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Welding Supplies from IOC offers a full line of Torches from leading brands like: Arcair, Razorweld, Miller, Weldtec, and Thermal Dynamics. Additional torch accessories are also available from Weldtec and Thermal Dynamics. Welding Supplies from IOC has only the very best brands and models of Torches for your convenience and benefit.  

One of Welding Supplies from IOC’s best-selling TIG Torches is the Weldtec 250 Amp Water Cooled TIG Torch 25' N (WT-20-25R). This model offers a longer-lasting life, which calls for less required service. It has new, effective around-the-head cooling and its new state of the art model allows for easy hose replacement. Finally, the WeldTec 250 Amp Water Cooled Torch has a new, sleek design that will give you complete control for maximum comfort.

Another quality Torch available with Welding Supplies from IOC is the Thermal Dynamics SL100, 20 Ft Plasma Torch With Lead, for Cutmaster 82 (7-5206). The 1Torch™ RPT torch is the first plasma cutting torch that performs with virtually all plasma cutting power supplies. The 1Torch works with high frequency start systems, CD start systems, touch start systems and moving parts (blow back) start systems. Install the 1Torch on your current plasma power supply and you immediately benefit from the latest in high performance torch technology available today. Look for the Thermal Dynamics mark on your plasma consumable parts for genuine Thermal Dynamics consumables.

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