Lincoln Aspect 230 AC/DC TIG Welder Air Cooled One-Pak (K4341-1)
Lincoln Aspect 230 AC/DC TIG Welder (K4340-1)

Lincoln Aspect 230 AC/DC TIG Welder Air Cooled One-Pak (K4341-1)

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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
The Lincoln Aspect 230 offers a lightweight portable tig welder and includes high frequency for high-quality TIG welding on aluminum. The aspect can weld up to 1/4" and offers a 35% duty cycle at 230 amps. This unit can be easily customized to your application and saved in the available memory settings. This welder offers advanced aluminum controls, AC auto balance technology, pulse, frequency, and additional waveforms. The Air-Cooled One-Pak includes all of your necessary items for air-cooled TIG welding.

The Aspect 230 offers four different AC wave forms. Soft Square allows for increased puddle control, Sine offers a soft sounding arc, Square offers faster travel speeds, and Triangular offers reduced heat input on thinner materials.

Key Features
Intellistart Technology - Automatically provides softer starts and minimal distortion on thinner materials and hotter starts required for thicker materials.
PowerConnect Technology - Automatically adjusts to input power from 120-460V, 50 or 60 Hz, single or three phase.
AC Auto Balance Technology - Automatically provides optimal mix of cleaning and penetration when welding aluminum.
Memory Capability - The memory function allows saving up to 9 specific welding procedures.
Fan-As-Needed - The cooling fan operates only when needed to assure proper cooling of the machine.
Green Mode - Ability to put machine in standby mode after 10 minutes of inactivity to reduce power consumption.
Cooler Power Supply - Built-in 115V power supply comes standard.

Advanced Features
• AC Frequency: 40-400 Hz
• AC Balance: 35-99% (EN%)
• AC Pulse: 0.1-25%
• DC Pulse: 0.1-2,000 PPS

Quick Specs
• Input Power: 120-460V | 1-Phase | 50/60 Hz
• Duty Cycle: 120V - 60% @ 125A | 230V - 60% @ 190A
• Amperage Draw: 120V - 21A | 208V - 11A | 250V - 10A | 460V - 5A
• Output Range: 120V - 2-150A | 208-460V - 2-230A
• Dimensions: 16.5" H x 9.7" W x 19.9" D
• Weight: 50.5 lbs

• Aspect 230 AC/DC Power Source
• Foot Pedal (K870)
• 25 Ft Air-Cooled 26 Series TIG Flex Head Torch with Consumables
• Regulator with Flow Gauge and Hose Kit
• Ground Clamp Set with 15 Ft Cable
• Torch Twist Mate Connector

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