Miller Filtair MWX-S Fume Extractor w/7-ft Extraction Arm (951510)
Miller Filtair SWX-S Fume Extractor w/Telescoping Extraction Arm (951620)
Miller Filtair SWX-S Fume Extractor w/Telescoping Extraction Arm (951620)
Miller Filtair SWX-S Fume Extractor w/Telescoping Extraction Arm (951620)

Miller Filtair SWX-S Fume Extractor w/Telescoping Extraction Arm (951620)

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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
The Filtair SWX-S wall-mounted fume extractor comes with a powerful high-volume system and a MERV 15 high-efficiency filter which is ideal for fabrication shops, manufacturing, repair work and training centers. The SWX-S models include a self-cleaning filter, whereas the SWX-D models include a disposable filter. This particular model comes with a telescoping arm that reaches 3 to 4.5 feet.

Self-cleaning models are ideal when welding with high arc on time, extracting from heavy-fume processes, or when welding aluminum or galvanized materials. Self-cleaning models are also recommended for most dual-arm applications. This model safely deposits fume particles in an integrated particle bin, and a one-minute cleaning cycle operates with a push of a button. The latches release a disposal drawer allowing it to slide out to provide easy and convenient access to empty out the collected particles. Compressed air required to operate cleaning mechanism.

Miller's high-performance blower fan generates a class leading 1,200 CFM and creates an accu-rated minimum of 875 CFM extraction at the hood to better capture weld fumes and provide a cleaner environment.

Quick Specs:
• Filter Media: 490ft
• Air Flow: 875 CFM
• Sound Level: Aprox. 75 dBA at 5 feet
• Motor Specs: 1HP, 3450 RPM
• Input Power: 115V, 1-Phase, 60 Hz at approximately 11.9A
• Extractor Dims: 33"H, 27.25" W, 33"D
• Extractor Arm Dims: 8-inch diameter
• Cabinet Weight: SWX-S: 195 lbs

Comes With:
• 115V wall-mounted fume extractor (cabinet) (self-cleaning filter)
• 3-4.5 foot extraction arm (8-inch diameter)
• Mounting bracket for blower/arm
• FilTek XL Filter
• 115V Blower
• 115V On/Off control box
• 115V Cleaning control box (self-cleaning model only)
115V Wiring Not Included

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