Steelmax D1 Cordless Magnetic Drill (SM-D1-CDL)
Steelmax D1 Cordless Magnetic Drill (SM-D1-CDL)
Steelmax D1 Cordless Magnetic Drill (SM-D1-CDL)
Steelmax D1 Cordless Magnetic Drill (SM-D1-CDL)
Steelmax D1 Cordless Magnetic Drill (SM-D1-CDL)

Steelmax D1 Cordless Magnetic Drill (SM-D1-CDL)

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warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
The Steelmax D1 CDL is a battery powered, compact magnetic drilling machine designed to drill holes with a diameter of 1-7/16” (36 mm) using annular cutters. The D1 CDL is also capable of drilling holes with a diameter of 1/2” (12 mm) with a twist drill bits and has a 2 ” (50 mm) maximum depth of cut. This magnetic drill has a maintenance free guide rail system that minimizes run-out, maintains accuracy, and reduces cutter breakage. This innovative magnetic drill additionally features an LED monitoring system that produces signals in green and red to communicate the current condition of the drill and give safety information to the operator.

The D1 is equipped with an electromagnetic Energy Saving Base (ESB) which uses only 50% of the power when the motor is not under load, dramatically increasing the operating life of the electromagnet. The D1 has a Magnetic Field Shape Control (MFSC) system which provides maximum holding power on thin material.

Annual Cutters are Not Included and Must be Ordered Separately. They can be found under the accessories tab.

• 1-7/16" (36mm) Diameter X 2" (51mm) Depth of Cut
• Compact and Light Weight - 12.9" Working Height | 25.5 Lbs
• Overload Protection
• Tilt Sensor - Stops Motor if Drill Breaks Away from Surface
• Adjustable Cutter Guard
• Through Spindle Coolant System with Removable Reservoir
• Maintenance Free Rail Guide System
• Safe Magnet Circuitry Recognizes Magnetic Holding Power
• Automatic Slug Ejection System
• Magnet is 1/3 Smaller, Lighter, and Stronger than Competitor Models
• Magnet uses Only 50% Power When Not Under Load
• Designed for Easy Field Service and Repair
• All Aluminum Parts are Heat Treated for Rigidity

• Cordless D1 Drill
• Plastic Case
• (2) 5.5 Ah Batteries
• Battery Charger
• Safety Strap
• Coolant Bottle
• Set of Tools

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