Lincoln Power Mig 360 Multiprocess Welder with Pulse (208-575V) (K4467-1)

Lincoln Power Mig 360MP Multiprocess Welder with Pulse (208-575V) (K4467-1)

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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
The Lincoln Power MIG 360MP welder is your new one-stop-shop multiprocess welder with pulsed MIG and TIG functionality. The 7-inch color display makes common parameter setup a breeze, yet the welder features several advanced functions to fine tune your weld.

Pulsed MIG Mode varies weld current between peak (high heat) and background (low heat) current to provide better control of heat input, which minimizes warping and burnthrough on this materials. Pulsed MIG also enables flat, horizontal, vertical up, or overhead welding without a slag system. Optimized GMAW-P waveforms are readily available to use on aluminum, carbon steel, high strength low alloy steel, stainless steel, and nickel alloys.

TIG Pulse is used to help minimize burn through on this materials and helps to increase travel speed and result in smaller bead width. TIG Pulse can be turned on or off in the advanced options menu. The TIG Pulse feature has a single knob control which sets the pulse frequency over the range of 0.5-19.5 Hz, or 17.6-303 Hz. The pulse setting automatically regulates the output current between the peak amperage set by the amptrol (if used) and the background amperage, which is equal to 60% of the peak. The peak pulse % on-time is fixed at 50%.

Pulse-on-Pulse uses a sequence of varying pulse wave shapes to produce a TIG like bead appearance and excellent weld properties when MIG welding aluminum. Pulse-on-pulse controls arc length and heat input together, making it easier to achieve good penetration.

Power Mode uses high-speed regulation of output power to deliver extremely fast response to changes in the arc, for example, when using a whip technique. The result is improved MIG welding performance, including low spatter, more uniform, consistent bead wetting and controlled penetration. Power Mode benefits are especially apparent on low voltage applications on thin steel and stainless steel.

• Ergonomic Front Handle
• Coil Claw for an Organized Work Station
• Side-Mounted Tool Holder
• 7-Inch User Interface
• (2) 115V Front Power Outlets
• Angled Gun Connection for Improved Feedability

Advanced Features
• Pulse-on-Pulse Gives Dime Stacked Appearance for MIG Process
• Run-In for Smooth Arc Starts
• Preflow/Postflow Control
• Arc Control Adjusts Shape of Arc
• Spot Timer for Tack and Spot Welds
• Choose Between 2 and 4 Step Trigger
• Start Procedure Allows Ramp-Up Over Specified Time
• Burn Back Control
• Hot Start for Initial Arc Start Increase
• Arc Force Controls Penetration

Quick Specs
• Processes: MIG TIG | Stick | Flux-Cored | Pulse MIG | Pulse TIG
• Output Range: 5-360A
• Input Voltage: 208-575V | 1-Phase | 60 HZ
• Amperage Draw: 55A @ 208V | 50A @ 230V | 25V @ 460V
• Duty Cycle: 60% @ 320A
• Wire Feed Speed: 50-700 ipm
• Dimensions: 37.3"H x 18"W x 40.4"L
• Weight: 265lbs

• 15 Ft Magnum PRO Curve 300 MIG Gun
• .035/.045 Drive Rolls for Steel
• Gas Regulator and Hose
• Work Clamp and Cable
• 230V Input Cord and Plug
• !15V AC Auxiliary Power Receptacle
• Storage Compartment

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