupt the market with the combination of MIG, Stick, AC/DC TIG, and Miller's unparalleled reliability and craftsmanship. Building off the success of their multimatic welders, Miller has combined AC capabilities for TIG with their trusted MIG/Stick technology. That means now you only need one machine for all the welding processes and all the metals.

Click to download the full Spec Sheet.

Take on more projects with one machine that has MIG, DC stick, and AC/DC TIG.
• MIG:
24 ga.–3/8 in. steel
18 ga.–3/8 in. aluminum
• DC Stick:
16 ga.–3/8 in. steel
24 ga.–1/4 in. steel and aluminum

The Multimatic 220 AC/DC comes equipped with all accessories to weld any process, unlike other machines where you need to purchase additional accessories.

With Miller's innovative QuickTech technology, setup and changing processes is even easier.
• Automatically determines the polarity. Work is always connected to the bottom right receptacle. MIG gun and TIG torch can stay connected at the same time.
• Automatically switches to the right process. Just hit the trigger or the foot control and the machine automatically changes, eliminating the need to manually change processes.
• Automatically recalls the settings from the last process used.

Auto-Set Elite fast and easy predefined settings for multiple materials and processes to help you get welding quickly.
• Available for all processes (MIG, stick, AC TIG, DC TIG) with the ability to fine-tune your settings.
• Set weld parameters by selecting:
MIG – wire diameter and material thickness
Stick – electrode type, diameter and material thickness
AC/DC TIG – tungsten diameter and material thickness

Pro-Set (TIG and stick manual modes)
Pro-set eliminates the guesswork when setting weld parameters. Simply adjust control until Pro-Set appears on the display and the number turns blue.
• AC Balance (AC TIG)—controls the cleaning action (Pro-Set 75%)
• AC Frequency (AC TIG)—controls the width of the arc cone (Pro-Set 120 Hz) • Pulse (DC TIG)—helps focus the arc for increased stability, penetration and travel speed (Pro-Set 100 Hz)
• DIG (Stick)—lets you tailor arc characteristics for a wide range of applications (Pro-Set 30% 7018 electrodes)

Robust, angled wire drive with Quick Select drive roll for easily changing one wire type/diameter to another. Quick Select drive roll offers three grooves; two for different size solid wires and a third for flux-cored wire.

Two shielding gas connections so both gases can be left connected to the machine; no switching needed. One connection for MIG gas and one for TIG gas.

Easy-to-understand interface with 3.5-inch color LCD display and intuitive connection setup images.

Weighing only 56 pounds, the Multimatic 220 AC/DC can go where the work is, plus the added convenience of one machine versus two or more.

Operates on 120-volt or 240-volt power letting you work virtually anywhere. Multi-voltage plug (MVP) easily connects to common 120-volt or 240-volt power outlets (no tools required to change). Choose the plug that fits the receptacle and connect it to the power cord.

14-pin controlled operator alternatives
The standard 14-pin connector on your Multimatic 220 AC/DC lets you choose your control for a customized experience, whether it’s a foot control, fingertip control, or wireless foot control.

Wide range of TIG adjustability.
• AC Balance – adjustable from 60–80%
• AC Frequency – adjustable from 60–150 Hz
• DC Pulse – adjustable from Off–150 pulses per second (PPS)
• TIG Post-Flow – adjustable from Auto–25 seconds (accessible through service menu screen 12)
• Lift-Arc and high-frequency starts
• Tungsten size selection

Comes complete with:
• Power source (907757)
• 6.5 ft. (2 m) power cord with MVP plugs for 120 V and 240 V
• 10 ft. (3 m) MDX 100 MIG gun and cable assembly (Accepts Miller MDX Consumables)
• 13 ft. (4 m) cable electrode holder and 25 mm Dinse-style connector
• 12.5 ft. (3.8 m) Weldcraft A-150 (WP-17) TIG torch with 25 mm Dinse-style connector
• RFCS-14 HD foot control with 20 ft. (6 m) cord
• 10 ft. (3 m) work cable with clamp and 25 mm Dinse-style connector
• Two flow gauge regulators and gas hoses for argon and AR/CO2 mix
• Hobart spool of .030 in. (0.8 mm) solid wire
• Two contact tips for .030 in. (0.8 mm) wire
• Quick Select™ drive roll for .024 in. (0.6 mm) or .030/.035 in. (0.8/0.9 mm) solid wire, and .030/.035 in. (0.8/0.9 mm) flux-cored wire
• AK2C TIG torch accessory kit
• Material thickness gauge (229895)
• Hook-and-loop cord wraps
More Information
Brand Miller
SKU IMIL20180091
MPN MIL907757
Mfgs MPN 907757
UPC 715959669276
Prop65 Yes
Process Flux Cored (FCAW), MIG, Stick, TIG
Phase Single Phase
Manufacturer's Warranty 3 Years
Polarity AC/DC
Skill Level Beginner, Weekend Warrior, Career Welder
Discontinued Product No
My First Welder for Home Use 5 This welder works great for home use. MIG and TIG functions are very easy to setup and use. This will be handy for my motorcycle restoration projects.
Great customer service. Got exactly 5 Great customer service. Got exactly what I wanted.
Miller 220 5 First machine I welded with mig, and it worked great. I have to practice now. Can hardly wait to use the Tig for my first time also.
Great service 5 Purchased the Miller 220 multi process welder. This by far is the best Tig welder that I have ever ran. Amazing cleaning. They forgot to ship out my free helmet with the order and I called them just to let them know and they corrected the problem and sent it out the same day
Fast shipping at a great price 5 Welder showed up on time and works great. Very happy with the process.
Does it all 5 Bought this for my son to practice on the different processes of different thin wall metals in preparation for a weld test on a job he has applied for. He has had training on these processes and says the machine works very well. I am old stick guy. It does this well. I have to take my sons word on all the other that this machine does. Very nice machine. Excellent customer service from IOC in helping make the purchase and quick shipping. Thanks
Great product 5 Great product
Millermatic 220 A/C-D/C 4 Got machine in a timely manner, works great for what we are doing!
Good machine! 5 Not a bad machine for basic around the house needs. Not quite heavy enough for the big farm jobs but it works well! Very smooth machine!
TIG mode is great. User 5 TIG mode is great. User interface is simple. Unit integrates with the cart and 2-80CF cylinders beautifully.
Great 5 Great
It’s awesome. 5 It’s awesome.
Excellent welder 5 Wish miller wouldve made the 255 unit ac capable.. that wouldve been the perfect machine for me. Other than that love it!
This welder is excellent in 5 This welder is excellent in all respects!
Awesome service and product 5 Awesome service and product
IOC great service and promptly shipped 5 I bought this machine to play around with aluminum welding, works great. Welded 14ga through 1/8" easily. I weld stainless for a profession and this works great as well, all just small garage work. Haven't used the mig yet but this summer I'll be doing a trailer mod so will get to play with that then and haven't stick welded either. So far very pleased with the purchase.
Great all around machine 5 Shipping was fast and the machine arrived safely. It is a great multi-process machine. I like the Auto-Set so I don't have to figure out or remember all the settings when switching materials or processes. I have found it to be very accurate. I have it set up for MIG and TIG. The AC/DC TIG is great-one machine for steel and aluminum. Its nice to be able to have 2 gas bottles connected at once, one for each process. It weighs 56 pounds but it feels lighter than that. The grab handles make it easy to pickup if needed. Looking forward to years of service as this machine can do everything I would ever need.
Love it 5 Love it
welder 5 shipping was fast. arrived undamaged. easy setup.
Welding Supplies from IOC are the best. 5 It is a completely secure online store and its team and employees are the best I am from Moca Puerto Rico and all communications were through emails I recommend 100%. the machine is a beast welds extremely well the best welding machines are the Miller.
Excellent Welder 5 Does everything I have thrown at it without flinching, super easy to set up the controls are very intuitive. TIG and MIG functions work great, being able to have both set up and ready to go at the same time is super handy for tacking with the MIG and finishing with the TIG. Running a farm/ranch shop it serves both my hobbies and equipment repair. I am not a professional welder by any means, but this isn't' just a hobby machine.
Broken regulator, very hot settings 2 The cfh regulator started leaking almost immediately and bled out most of my bottle while i wasn't paying attention, the other one included is working fine for now. The 220's mig settings are insanely hot compared to any of the other machines I've run, I was hoping this would be an upgrade from my big esab and the all in one sounded great but now i'm worried i made a mistake purchasing this unit.
Miller 220 5 3 welders in one, made in the USA. Doesn't get any better than that.
The miller 220 5 Simply one of the best 240 volt welders I’ve ever used I have 39 years of welding experience trus me on this one it’s awesome period. And a special shout out to Nathan in customers services/ sales thank you brother you’re an asset to the team .
Excellent machine 5 This machine is so easy to use. I'm not an expert on TIG welding at all. After a few weeks of practice, my welds look pretty good. All thanks to those presets. I've used the MIG process a little and it's even smoother than my old Miller 175. Everything was packed well, no damage. There's everything you need in the box to get started. I bought this machine as an investment into my future. It's a big purchase for a rookie but I think it'll last a lifetime. My only gripe is that I think it's made with Chinese parts. It's assembled here, not made here. Never the less it's a fine machine. Oh and significantly lighter than my 175. The reason I bought it with IOC was because they offered the best freebie deal. $100 bucks off a hood plus free shipping, was hard to beat in the internet world.
I haven't fire it up 4 I haven't fire it up yet but I had a lot of welding equipment in my working career hopefully miller hold true to it name.
Couldn’t be happier!!!! 5 Couldn’t be happier!!!!
Steve's Miller Multimatic 5 Great welder ! Super smooth , plenty of power to do what I need it to do . Perfect for any small shop or garage . Also saves time and space not having to drag two welders out ! Don't want to talk about the shipping , that didn't go so well .
Great machine 5 Products like this is why I have used Miller Welders for 20+ Years!!!
Stick works fine the mig 5 Stick works fine the mig is great and haven't had time to try tig
He has not used it 5 He has not used it yet…he lost his other welder (miller) to Hurricane Ian, along with 95% of his tools. We are replacing and rebuilding. I am sure this new Miller will find a good home here……

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