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For over 30 years, Strong Hand Tools has been in business producing strong and durable clamping tools that help you finish your projects efficiently and hassle-free. Strong Hand tools are versatile in their use and are applicable to many different welding and repair projects, from light  to heavy duty. From Heavy Duty Utility Clamps to adjustable Magnet Squares to Pipe Pliers, turn to Welding Supplies from IOC’s expansive offering of Strong Hand products to get the tools you need to finish your projects quickly and with ease.

One of Strong Hand’s most popular and dependable tool that Welding Supplies from IOC carries is the 6 in. Heavy Duty Adjust-O Magnet Square (MSA48-HD). Strong Hand Tool’s 6 in. Heavy Duty Adjust-O Magnet Square makes it both fast and easy to hold metal work pieces at 45° & 90°. Using the red switch, the magnet can be turned OFF when setting up your work pieces and turned “ON” when you're ready to work. The Adjust-O Magnet Squares are ideal for both round and square tubing, angle, and flat stock. Plus, cleaning is easy; simply turn the switch to “OFF” and wipe off the magnet square.

Additionally, Welding Supplies from IOC offers the light, regular and heavy duty clamps from Strong Hands. Strong Hand Tools’ clamps come in different sizes to meet your project needs. The Strong Hand Tool Clamps set up 10 times faster than a C-Clamp and will safely and strongly hold your work pieces together, with up to 4,800 lbs. of clamping pressure.

Need Pipe Pliers? Check out the Strong Hand Tools Pipe Plier (PG114V). The Strong Hand Tools 11 in. Pipe Pliers are engineered to hold round or square tubes for butt-welding. The V-pads on the pipe pliers adapt to many different shapes and sizes.

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