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Optrel Panoramaxx Welding Helmet (1010.000)

4.63 / 5 stars with 32 reviews
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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
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Optrel's e684 and Vegaview helmets made a baby - the new Panoramaxx. Optrel's Panoramaxx helmet (1010.000) offers six times the field of view compared to a standard ADF. This helmet has an ergonomic nose piece that allows the helmet to sit closer to the face, thus offering a much wider field of view. The Panoramaxx brings together the 2.5 light state of the Vegaview with the Autopilot system found in the e684 helmets.

Adaptive Shade Autopilot
The adaptive shade level control automatically adjusts to the perfect shade level. Let me say that again so it sinks in. The Optrel Panoramaxx has an autopilot feature that automatically detects the amperage settings you're using and automatically adjusts the shade of the lens so you don't have to stop and manually make the adjustments. Going from grinding to MIG to TIG is no problem and no manual adjustments are needed. The Optrel Panoramaxx has an additional sensor that measures arc intensity and will automatically adjust the shade as the arc changes. This is a groundbreaking, unique feature that you will absolutely love.

High Definition Viewing
Similar to your new high definition television, the Panoramaxx's special HD lens provides the truest color on the market. Its Class 1 angular dependency allows welders to see the clearest, crispest view possible, enabling you to better concentrate and make your weld with more precision.

Twilight Technology
Unlike other adaptive lenses that rapidly return to light, the Panoramaxx uses a twilight feature that restores light more naturally after you're done with your weld, presenting a smooth transition to your eyes. This unique, Optrel-exclusive feature will reduce your eye fatigue and help you work longer and safer.

The rechargeable lithium-polymer battery pack lasts hundreds of hours and the lens is recharged utilizing a micro-USB cable.

The upper side adjustment knob moves the helmet shell up and down, allowing a higher or lower perspective while welding.

In Stock and Ready to Ship!.

• Autopilot ADF Technology
• True Color View
• 600% Larger Field of View
• External Grind Button
• 5 Arc Sensors

Quick Specs
• Weight - 19.4 oz
• Shade range - 7-12 Auto Pilot
• 2.5 Shade light state
• 2 Year warranty

• Panoramaxx Helmet
• Optrel Black Mesh Storage Bag
• (1) Spare Front Cover Lens
• Micro-USB Charging Cable
• User Manual
More Information
Brand Optrel
SKU IOPT20170001
MPN OPT1010.000
Mfgs MPN 1010.000
UPC 640127616437
Prop65 Yes
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 Years
Skill Level Beginner, Weekend Warrior, Career Welder
Recommended Process Cutting/Grinding, MIG, Stick, TIG
Coverage Head
Discontinued Product No
Worth the wait! 5 I just laid down my first beads with this hood on... "automatically better welding" isn't just a clever slogan! I have been using a Miller Digital Infinity, and the Panoramaxx blows it outta the water. It is light, comfy, and the view is spectacular. I've tried the Vega view and 684, and the optics on this one really do combine the best of both worlds, with a larger scope of vision to boot. And, yes, it does wear comfortably with a respirator and still sits close to the eyes. Cover lenses have built-in gaskets to keep the inside lens clean (had to make my own gasket to keep my Miller from dusting up when stick welding). I haven't used it long enough to speak about durability, but Optrel doesn't screw around with quality, and the three-year warranty (if registered online) is no joke. Plus, as far as I know, they are the only company whose warranty covers overhead welding, so it's a no-brainer for field/structural welders. In a nutshell, see all the pretty colors of your arc, puddle, and base metal clearly defined, and you get better control and fusion. This hood's optics provide that, as well as top-notch comfort and protection.
Panorama! 5 Just received my new helmet the other day and had an opportunity to put it work. It is very comfortable and light weight. Obviously the viewing angle is way better than anything I've ever owned with its new design and it is AWESOME! Also really like the color spectrum when it darkens, A+. I just hope they come out with cheater lenses soon so I can ditch the reading glasses.
Optrel 5 Light, comfy, good looking, great view
Fits nicely 5 I was worried about my glasses fitting but no problems. Plenty of adjustment. My new miller 215 quit working the day I got it so sorry to say I have not used it yet. It worked for the eclipse.
The panoramaxx is awesome. 5 Couldnt be more happy with my purchase. I can see all my welds so vividly and I don't have to adjust my shade when set to auto. . Helmet is also pretty fashionable lol. . Great helmet. Only thing I don't like is I had some sweat of mine fall in my protective inner lense and eventually got on to the shade lense. I had to wipe it a bit smudgung my shade lense a bit. I wish there was a way to prevent such a thing . Also arc flux/dust still manages to get underneath my face protective lense and on to solar panel and shaded lense.. had to dust that off too ,nothing major but again I just wished there was a way to keep my shade lense perfectly safe..
Optrel Panoramaxx 3 These are the pros: - Excellent field of view and color definition when welding - Lightweight - Comfortable head gear These are the cons: - If you wear glasses likr I do, the design of the viewing window is very close to your face. This would also interfere with wearing a respirator when welding. - Does not allow for the use of magnification/cheater lens like other Optrel helmets I ended up returning it for another Optrel helmet that allows for the use of a respirator and magnification lens.
Outstanding!!! 5 In one of those "old dog" welders of 30+ years. Maybe you can't teach me any new tricks, but Optrel sure learned some with this helmet. All I can say is WOW! These people have got thier amperage set right. Ive been using mine regularly for about a month and I'm still impressed. It's light, fits well, and the view is amazing. The color spectrum is a little different than what you're used to. It seems more true colored insted of a gold or green tint. I wear glasses and have no issues with fit. My only complaint was that there weren't any cheater lenses available...but they fixed that. In fact I just ordered one. A liitle expensive, yes, but well worth in in my opinion.
Looks like it will be 4 Looks like it will be a good helmet
Amazing vision through the lense. 5 Amazing vision through the lense. Optrel knows what they are doing.
changed my life 5 This helmet changed my life. It is everything that it is cracked up to be. All of my welding teachers are jealouse of me. You don't even need to flip it up and down and it doesn't fog up.
Amazing Helmet, Don’t think about it. Order it! 5 This helmet is phenomenal. It’s not gimmick, the lense position will have you wondering how you managed without it. The 2.5 shade and weight keeps you from flipping the helmet up and down. This is my main helmet using it mostly for mig but occasionally some tig aluminum. About 7 hours of welding a day for the past 3 weeks have done nothing to the helmet(about 2 hours a day of vertical and horizontal overhead). The twilight mode really does make a difference to your eyes. I can’t recommend this helmet enough. If you’re a career welder don’t cheap out on your equipment. This has got to be on the top of your list.
Welding Helmet 5 Great product. Great buy!
Very nice. 5 I've been welding for 18 yrs and I have never knew this type of smart helmet even existed. This is a true blessing for all welders , this is a above and over the top. Phenomenal job optrel. Wow!!
Good helmet. 4 Works great. Wish auto darkening lense was faster though. Also wish optrel offered it in papr
Optrel 5 Best helmet iv ever owned light weight amazing field of view
Panarammax 3 Hood is light weight but I don't believe it lives up to hype optrel says about it. It's hard to get use to the nose piece and it has a glare. The clarity is ok and grind mode works well. All around it's an ok hood but for almost $400 it isn't great.
Optrel panoramaxx 5 Great welding hood. Only thing I don't like about it is the nose protection. It's a little uncomfortable. Welding with this hood you can see the weld puddle very well.
Optrel Panoramaxx 5 Great Helmet I love everything about it. I've been welding 20 yrs this is the best helmet I've owned to date
Great mask 5 It’s so clear it’s scary . You will think it’s not going to darken once the arc strikes
Best and lightest hood 5 I absolutely love this hood. My previous hood was a Lincoln 3350. Anyone that has worn one knows it weighs a ton and the headgear pulls your hair. The optrel seams to almost weigh half even though it doesn't. I can't believe how well the autopilot and twilight features work. If you work somewhere that requires safety glasses even while you're welding they will rub on the inner lens. If you well something really reflective such as aluminum or stainless get the neck protector. It will shine up under the hood. I was not able to adjust this out. If you've watched the video on optrel site it is misleading in the fact that a twist of the knobs doesn't move lens closer or further from your face. You'll have losen both sides and manually do it. The same as any other hood.
Simply Amazing 5 This helmet exceeded my expectations. it does exactly as advertised and so much more.
Nice optics head gear needs work 3 Optics great head gear limiter doesn’t always catch. Don’t forget the basics
Best helmet yet 5 Fits my narrow head just right and puts my eyes close to the lense for a much larger range of view, use it as my tig welding only.
Optrel panaramax 5 Ordered the optrel panaramax about 6 weeks ago it arrived in record time with extra lens, complementary back pack in off the shelf condition . Have used it several times since . I own a construction company we have heavy equipment and several trucks , trailers . Iam not a pro welder self taught Over the past 40 years . I also build cars an motorcycles as my hobby. This helmet is amazing . Over the years I’ve had all the different helmets my last was an auto darking from local supply house . The fit ,comfort , Auto mod are exceptional . An last the most important clarity and view space beyond expectation. Don’t hesitate if you’re in the market wielding supply an optrel are the best price an service . Charles Salvaggio. Germantown Tennessee
Great view and light weight 5 Iv gone through about 10 helmets over the yrs and have to say this is the lightest and crispest helmet Iv ever owned. Iv own multiple top of the line millers and this blows them out of the water
Great helmet 5 Love the grind mode. Blue flashing light reminds you you’re still in grind mode but it’s not annoying. Auto darkening is the best!!!
Welding helmet 5 Outstanding unit, great fit, function
Gift for my son. He 5 Gift for my son. He loved it and so did his boss, he saw it and ordered one for himself
Wish I knew what the 3 Wish I knew what the flashing blue led light is for and how to turn it off.
Inside lens 4 Have been using this hood over a year in the field. The hood itself has withstood a construction environment. The electric functions work well. The head gear never seams to adjust just right. The biggest issue i have is the hood sits so close to your face that if you wear cheaters they scratch the inner lens. And that of course is in the direct center of your sight. There is a adjustment for that but it doesn't seem to help.
Welding in HD 5 Works great for TIG, MIG, and TIG. Amazingly clear and especially with TIG the difference is massive compared to your average helmet. The tungsten and arc are clearly visible and the surroundings are light enough to clearly follow a scribe line or seam. 10/10 helmet, would defiantly recommend for anyone who welds a lot

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