Miller Deltaweld 350 MIGRunner w/Intellx Feeder (951792001)
Miller Deltaweld 350 MIGRunner w/Intellx Feeder (951792001)
Miller Deltaweld 350 MIGRunner w/Intellx Feeder (951792001)
Miller Deltaweld 350 MIGRunner w/Intellx Feeder (951792001)
Miller Deltaweld 350 MIGRunner w/Intellx Feeder (951792001)

Miller Deltaweld 350 MIGRunner w/Intellx Feeder (951792001)

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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
The Miller Deltaweld 350 MIGRunner comes with the Intellx wire feeder and all accessories. The Deltaweld 350 welders feature ArcConnect and Accu-Pulse technology. Accu-pulse process allows for precise control of the pulse arc. This technology also provides optimum molten puddle control and has power to increase wire feed speeds and deposition 20 to 25 percent in many applications. The Deltaweld comes with several of Miller's standard features such as Wind Tunnel Technology and Fan-On-Demand, yet features their newest generation of technology called ArcConnect. ArcConnect utilizes high speed signals to improve weld performance and allow point-of-use controls to be located at the feeder.

This particular Deltaweld 350 power source does NOT include digital meters or a 14-pin receptacle since the Intellx feeders utilize an ArcConnect cable.

The Intellx feeders come with digital meters, remote voltage, arc control, and jog/purge controls. The drive system comes with a balanced-pressure drive roll design that feeds wire in its truest and straightest form for consistent performance. The accu-mate connection aligns gun perfectly in the drive-roll carrier, preventing the gun from being pulled loose and providing consistent wire feeding. The Intellx Pro feeder allows more capabilities like stainless, flux-cored, metal-cored, different wire types, and different gas types.

This package includes the basic Intellx feeder, not the Intellx Pro model (951777001).

Deltaweld Features
• Accu-Pulse Technology
• EZ-Set Parameters
• ArcConnect Technology
• Fan-On-Demand
• Wind Tunnel Technology

Deltaweld Quick Specs
• Output Range: 20-400A | 10-38V
• Duty Cycle: 60% @ 350A | 100% @ 300A
• Input Power: 230/460 | 3-Phase Only
• Weight: 115 lbs
• Dimensions: 22.36"H x 12.38"W x 27.88"L

Intellx Features
• Digital Display
• Arc Control for fine tuning
• Jog and Purge Button
• Balanced-pressure drive roll design and tensioners
• Rotatable drive assembly

Intellx Quick Specs
• Duty Cycle: 60% @ 600A
• Wire Feed Speed: 50-780 IPM
• Wire Diameter: .023-5/64
• Max Spool Size: 18 inches | 60 lbs
• Weight: 44.8 lbs
• Dimensions: 16.25"H x 12.38"W x 27.88"L

• Deltaweld 350 Power Source
• Intellx Feeder w/15 foot Bernard Gun
• Running Gear w/Dual Cylinder Rack
• Flowmeter Regulator w/Gas Hose
• 4/0 Weld Cable with Lugs
• Work Cable with 600 A C-clamp
• 9 Foot ArcConnect Cable
• .035/.045 V-Groove Drive Rolls
• Spare Bernard Centerfire Contact Tips

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