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Optrel VegaView 2.5 Welding Helmet (1006.600)

4.88 / 5 stars with 67 reviews
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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
The Optrel VegaView 2.5 Welding Helmet offers the brightest auto-darkening lens available. You'll be amazed at how bright the new lens is; 4 times brighter in light state than a traditional auto-darkening lens offering greater situational awareness, especially in dark work spaces. You'll also fall in love with Optrel's true-color view. Imagine seeing real colors before you strike the arc!

Grind mode:
By simply clicking a button the grind mode is activated, automatic mode is disabled, you see your surroundings on light state 2.5.

Shade Level 2,5 / 8-12:
With adjustable shade levels from 8 to 12 the Vegaview2.5 can be used in various welding methods.

Outside Adjustment:
The most important functions can easily be adjusted outside at the helmet.

Sensitivity Adjustment:
With the sensitivity adjustment the automatic sensor of the display can be tuned to the optimum position for your personal environment.

Comfort Head Band:
Allows ideal weight distribution and reduces loads on head and neck to a minimum.

Patented Excenter:
Allows a position of the opened helmet in perfect distance to the chin of the welder.

Overhead Welding:
Due the the optimized form of helmet and protection glas splatters keep not laying on display but are guided around.

Sensor Slide:
The patented sensor slide allows the detection angle to be reduced from 120° to 60° to prevent the ADF from responding to welding nearby.

Opening Delay:
Using this function after welding the opening of the shutter is delayed, protecting the welders eyes.

TrueColor Filter:
A revolution: thanks to the TrueColor filter you see your surroundings in real colors.

• True color filter
• Shade level 2.5 / 8-12
• Three Sensors
More Information
Brand Optrel
SKU IOPT20150032
MPN OPT1006.600
Mfgs MPN 1006.600
UPC 640127615881
Prop65 Yes
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 Years
Skill Level Beginner, Weekend Warrior, Career Welder
Recommended Process Cutting/Grinding, MIG, Stick, TIG
Coverage Head
Discontinued Product No
Great helmet very easy to see out of 4 I'm my opinion this is an awesome helmet for the money. Looking out the glass everything is bright and you can see colors. The click button grind mode is great!
Very good helmet 5 I had another auto darkening hood that I kept getting flashed. Even when it worked correctly, the lens area was too small to see out of very well. This has comfortable headgear, wide range of adjustments on the darkness, sensitivity, and wide lens area. It is everything I was looking for. I would highly recommend this unit.
Excellent Helmet. Extremely clear view. 5 Excellent Helmet. Extremely clear view.
What an improvement! 5 Bought this to replace an auto dim helmet that is at least 15 years old. Bought this one after seeing ChuckE2009’s YouTube review and glad I did. What a difference! Much lighter in weight, a suspension that actually stays in place on my head, a much clearer view and really like the external filter adjustment. I don’t think anything can top this helmet. Received very quickly from weldingsuppliesfromioc.com.
Prowelder 5 Awesome hood. Most comfortable lightest hood I've ever used. The light shade 2.5 is amazing! I can see perfectly when fitting parts or grinding. The clarity and true color when welding are unreal. I also love the external controls for adjusting the shade and grind mode. I would highly recommend this hood to everybody.
Great and quick service 5 I purchased my optrel 2.5 helmet and it arrived on time like they said. I am satisfied with both the product and quality of service. I will be doing more business with them for sure. Thank you weldingsuppliesfromioc
VegaView 2.5 5 My first auto helmet, I love it. My eyes are sore no more, the transition from shaded to natural light was giving me problems. So glad I made the purchase. Thanks for the great customer service after the purchase.
It's a good hood, light weight. 4 I love the crisp clear view this hood gives me when welding. I also like that I can infinitely adjust shades between numbers. So I'm not stuck with a shade 9 or 10. If I need something in between I can use that. Also the Grind mode on this hood is excellent, the button can be hit with my gloves on without having to reach inside my hood to do so. If there is one thing that I have to adjust to with this hood it is the curved clear lens that covers the outside of the hood. While tig welding it messes with my depth perception and leads to me kissing my tungsten into the puddle. Also from what I can tell it only has two sensors, more would be nice but it hasn't been a problem to this point. All in all it is a good hood for the money and I would recommend it.
Optrel vegaview is incredible 5 I have been using the Optrel vegaview 2.5 now for three weeks and it is amazing. Super lightweight, optics are like nothing I've ever seen and I have used speed glass top line millers and what have you and the Optrel optics are one of a kind. The controls on the outside of the hood are really nice also I have been able to keep welding and change my settings very easily. Nice slim fit as well. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a new upgrade
Weldinman owner operator for 36 years 5 Perfect I have been using an older style Fibre Metal flip front so I could grind and weld w/o taking off helmet but with the brighter grind mode on the Optrel vega view and the button to lock in grind mode outside the helmet is great now that Iam 63 and have been weling for close to 40 years I wish I had one of these when I was In my prime. But hey better late then never. Great Helmet and Great Price. Thanks
Awesome 2.5 5 Best Helmet ever hands down
Wonderful Helmet! 5 This is probably the best all-around helmet I’ve ever owned. The 2.5 lens is very easy to see through, and is easily used as general eye protection during non-welding tasks. The Grind Mode is perfect, and is easy to turn on or off while wearing gloves—in fact, all external adjustments are easy to make with gloves. I get less eye fatigue with this helmet than other auto-darkening helmets. It’s also much lighter and easier to wear for extended periods of time. I can’t recommend it highly enough! You won’t be disappointed...
A++++++ 5 Fast shipping. Will buy from again....
Better than anticipated 5 I've had my Optrel hood a couple months now. The specs on it are mind blowing compared to the other hood of mind. I wear glasses but take them off for welding, so I used cheater lenses in my hood. When I got my Optrel hood and started testing it out everything was so crystal clear, colors between the arc, smoke, and surroundings were distinct. I can see evrything through the Optrel hood just as if I had my glasses on which is amazing. Cheater lenses are not like your prescription and warp your vision.
Best helmet, this far. 5 Useful features, Comfortable headband, quality construction. Performs as advertised.
Optrel Vegaview 2.5 5 Helmet is light, comfortable, provides excellent viewing of the weld pool, and responds instantly to weld arc (for both low and high current GTAW). The controls and adjustments are simple and work well. I received the helmet in perfect condition, well of the expected shipping schedule from Welding Supplies IOC.
outstanding welding helmet 5 Light weight, very functional, great helmet for the price
The best helmet on the market 5 This helmet is one of if not the best, you have excellent view of your work piece when the helmet is in its light state, and when its in its dark state you have an excellent view of the puddle. It is a very light helmet, i even forget im wearing it most of the time and the head gear is super comfortable. The outside controls make it quick and easy to go in and out of grind mode and adjust the shade setting. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is looking for a great helmet
great product.. and came on 5 great product.. and came on time,...
Super Clear, Great Adjustments 5 Super Light, Great Clarity, No Need to flip it up, very light (clear) lense when not activated.
Very pleased with the product 5 Very pleased with the product and the service. Thanks
Absolutely amazing. Lightweight. Super sensitive, 5 Absolutely amazing. Lightweight. Super sensitive, great for tig. Retired my Miller digital elite. Best decision I ever made.
Exceptional Hood ! 5 This hood is all it's cracked up to be. After using it the weightlessness of the helmet in contrast to my Miller Difital Elite is vet noticeable with no head ache at the end of the day. Also the color difference while welding will also blow you away!
Smooth and fast transaction. 5 Best prices on the internet
This is the best helmet that I have ever used 5 This is the best helmet that I have ever used. I can see my welds so much more clearly. Feels better on my neck. My neighbor who welds came over to test it out and also loved it.
View INDEED! 5 Just buy it! I had a $80 hood and got this as an upgrade. I had no idea what I was missing out on. I can now see and manipulate the puddle like never before. All the controls are easy to operate with gloves on and the head gear is comfortable. The best $ I have spent in awhile. Actual quality for your hard earned dollar! ????????
Great purchase 5 Fast shipping and great product!
Great 5 Product was what I ordered, good price and it came on time. What more could I ask
Good so far. 5 Clear view, lightweight and decent price. A+
The best and great service 5 The best and great service j
AWSOME! 5 I went from a Jackson true sight (not bad) to a miller digital infinity (good but heavy). Just got my Optrel. Amazing!!! Light weight, the clearest view I've ever experienced! By far the best I've ever used!!! Just buy it.
Excellent helmet, great vendor 5 This is the fourth auto-darkening helmet that I've owned and is by far the best. I bought it based on the chucke2009's youtube review. It is light-weight and comfortable. The weld puddle color when looking through the lens is much easier to see than the green color of my other helmets's lenses. Delivery from weldingsuppliesfromioc.com's was very quick.
A great helmet and great 5 A great helmet and great price
! 5 Amazing view!!
Optrel VegaView 2.5 5 I really Like the helmet I can see way better and the head gear is really comfortable. I also received every thing I ordered in a timely fashion thanks weldingsuppliesfromioc.com
Optrel VegaView 2.5 5 Just an excellent welding helmet in every category. Optics, fit and adjustability, quality, it's all great.
Optrel VegaView 2.5 Welding Helmet 4 I decided to upgrade from a cheap auto-darkening helmet to this one. Best decision! The helmet feels a little flimsy, but the trade off is it's light. I welded with it for hours this weekend, no itchy, blood shot eyes! I would definitely recommend it!
Amazing 5 The optics are out of this world. Best helmet ever.
I can have my cheater lens 5 Amazing optics, I can see all the colors while tig welding, I have tried all the cheap helmets and just burn my eyes. I was not sure if I was going to spend the money, but I was convince by a youtube review. Also I am over 50 and need cheater lenses, you can purchase ones for these ones that are made for these units. Now I can see my puddle and my welds are looking good now, very comfortable looking at my puddle from 12 to 17 inch away. Also the grind mode allows me to grind my Tungsten's with out having to remove my helmet.
Optrel 2.5 5 Lightweight,comfortable with splendid viewing.
Vegaveiw 2.5 4 Awesome welding hood only complaint so far is the lowest shade is 8 so I can't use it for plasma cutting
Vegaview 5 Hands down the best helmet I have ever had.
Amazing welding helmet! And best place to purchase from 5 This hood is top of the line! I've owned 2 speedglas before I got this shield. And it def compares to them and beats them in adjustability and clarity when working in grind mode and light state. And the clarity of this helmet in dark mode is top notch I prefer it over the speedglases because it's more of a yellow orange tint rather than a greenish tint it's easier on my eyes. Honestly the only thing about my speedglas that I prefer is the headgear. But the headgear on the Vega view 2.5 is still high quality no doubt! When I have this hood down and I'm working and breathing heavily the shape of the hood sends my breath right out of the sides and not back into my eyes which is a huge plus for me and I have yet to fog the lens. I am completely satisfied with this helmet! And completely satisfied with the service at IOC
Fast shipping. Easy to deal 5 Fast shipping. Easy to deal with. Smoothest purchase I have made. Love my new optrel vegaview.
Helmet Thoughts 4 This is a good helmet but I was surprised about a couple of things. The headgear is good but at least 30 year old technology. I know Lincoln has a more comfortable headgear. The viewing area was much smaller than I anticipated. The hood was light for wearing long periods of time. The outside of helmet controls I just have to look at because I can't remember the settings so for me not an advantage. I like the helmet but these things are hard to know what's good or bad compared to other helmets.
Too sensitive 4 I enjoy the clarity of the hood, but I run into issues in production MIG welding with the sensors catching other arcs and going dark. I have to lift the hood after every weld to see the next joint.
Love it!!! 5 Amazing view and lighting with this helemet, would never get anything else!
Optrel 2.5 Vegaview 5 I love all the features and the clarity of the lense. It's super lightweight and my head/neck doesn't ache after a 10 hour day. It's a great helmet!!
Optrel VegaView 2.5 5 The features and the clarity of the lense in this helmet are excellent. This helmet is super lightweight and after a day of welding my neck doesn't hurt.
First autodarkening hood that I've 5 First autodarkening hood that I've owned. I have used some, didn't especially care for them. This one is lighter and I like the range of adjustment you have on the shade. Trying to register the hood is a pain. Got tired of the math test at end of registering, infact hood still not registered
Helmet Rocks! 5 Replaced a Miller. Maybe a bit unfair as this cost about twice what I paid for the Miller. However, if you have an entry level helmet and want a step up, this seems great. Much bigger field of view, much nicer color rendition, more comfortable. Very glad I bought it. Good value.
A+ 5 A+
Optrel vega view 4 Overall Its a good hood it's everything it says it is. Light weight, comfortable, very clear (if welding directly in front of you) and for a good price. My only complaint would be if you're line of sight happens to be around the perimeter of the viewing window it becomes distorted. "Fish eyes" if you will. Almost enough to make me reconsider my purchase
Exellent 5 Exellent
Oops 5 I used this helmet once now I can tune in 14 different tv stations and most emergency services radios. Late at night when I close my eyes I see visions of elves sitting on his pearly white throne ruling over heaven like a king should. I know know elves was the second appearance of Jesus and he’s the true king of kings! All this only happened after I started using this welding helmet. I swear to god it did
Vegaview 2.5 optrel 5 Awesome Welding hood! Lost 70% of my vision in my right eye and was told by my Dr's I wouldn't be able to weld but I am. This welding hood makes a big difference. Looking forward to buying the e684. Everything I needed as far as accessories for the hood I was able to get at welding supplies IOC.
Best hood I’ve used 5 So far this hood is amazing. Being able to fine tune the lense brightness really improved my welds. And the grind mode is really clear and bright. Only down fall is the buttons are on the side of the hood so if you do confined space welding you will adjust the setting and the grind mode button sticks if pushed too hard and you will half to take your hood off to mess with it till fix it but other then that it’s an awesome hood.
Optrel for the win! 5 This helmet is Incredible! I do mostly tig welding and have been going between a Lincoln 3350 and a Miller digital elite for a while. The clarity on this blows both of them out of the water and the weight, or lack of weight, makes this a lid I can wear for a long time and not get tired. I love that I can adjust how close the mask is to my face when down and having the grind mode so easily accessible with the outside button has been awesome when I'm doing a lot of modifications in between welds. Having the included cinch sack to store it in has been nice too. All in all, I'm as happy as can be with this purchase and welding supplies had the lowest price, which is always a plus. I highly recommend this helmet, but again I do almost all tig work, so I can't compare this for mig or stick.
Welding Hood 5 Awesome in every way. Would recommend to all.
Optrel Vegaview 2.5 helmet is most enjoyable! 5 This Optrel Vegaview 2.5 helmet is a great improvement over my older auto darkening helmet. Really true color and I can see everything I need to. I really shopped and read reviews, especially ChuckE2009 youtube on this helmet. I had looked at Lincoln and Miller. They had bigger views and were great helmets. But I chose this helmet and immediately after the first use, the clarity of the Optrel just seems better. The outside buttons and adjustments also sold me. As did the grind feature. (One thing! the Vegaview needs a bolder LED or red LED for the grind feature. I've gotten flashed twice by not seeing the tiny yellow light. After a while Grinder sparks hide the LED.) I had $300 to spend. WSIOC was quick free delivery, and with a cheater lens I was still $10 under budget. My Vegaview does make welding even more enjoyable.
Love this mask 5 Love this mask
Yup 5 Yup
Nice lightweight, clear helmet. 4 I use this helmet daily for MIG and ARC for about 6hrs a day. Its comfortable and you can wear it all day because its so light. Ive been flashed twice but that was my fault messing with controls. Once its set, its been great.
Optrel stands out! 5 Honestly I expected this hood to be a little heavier than my Lincoln hood. As it turns out it’s absolutely the lightest hood I’ve ever held, barely any fatigue at the end of the day compared to most hoods. I’m fascinated just looking through the lens to see my welds in true blue colors. Highly recommended hood.
100% satisfaction 5 Great product arrived on time, also my bluedemon true wiew pano which it was defective try to send it back to IOCand they told flat out Srry, we dont take used items. Question? How do you find out if an auto darkening helmet is not defective with out using it?
Fantastic helmet, lightweight, and the 5 Fantastic helmet, lightweight, and the optics are "night and day" better than my old helmet. I mounted an LED 1200 lumen light on this helmet, and the view of my workpieces is amazing. Great service, as usual, from IOC. Heartily recommend both IOC and this vegaview helmet.

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