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New Esab Deals: What To Know

New Esab Deals: What To Know

2019 is more than just another calendar for ESAB. They’ve entirely switched up their Burn and Earn Promotion including a brand new machine that’s set to release soon. Within the last few years, ESAB has become even more of a major player in the welding world with some of the most powerful and reliable machines on the market. Here’s a rundown of the new Burn and Earn promotion.

NEW Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC

The 205ic is a brand new machine ultimately designed to compete with the growing list of complete AC/DC multi-process machines (no, its not a special edition welder with Angus Young's picture on the side). The one major Achilles’ heel of multi-process machines has always been their inability to compete with a dedicated TIG machine capable of AC TIG welding. But within the last couple of months, that’s all changed.

The Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC is the first ESAB multi-processing machine capable of TIG welding aluminum. To highlight it’s coming release, you can get a $200 rebate with code EW9-RWD or a free Sentinel A50 Helmet using code EW9-RHM with purchase of a new Rebel EMP 205ic.

The 205ic is scheduled to release soon and is not yet in stock.

Rebel EM 215ic

When the Rebel EM 215ic first came out, it’s sMIG technology made quite a big splash in the welding world. Check out our complete review of the Rebel EM 215ic here and get a $50 rebate during Burn and Earn with code EW9-RWD.

Rebel EM 235ic (MIG only)

While the Rebel 215ic is a solid machine, some projects require more power to get the job done. The Rebel 235ic has that extra oomph you need with all the same features welders love about the 215. On a 230V plug, the EM 235ic can output as much as 250A. That much power could be difficult to control, but the 235ic has you covered with their impressive sMIG tech. This innovative feature helps steady your arc to produce a smooth and superior weld.

Rebel EMP 235ic Multi-Process

The 235ic EMP is very similar to the 235ic EM (no “P”) except that it has the added benefit of being a multi-process machine capable of MIG, TIG and stick. As far as performance and pricing, the 235ic can compete with any powerful multi-process machine. However, it should be noted that it doesn’t have the ability to AC TIG weld. Since AC TIG welding multi-process machines have just come out recently, you’ll have to look at the brand new Rebel 205ic for a multi-process machine that can AC TIG weld.

For a limited time, Burn and Earn offers 3 different rewards for the Rebel EMP 235ic: Use code EW9-RWD to get a $100 rebate OR code EW9-TIG to get a free TIG torch OR code EW9-FCL to get a free foot control.

Rebel EMP 285ic

If the 235ic is a step up from the 215ic, the Rebel EMP 285ic is three steps up. This workhorse is ESAB's most powerful single-phase machine to date. It features all the same user-friendly functionality of the 215ic including ESAB’s sMIG technology. But where the 235ic ends, the 285ic begins with the ability to output up to 300 amps and run the full range of .035 in and .045 wire.

Another aspect you’ll instantly notice with the 285ic is that it’s built to last. Make no mistake, this is an industrial-level machine meant for welding the toughest jobs.

With the new Burn and Earn promotion, you can get a $100 rebate on the Rebel EMP 285ic with code EW9-RWD.

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